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Tell Me About Daddy

In a small simple bedroom somewhere on the farming rim planet Shadow a five year old girl was getting tucked into bed.

As she snuggled down under her simple blanket her dark, wavy brown hair fell into her face.

Her mama gently pushed it aside so she could see her daughter's dark exotic eyes, a mirror of her own.

She looked up at her mother; she was so elegant and graceful, so perfect.

Not like her.

Her mama often said she was just like her father but she didn't know of it was true.

She could only remember the faintest image of a tall, brown haired man, looking at her mama and her as though they were his most prized possessions in the whole world.

He had died when she was two, it was an accident and her mama and her had moved here, gotten there own little ranch on her daddy's home planet.

Her mama hadn't been able to bear staying on the ship after that by the little girl knew she wasn't the only one that missed it.

Her mama never talked about him now and she didn't ask.

She had once before but her mama had gotten so sad looking that she hadn't asked again.

Until now.

"Tell me about daddy, mama." She stated simply.

Inara let out a sigh; she had been expecting this for a while, Maisy had always needed answers, she was Mal's daughter after all.

She took a deep breath, and then began.

Please Reveiw, just push go.