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Frustration of the Sexual Persuasion

Parts 1 - 5: Here Kitty, Kitty!

Written By: Yabou

Edited By: Swasdiva

Part One: The Old Maid and Her Cat
She sighed – an outward expression of the stress and regret pent up inside her mortal body. One hand idly twisted several thick ebony tresses around two digits while the other fisted in her carefully chosen teal skirt, with a coordinating lavender halter top, heels, and purse, as the light breeze played with the delicate knee-length ruffles.

The ceremony, while extremely grand and elegant, was also extremely long. Her right foot had fallen asleep somewhere between the twelfth bridesmaid's solo and the string quartet's serenade, and she could feel the slight itch that had been bothering her since she entered the vineyard's front gates cause her left shoulder blade a growing annoyance.

'This is it.' Kagome pondered the significance of the marriage of her only remaining single college friend. It was when she had received the light pink and yellow announcement in the mail from the girl others had always predestined to be the 'cat woman' that she had begun to look at her lonely life in regret. 'I'm doomed to be an old maid... Wasn't Eri supposed to be the one who never even thought about sex?'

Well, saying that she didn't think about sex was quite opposite from the truth. Not that she was a pervert or anything, but she, like any other normal woman, had often felt the deep, yearning attraction between a male and a female that could only be described as a dark, insatiable lust.

Why had she never acted upon such unmatchable thrills then, you ask? Because, Kagome, following in the footsteps of the men and women who preceded her in the Higurashi line, was a workaholic.

She lived and breathed for her job at the Tokyo Metropolitan Auction House of History and the Arts.

What did she do, you ask? Well, this particular question does take quite the explanation.

Kagome's job title was rather simple: Lead Curator and Head of the Restoration Department. Seems easy, doesn't it?

Yes…it would be, if that were all that she did. Being as much of an overachiever as she was, Kagome took her position of curator to mean that she, personally, had to check on every artifact stored in her department each and every day. Tack that on to watching the progress – and aiding when necessary – in the restoration of thousands of priceless antiques and you get something entirely different.

What do you get, you ask?

Well, you get a job that starts at nine to five but usually runs on and on until tired eyes finally glance at a clock to discover that five has passed through all of the other meaningful hours and finally taken a breather at three. 3 A.M.

Kagome turned her head down to her watch when it's gleaming silver metal caught the reflection of one of the thousands of candelabra surrounding the wedding party. 7 P.M.

She wasan hour late for her date. 'Oh well,' she gave a small snort. 'It's not like I really wanted to go out with him anyway.' Kagome had only agreed to going out with the older gentleman who lived down the street a day or so after receiving the invitation to Eri's wedding. A fault of timing alone. Now that an additional two weeks had passed, she felt much more confident in her ability to attract a man, once again, without the influence of her age.

He was only forty, but it seemed nearly scandalous for her to date a man who was fourteen years her senior. 'Okay, thirteen. This is terrible. Since when do I lie to myself about my own age? Twenty-seven is a very sturdy age, and I still have plenty of time left to find the man of my dreams. It's not like I'm going to die when I turn thirty.'

Thirty. That thought definitely left a bitter taste on her tongue.

"You may kiss the bride." A beaming justice of the peace announced.

Kagome watched in remorse as Hojo lifted the veil and placed a chaste kiss against his newly wedded wife's petal pink lips.

'I could have married Hojo.' Another thought that was best left unsaid. She glanced at her hands currently fisted in her lap and bit her lip. 'That's mean, Kagome! When did I become such an awful person?'

Eri and Hojo were meant to be together. It didn't matter in the least that he had proposed to her six years earlier only to be denied. 'You lost your chance at him... besides, he's not my type.'

She gave a small laugh as she walked away from the crowded field. They'd never notice that she was skipping out on the reception. "What is my type?" She wondered aloud.

A rushed image flashed through her mind. A whirl of white and gold that was indescribable. A man she never remembered knowing…

She paused as the last effects of her daydream faded away. 'Some day...' her heart whispered even as her hands resumed their search for her keys in the seemingly small purse.

Forty-five minutes later she finally pushed open the door to her humble apartment on the seventeenth floor of a twenty-story building in the middle of downtown Tokyo. A meow from a dark corner of her small kitchen signaled the greeting of her only roommate. "Hi, Buyo." She returned, dropping her keys and bag on the counter to be dealt with at another time – preferably one when she wasn't so tired.

A three-hour wedding could do that to a person.

"How are you tonight?" Kagome questioned the obese cat.

