"And in related news…"

"No! No related news!"

The anchorman yelled in surprise as Maggie Mcfarlane charged onto the set, grabbing him by the collar and sending him flying off-screen. She swept his papers off the desk and sat down in his chair, putting on her best I'm-talking-so-shutup-and-listen-and-be-happy look, all of this taking less then five seconds.

"This just in! An interview with world-famous Kim Possible and Shego! Together! Talking about their relationship! Answering my questions! Mine! Maggie Mcfarlane's!"

Maggie began leaning forward towards the camera as she spoke until she was up and crawling on the desk in front of her, staring into the camera with a demented gleam in her eyes.

"And now, the clip!"

Seeing her distracted, the co-anchor took the opportunity to sneak away.

"The clip? Is it running? Why aren't you running it? RUN MY FREAKING INTERVIEW!"

Just as she made to leap off the desk towards the cowering technician, he managed to hit the right button and the film began to roll. Maggie collapsed onto the desk, sighing in contentment and dreaming of the mythic corner office that would now be hers.

"You know…"


Elsewhere, Kim lay in Shego's arms as they watched the interview and the latest fallout. Kim didn't think these people could get any worse. But watching the talkshow she was now, she realized just how wrong she was. They had moved past Shego using mind-control or seduction to turn Kim into a villain, and were now on to a conspiracy on the part of GJ to have Kim seduce Shego to turn her into a hero again.

"She was right about one thing…"


"That reporter. You falling for me just like that…it was kind of sudden."

"Not really. I may never had admitted it, but I've always admired you, Shego."


"You were always so…free. Me, I was always the responsible one. Even when I wanted to act out, I didn't get a piercing, or stay out late, or talk back to my parents…"

"Oh no, not you."

"I became a hero. I ran around the world, risking my life, getting into fights and getting lots of attention for it. Even when I wanted to rebel, just a little, I was still the responsible one. But you! When I fought you for the first time, saw the way you looked at the world…I found out all I could about you, studied you…you weren't the only one was always looking forward to our next fight. And now…it's like…when I realized you had feelings for me…it was alright to date my arch-foe, to be a lesbian, because it was love! Like I needed some kind of excuse for it! God da…I…erg…I can't even swear! How do you do it?"

"Like this. GODDAMNSHITF-"



"I…AHHH! How do you do that! Just…whatever you want like that?"

"Ahh, my young apprentice…I have much to teach you. First, let's review lesson one."

"Lesson one? What was les-shhaaahhaahhh…"

Lesson one involved Shego's hands down Kim's pants.

"You wanna know how to live free, Kimmie?"

A coarse moan was her only answer.

"I'll show you."

Further elsewhere, after yet another meeting was called, Dr. Director decided to hell with being civil and proceeded to let the assembled men know just how pathetic, ill-conceived and useless their opinions were. One man opened his mouth and received a dressing down that would make a drill sergeant envious. Silence reigned for a good minute as she glared at each man in turn.


The men flinched.

"Does anyone have anything intelligent to put forward?"

"As it stands…"

The man withered under the glare, but managed to continue.

"It looks like the only option available to us is to allow Shego to join Team Possible. However…the terms of such an arrangement are something we can still dictate. Even with the public support Miss Possible has been able to garner, Shego is still officially a criminal until we say otherwise."

The assembled men relaxed visibly. Nothing calms a bureaucrat like the illusion of power. Some of them even managed to smile.

"Dr. Director? I'm sorry to interrupt."

"What is it, agent Du?"

"Kim and Shego have been spotted."

"Where? Is it another mission?"

"No sir. They appear to be…windsurfing."

Indeed they were. In a red one-piece for Kim and a black bikini for Shego, they were enjoying a day at the beach in full view of the public, finishing with a quick meal on the boardwalk and some sunbathing. Kim was more than a little nervous. Everyone was staring at the two of them, and while Kim wasn't a stranger to being the center of attention, it was never as just Kim Possible. It had always been on the teen hero, the cheerleader, or even just the straight-A high school student. Never on the plain version.



"You're tensing up again."

"Sorry. But everyone-"

"Who are you sunbathing for?"

"Umm…me? And you?"

"Exactly. You aren't doing it for them, you're doing it for you. Isn't it nice to just relax and soak up the sun?"

"Yes, but-"

"And I know I'm enjoying myself. See? Everybody's happy."

"But you and me aren't everybody!"

"Kim, when you're out saving the world, think about the world, and puppies and kittens and whatever it is do-gooders fight for."


"And when you're sunbathing, forget the damn world and think about you and me."


Shego sat up and straddled Kim, pressing both hands down on her back and digging her palms in.

"Shego! Everyone can see us!"

"So what if the world takes a peek? I don't care. I'm not doing it for them."

Shego leaned down and nibbled on one shoulder before leaning back and digging her knuckles into a tense muscle.

"I'm doing it for you. And right now, that is all that matters."

Back in Middleton, Ron sat stock-still in front of the television, watching the interview on the evening news. If you walked by, you'd think he was a mannequin. On one knee, Rufus was equally transfixed by what he was seeing. Across from him were Kim's parents and brothers, slightly more lively, shifting at a word here and smiling there when Kim and Shego looked at each other, their feelings for each other plain on their faces.


For the first time since the TV had been turned on to the evening news, Ron finally spoke, though his eyes were stuck on the screen.

"Mind control."

"Ron…we checked for that sort of thing."

"You did?"


"Right. Moodulators, then."

"We checked for that too. And every other sort of thing Wade or my husband could think of."


Ron leapt to his feet and jabbed a finger at Shego's smiling face on the screen.

"She seduced Kim! She had to! Kim is a hero! She wouldn't fall in love with Shego! She's a villain! A thief! She's evil incarnate! And…and…green! Too green, if you ask me!"

"Ghreen, blech!"

Rufus echoed Ron's sentiments from his shoulder while Ron's rant carried him across the room and back again. The Possible family merely sweatdropped and waited for him to calm down.

"Ron…this is who she wants to be with. We were surprised as well, but…this is her choice. We're her family, and you're her friend. She needs our support."

"Support! How can you just…Shego is EVIL!"

"She wasn't always like that, you know. And if anyone can turn her around, Kim can."

Ron grabbed his hair with both hands and seemed to seize up. He tried to say something more, but only strangled gasps came out. After a minute of twitching, he finally relaxed and fell back into his chair.

"This is…really real, isn't it? Kim and Shego are really in…in…L…Lo-…Looo…"

"Love. With each other."

"…Alright. I…think I…I DON'T GET IT!"

The Possibles shared a sigh. This might take a while.

"So…what's next?"

After carefully making their way back home and eating dinner, Kim and Shego sat next to each other on the couch, lazily flipping through the TV shows talking about them.

"Just the little things. We go back to your house, I meet the family proper, you catch up on your schoolwork, and I find a nice place or shack up with you, stuff like that."

"What, just like that?"


"What about GJ?"

"What about them?"

"They…oh. They can't really do anything, can they?"

"Nope! And I gotta admit pumpkin, you're a lot more devious then I thought."

"Thanks, Kiwi."

"Kiwi? What the hell is kiwi?"

"I'm pumpkin, you're kiwi."

"Do I look like one of those ridiculous little birds to you?"

"No, you look like the fruit."

"How, exactly?"

"Because you're green, and fuzzy…"

Kim stood up and stretched, leaning over Shego and lowering her voice.

"…and you taste sweet when I bite into you."

Kim laughed and bounced upstairs, leaving a dazed Shego staring wide-eyed into space. Shego stood up. Her legs wobbled. And then she ran after Kim as fast as her meteor-powered body could carry her.