I intended this to be longer, but it's not. It's rated G, (which is a first for me, and probably a last.)

TITLE: Little Did He Know
AUTHOR: Exquisiteliltart
PAIRING: Bree/Lynette
DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Marc Cherry.

On Saturday afternoon Tom picked up the phone, "Scavo residence? One second. Lynette, its Bree."

Tom handed Lynette the phone, "Hi, Bree. What's up?"

"Can you come over? I need you," Bree's voice sounded low.

"I'll be there in one minute," Lynette tried not to sound too coy, she looked at Tom, hung up the phone, and smiled.

"What was that?" Tom asked.

"Bree needs me…to help her with something." Lynette wasn't lying.

"Wow, Bree Van De Kamp is asking for help? That seems odd," Tom picked up an apple.

"Well, I'm sure she could do it by herself, but it's a lot more fun if I just go help her," Lynette answered decisively.

"Oh, it's that kind of tedious project. Having you there will make the time pass faster, I suppose?" Tom wondered.

"Uh, not exactly... So I'll only be gone for like 3 hours max. See you guys for dinner," Lynette ran out the door and slammed it behind her.

Tom bit into his apple as he watched Lynette sprint across the street. Before she had even knocked on Bree's door it opened and Lynette disappeared inside. Tom took a moment to think about how loving and compassionate his wife is. How did he get so lucky to have such a devoted woman? She was willing to give up her precious Saturday time to go help her neighbor do some boring task like paint tile, or unclog gutters for 3 hours. He sighed and took another bite of apple.