Started by the oneshot 'My favorite thrill'

Damn. when you strip away the cartoony elements and try to look at the personalities of Shego, Kim and thier relationship (at least in the direction I'm taking it) from a more mature standpoint, you realize just how complex it can all become.

Anywho, Shego, being...well...Shego, is proving tough to write for. If you comment, please add a mention on her personality and dialogue in particular. The 'Shego-ness' still doesn't feel quite perfect.

'Kigo Enterprises.'

"Huh? Oh, cute."

Kim Possible lay on her bed, staring at the tiny screen in front of her. It displayed a website, still under construction, for a new technologies firm. Skimming through the site, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A small beep alerted her to an e-mail to her website. Switching the display, she opened it, and narrowed her eyes as she read the words.

'Thank you for visiting our website, Miss Possible. Our company is hoping you would you'd lend your expertise as a security consultant for a new research and development laboratory that is being constructed. For security reasons, we are working to keep the location of this particular lab hidden, a first line of defense against prying eyes. If you are open to the possibility, we look forward to testing our skills against you. Transportation will be provided. Signed, awaiting you decision, Ms. P. Kin."

Kim stood and began to pace once again.

"What are you up, Shego? If this is supposed to be a trap, it's not a very good one."

The previous night's events still danced in her mind, and as much as it infuriated her, Kim couldn't wrap her mind around Shego's sudden appearance, or her strange behavior. Kim returned to the e-mail. The location of the 'lab' wasn't far. If anything happened, Ron, or even backup from GJ, wouldn't be long in coming. But still…Kim realized she was pacing again, and forced herself to sit down. She lifted the kimmunicator to her face.

"Alright. I'll bite. You want me, you're going to get me."

She punched the 'reply' button.


"Only what you see. One small cottage, no evidence of any underground construction of any kind or any unusual energy readings. Just a helipad in plain view and a single person on thermal."


"What was that?"

"Nothing Wade, thanks for the scans."

Kim flipped the kimmunicator back over after changing into her mission gear.

"So if this is nothing…"

"It's just…look, if you don't hear back from me in a little while, call Ron and send him there, okay?"

"Alright Kim, but…shouldn't you be taking him with you from the start?"

"No. At least, not until I see what's waiting for me."

Wade stared at her through the screen. Kim seemed distracted, to say the least. She had called him for one or two strange things over the years, but this was just weird. Still, he thought to himself as the screen went blank, that satellite will still be in range for a little while longer, so there's no reason I can't keep an eye out for her.

"Hey Dad! Bye Dad!"

"A mission? On a Saturday morning? You need to take some time to-"

But Kim was already out the door.


Dr. Possible frowned and returned to reading the paper.

In the backyard, Kim watched as an unadorned helicopter flew into view and hovered over her, dropping a rope ladder. She quickly climbed up, but before she strapped herself in, she poked her head into the cabin. No one was there, just a device wired to the controls. As she looked at it, a small electronic voice said 'please fasten your seatbelts.' Kim was just about to sit when it accelerated forward, much faster than a normal helicopter, g-forces slamming her into the seat. It took a moment to regain her center before she could buckle herself in.

"Very funny, Shego."

The speaker remained silent, and Kim glared at it until the helicopter landed.

Kim slid up to the door of the cottage. She had heard someone moving around in the kitchen, and her scans showed no one else was around. Testing the door, she found it unlocked, and quietly slipped in, scanning the room for any threats.

"'Bout time you came in, Kimmie."

Kim whirled to see Shego standing in front of the stove, apparently making breakfast, pink apron over green and black.

"Why did you have to break into my room last night, Shego? An e-mail would have sufficed."

Shego seemed to ignore her as she finished and put plates on the table, followed by eggs, toast, and juice. She sat down and started eating, ignoring Kim's dirty looks.


Shego wordlessly waved Kim over. Kim opened her mouth, but was interrupted by a growl from her stomach. Shego snickered and shook her head. After a moment, Kim took the place set for her and began to eat with a subtle rush to it that Shego didn't miss.

"Hungry, princess?"

"I missed breakfast thanks to whatever your little game is."


"What's that supposed to mean?"

It wasn't lost on Shego that Kim had already devoured all the food within reach. She passed a second helping over, and saw the annoyed look in Kim's eyes that didn't quite cover the hungry one.

"Can't save the world on an empty stomach, can you?"