Buyo only purred happily in response.

Kagome sighed. "I thought so. I guess I'm the only one who's feeling their biological clock today, huh?"

She gave the dressy shirt, skirt, and hose one more last look before pulling them off and strolling through the flat with her white bra and panties shining in the moonlight streaming through the uncovered windows.

Her discarded clothing landed in the laundry bin with her special 'lift and separate' bra, and she grabbed one of her brother's oversized t-shirts out of the bottom drawer. He often slept on her couch whenever he had an early exam or a class that ran late. Studying to be an engineer for one of the top businesses in the country had taken a toll on his social life too. It wasn't very often that Kagome found him without his nose inside of a book or his handy laptop.

The cool cotton sheets felt like silk against her overheated skin. They were the remedy for all of her problems. Here, in the confines of her bright green bedroom, Kagome was able to forget about all of the stresses of work and an empty dance card… if only for the night.

Part Two: Shoubi, The Cute Little Catalyst
A blaring alarm clock sounded through the quiet room. "Nooooo," Kagome groaned, slapping the offending piece of machinery in annoyance and burying her head beneath the pillows.

"Meow?" The fat blob beside her questioned, asking, in his own way, exactly when she was going to get her lazy butt out of bed and get ready for work.

"Five more minutes," Kagome whined while gently petting her drill sergeant. "I promise… I'll get up in a -." The room was filled with several deep, steady breaths.

"Meow." Buyo moved to explore, gently nipping on the tips of her exposed fingers before tugging on a thick lock of ebony hair. "Meow!"

Kagome sighed. "You wouldn't happen to be the reincarnation of Hitler, would you?"


She glared at the cat. "I'll take that as a yes."

She readjusted to rise from the bed but stopped when she felt the pressure of dainty paws between her shoulder blades. "What?" She looked at the giant feline at her side. 'No, it's not Buyo...'

"Mew!" A higher, younger voice called out its hunger.

"Kitty?" Kagome asked her own house pet.

"Mew! Mew! Meeeeeew!"

"Please be a cat." The woman prayed, grabbing the furry creature by the scruff of the neck and rolling over to look her offender in the face.

A small black kitten with splashes of white on her nose, chin, and feet stared back at her. "Mew?"

"Where did you come from?" Kagome questioned, grabbing the small pink collar tied around the animal's neck. "Rin Konton…floor twenty…what apartment number, I wonder?"

She smiled at the small cat as she teethed on her pinky finger. "Well, aren't you adorable…" She glanced at the tag again, "Shoubi? What an unusual name…"

Green eyes blinked at her in confusion.

"Well, I'm not the one who let you in here…how did you get in here anyway?"


Kagome blew the bangs out of her face. "Right… I should have known better than to ask, I suppose."

Part Three: Rin, Caffeine Extraordinaire
The elevator gave a small 'ding' and slid back its doors, revealing a small entryway with only one door and a potted fern that seemed to be taking over the hallway. Kagome gave the kitten a pat and rang the doorbell.

Shoubi took an immediate interest in the beastly fern and began to bat and bite at one of the higher leaves.

Kagome giggled.

"Yes?" A young woman opened the door. Her eyes darted to the small cat. "Shoubi! Kitty!" Without another word, she snatched the kitten out of Kagome's arms and began hugging it furiously.

Kagome smiled. "I found her in my apartment this morning."

The teen returned her smile full force and nodded. "Hi, I'm Rin Konton. Yeah, Shoubi got out of the apartment sometime last week whenever I went to one of my afternoon classes at the university. I thought I'd never see her again!" She rambled, all the while squeezing the mewling cat to death with one arm and pulling Kagome into the large flat with her free hand. "So, who are you?"

Kagome gave a slight laugh at the girl's antics. "My name is Kagome. I live downstairs in apartment 1780."

"Well, thanks for bringing Shoubi back. There's not too much company around here with Dad being in and out all of the time." She happily forced Kagome onto a barstool before stalking over to the cupboards and digging around for her favorite teapot. "Do you like tea?"

"Um, yes, tea is fine, but I really didn't mean to intrude…"

"Nonsense. I know nothing else if not that I should be a good hostess to the woman who finds my favorite kitty." Her eyes shifted to aforementioned ball of fur, which had taken up residence on the lining where the carpet and tile met. "Right, Shoubi?"

"Mew." The black kitten responded, curling up in preparation for a quiet nap after the morning's activities.

Rin giggled. "Do you want anything in your tea, Kagome?"

