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"Oh, come on Kate, please!"

"Fine! What do you want to show me Tony?"

Tony smiled like a little boy at Christmas, which, Kate thought, was to be expected, seeing how it was only a week away. He had been bugging her for the last 15 minutes to come see something on his computer and she finally decided it was easiest just to give in. She walked over behind his desk and looked at what he had on his screen, while he started turning up the speakers. Great, she thought, it's going to sing. On his screen was what she guessed was supposed to be a bowling alley. It was surrounded by snow and, Oh yeah, there were elves. As bowling pins.

"Tony, where did you find this, the Toys R Us website?" Kate asked after seeing it.

"No, scrooge, someone emailed it to me. Watch this, watch this!" Kate turned to leave, but Tony grabbed her arm.

"Hold on, this is the best part! Look look look!"

Against her better judgment, Kate looked back to his computer screen. The elves said something that sounded like "hey Santa" and then proceeded to turn around and pull down their pants. Tony was laughing hysterically saying, "They moon you, that's GREAT!"

"You are such a child, DiNozzo," Kate said, walking back to her desk in disgust and sitting down just as the elevator doors dinged open and Gibbs walked out.

Tony hurriedly tried to close out the game before Gibbs could see it, but not before the elves had had a chance to start chanting something.

"That work related, DiNozzo?" he asked, turning on his computer and fixing Tony with an accusing stare.

"Uh, well, ya see boss, it's kinda a… actually it's..." Tony began to stammer out.

"Then get the hell back to work!"

Work, ooh fun, Tony thought. They didn't have any cases at the moment, so all they had to do was paper work, and a lot of it. He had no idea where on earth it could all come from. (a/n: hehe neither do I. I really hope the author explains it… oh, wait, that's right I forgot… sorry, looks like you'll just have to blame the paper work fairy on this on, cause I got nothing.) Oh well, might as well get it over with, the little voice in his head told him. He wondered if the little voice was normal or not, and then shrugged and started on some obscure report on something or other.

A few minutes later, McGee came back up from Abby's lab, again doing who knows what. This is a very unspecific day, isn't it? They all continued typing for about 15 minutes in silence, until it was broken by a series 'dings', meaning someone had sent a building-wide email.

"Oh, it's about the Christmas party on Saturday!" Kate was looking forward to it; she had had fun last year.

"What Christmas party?" asked McGee after reading the first few lines.

Tony explained. "Every year, the nice people in charge have ha party for everyone who works here and there families, right down to the janitors. Santa comes for the kids, gifts are exchanged, and there's a ton of food. It's actually more fun then it sounds."

"Speaking of janitors" Kate said, reading more of the email, "Jimmy (not Palmer) is sick, so they need someone else to play Santa this year. That's too bad, the kids really seemed to like him last year."

"So who all is going?" Tony asked, looking at the three.

"I know Abby and I are, how about you Tim?"

"Ah, sure I'll come, it sounds like fun." He replied, looking kind of excited.

"What about you, Gibbs?" she asked, turning to face his desk.

"Nah, Christmas parties aren't really my thing." He shuddered, remembering what had happened last time he had gone to the party four years ago. Nobody had warned him that Tony had tried to make homemade eggnog, and after drinking it he had felt like hell for days.

"Aw, come on Boss, it'll be fun," Tony coaxed.

"No, I've got better things to do."

"Come on, it's almost Christmas, what are you going to do, work on your boat?" whoops, Tony thought, shouldn't have teased about the boat. He could already feel the slap that was sure to come eventually. Gibbs gave his a look that said 'if you value your job, you'll get back to work.'

Kate had stopped listening to them after the first few words. An idea had popped into her head that just wouldn't leave her alone. It was one of those ideas that just kept poking you in the back of the head until you thought about it. It was so good it was almost evil. He could play Santa. He was about the same size as Jimmy, so the suit would fit him. It might take a lot of convincing, but it would be worth it. He would look so cute as Santa. ; )

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah every one! (sorry if I spelled that wrong)