Interagency Cooperation

By: Thought

Disclaimer: Nope

A/N: Do not ask me where the X-Files characters popped out from.

Summary: "The feds are just the cutest thing ever, aren't they?" double-drabble, NCIS/X-Files


The doors to the lab slid open behind them. Gibbs turned, expecting Tony.

"Special Agent Fox Mulder," the man in the doorway held out a hand. Abby spun in her chair.


He winced. Gibbs blinked and tried not to take notice of the many things the nickname could imply. The agent entered the lab.

"You're doing research on the Andrews case," he stated.

Abby nodded. "You want?"

"Please." She turned back to her computer, bringing the printer to life. A woman entered behind Mulder.


"Hang on, Scully."

"We need to—"


"I can't believe you're using NCIS's valuable resources for—"

Abby looked up. "She's annoying. Somebody kill her, kay?"

"Bang, Bang," Ziva stated dryly, strolling out from Abby's office.

Mulder flinched. "That's not funny, Abby."

Abby looked up at Ziva. "Mary me."

"Not my type. Sorry."

Mulder cleared his throat awkwardly. "The, uh, file?"

Abby handed over the casefile. "You kids have a nice day now!" she chirped.

"I carry a gun," he shot back as he exited the lab, dragging his partner behind him.

"Abby?" Gibbs stared at her.

"The feds are just the cutest thing ever, aren't they?"

He sighed resignedly. "Sure, Abs."