"No, thank you." Kagome smiled and took the cup of steaming liquid, delighting in the bittersweet taste as it caressed her lips and tongue. "This is wonderful, Rin."

Rin beamed. "Thanks! Dad's very particular about the way he likes his tea."

Kagome nodded in response. "I'm not keeping you from anything, am I? You don't have school today, do you?"

"No way, today's Sunday. Who works on Sunday?"

Kagome huffed. "Apparently, just me."

"You work on Sunday? Blah! That's awful." The young woman paused in thought, putting her empty cup into the sink. "Well, I guess some people do work on Sunday."

Part Four: Sesshoumaru, Previously Known As Workaholic

"Yes, they do." A previously unnoticed figure appeared in the doorway.

Rin laughed. "The only reason you work is because you don't know how to do anything else."

One slim silver eyebrow raised in question. "Are you implying that I work too much?"

Rin nodded. "Yes, I am, but I'm glad you're home." She pulled Shoubi out of her comfortable nap and thrust the cat at the rather tall man. "Look! Kagome found Shoubi!"

"Kagome?" He questioned, turning to the other young woman sitting at the counter. "A friend from school?"

Kagome huffed. 'This is why I can't even buy a drink without showing my ID! I do not look like a teenager!'

"No, I just met her." Rin laughed at Kagome's indignant look.

The man gave Rin a stern look. "You just invited a complete stranger into our home?"

"Well," Rin scratched her head and shrugged. "She hasn't killed me yet, so I guess we're okay!"

The man only sighed in return.

"Dad, this is Kagome. Kagome, this is my dad, Sesshoumaru."

"Hello." Sesshoumaru greeted her in a bored tone, moving to exit the room.

"Sesshoumaru?" Kagome repeated the name, slightly tapping her forefinger against her chin in thought. "Have we met before?"

His eyes trailed over her body, as if examining her body parts for a previous encounter. "I think not."

Kagome traced her fingers along the rim of the counter. 'Why does that name sound so familiar?' "Wait!" She jumped out of her seat – mouth dropping in a sudden fishlike motion. "Y-you're Sesshoumaru Konton, a-aren't you?"

Sesshoumaru paused and raised a single eyebrow in question. "Y-."

Her eyes widened in surprise, and her body forced her to rely upon the support of her abandoned stool. "Never mind." She squeaked as an afterthought. Her hands suddenly began swinging wildly in front of her face. "Never mind. Never mind. Never mind."

Sesshoumaru moved back into the room. "Do I know you or not, woman?"

Part Five: Inuyasha, The Headache with a Stomach

"Hey, Sesshoumaru, got any food-?" A second man entered the room only to gape like a fish at the gaping woman on the stool. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought I saw enough of you during the week!"

Kagome scowled at the new intruder. "What is that supposed to mean? Is it my fault if you can't keep your hands off of your stupid secretary long enough to listen to what I have to say?"

"Hey!" He growled. "You'd better be nice to me, or I'll fire you, bitch."

Kagome laughed. "You wouldn't fire me."

"Says who?"

"You can't fire me, Inuyasha." Kagome marched over to stand a mere inch in front of her aggressor. "I'm the only one who makes sure that the work actually gets done, and you know it!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Hey…what are you doing up here anyways? This isn't your floor."

Kagome sighed. "I found Rin's cat this morning, or rather, she found me. It's not every day that I wake up with a strange animal in my bed."

Inuyasha opened his mouth to comment but was silenced by a very irritated Sesshoumaru. "Woman, who are you?"

"Oh," Kagome gave a nervous giggle. "I'm Kagome Higurashi, Head of Restoration."

Inuyasha snorted. "She breaks more than she fixes though."

"I see." Sesshoumaru gave a curt nod and turned from the room. "Inuyasha, if you are hungry, I suggest you go elsewhere. You have pressed upon my nerves more than enough for one day."

Inuyasha scowled. "Ass."

"And, I would prefer that you do not taint my daughter with your boorish language."

"Damn," Inuyasha muttered under his breath.

"I mean it, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru called from the other room.

Inuyasha growled at the wall and settled for a one-fingered salute in the direction of the doorway.

"Hungry?" Rin asked from behind the counter; her countenance reflecting none of the events that had just occurred.

"Always."Inuyasha grinned, taking a seat beside Kagome. "You staying?"

Kagome opened her mouth, but Rin's voice sounded across the kitchen. "Of course she is."

'Funny. I didn't know I was a ventriloquist.'

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