Another angry glare, but one that was short lived as Kim piled the food on her plate and began eating again. Outwardly, Shego grinned. Inwardly, she grimaced. Up close, she could see the progression of the signs she had begun to notice after an encounter almost three months ago. Almost hidden by makeup, Kim had faint circles under her eyes that showed a definite lack of sleep, and despite switching from a crop-top to a full sweater, when the sleeves were pulled back, she could see her arms were still muscled, but noticeably leaner.

"Something on your mind, Shego?"

Shego looked up to see Kim returning the stare. She offered a trademark smirk and stood, putting her plates in the sink and washing them. She even washed Kim's plates without complaint, and enjoyed the surprised stare.

Waltzing past once finished, Shego flopped onto the couch and stretched out. Kim took a chair opposite her and continued to stare.



"You. Note. Last night. K…"

Shego turned to face the redhead and openly ran her tongue over her lips. Kim's eyes snapped open and she stood, heading for the door. Shego blocked her path in an instant. Kim slid into a fighting stance, and Shego merely made a time-out gesture with her hands.

"You shouldn't be up and about after a meal like that, pumpkin. You're gonna give yourself indigestion."

"Shego…Either start talking, or…"

"You'll what? I noticed you changed your wardrobe. What, the anorexic look not working for you?"

Kim stiffened in surprise, lowering her hands slightly. Shego brushed past her and sat back down on the sofa, pointing to the chair Kim had been sitting on. She walked back to it, but didn't sit down, just continued to stare at Shego with a puzzled expression on her face.

"You are...who are we kidding? We're arch-foes, Kimmie. We've been fighting how long? You think I wouldn't notice?"


"Oh, come on. During our last fight, I thought something was off about you. Five minutes ago, I was sure. Tell me, when was the last time you got a full night's sleep?"

"What? How did you…"

"Arch-foes, Kimmie. Plus, I like to spy on people."

Shego reached behind the couch and pulled out a small binder. Opening it, she began to flip through the pages with disinterest.

"Clubs, clubs, extra-curricular, volunteer work, missions, family, annoying sidekick, yadda yadda yadda. When was the last time you had five minutes to yourself?"

Kim gaped at her as she tossed the binder to her. Inside were notations, photo of her, and copies of paperwork from her 'civilian' jobs, stretching back months. Kim's head was spinning, and Shego could see it.

"What…why do you care how I spend my free time?"

Kim threw the folder back, badly. Shego had to reach to catch it, and put it back behind the couch.

"Just protecting what's mine, Kimmie."

Kim shifted into a ready stance, and Shego stood up.

"I am not 'yours."

"Ha. Yes, you are. You're my rival. Well, you used to be."

"What? Used to?"

Shego jumped the low table between them and feigned a high kick at Kim's head, and Kim responded practically in slow-motion, blocking high. Kim gasped as the real attack swept her legs out from under her with ease, finding herself face-down on the floor with one arm being twisted behind her. A hand came down and slapped her across the back of her head.

"How many missions have you had lately, hmm? Have you been feeling a little slow, a little stiff? Last week, Killigan shouldn't have lasted two minutes against you, let alone ten. You're slipping, Princess."

Shego abruptly released her hold and backflipped to the door, opening it as Kim scrambled to her feet. Kim was glaring murder at her, her breath coming in gasps. Shego pointed her thumb over her shoulder.

"I have a reputation to uphold, Kim. Get some rest, eat your veggies, and don't let me see your face again til' you're actually worth my time."


Kim yelled and charged straight for Shego, who stepped into the open doorway and sighed. Kim made to simply bowl Shego over, and Shego responded by grabbing the top of the doorframe and lifting herself out of harms way, swinging back and kicking Kim as she passed underneath, sending her sprawling into the dirt. Shego dropped down and walked over to Kim, who had pulled herself up on one arm, her hair a mess, covering her face. Shego stood in front of her, looking down. The two stayed like that, until a tiny sound caught Shego's ears, than another. She reached down and yanked Kim to her feet, moving her hair away from her face.

Kim possible, teen hero, red-faced and nose dripping, looked to be on the verge of sobbing like a baby. Regardless of how much, or how little, Shego thought of Kim in any particular sense, that was one state she couldn't stand to see the girl in.

"Oh come on…"

Kim tried to pull away, and Shego pulled her closer, giving her a shake.

"Look at you!"

Kim lowered her head, and Shego pulled it back up to look her in the eye.

"God Damn, Possible! What is wrong with you? What the HELL happened to my rival?"