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There was this guy who had coldness in his eyes. The one man who had so many fangirls lurking on his sight. One of the two survivors of the massacre of his clan. The traitor to his country. Raven hair, deep onyx eyes and a red and white fan plastered on every shirt he has.

Yeah right.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Who knew he could be so, so possessive and overprotective with his girl?

Wait. His girl? H-I-S-? Since when did he had HIS girl?

And who must be this girl? The girl he is so obsessed with?

The one who had loved him all throughout since they were mere children. The one who took good care of him when all the people around them disgusted him. The one who unselfishly gave her heart for him even if it meant pain. Pink hair, emerald eyes, that abnormally wide, but still cute forehead and the circle mark that her dress wore.

Yes, she was indeed, Haruno Sakura.

And this is their overprotective story…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Age 16…

He came back to his village, his home, his family. Everyone in the village looked down at the Uchiha but there were some who stayed by his side. One of these "some" was the ever loyal to him, the top medic-nin, Haruno Sakura. A topnotcher I should say and a beautiful kunoichi as well.

By this time, her love for this young lad never ceased to grow. She had stayed close to him as if protecting him from the nasty glares of those people who talks bad about him behind his back. She was his shield.

Soon after, he went through many trials and still, the pink haired kunoichi never ceased to give her moral support for him. After putting him on probation and when he finally proved his loyalty to his village, he made all the efforts to set another goal in his life. But this time, his goal was way different from before.

Sasuke started accepting Sakura's date offers. This acceptance delighted her so much but there was a thought on her mind that he only wanted to have something to do to kill time. And it was her who could do that for him. Her endless talks about sensless topics have driven time away. She insisted that it was nothing and heck with that? She'll do anything for him even if it meant her being a tool to kill time for him.

But she thought wrong. She was not just for past time and definitely not a tool for him! She was more to him that she could ever imagine.

It was Friday, just after their mission, sasuke invited her over at his house, telling her that they would watch a movie.

"eh? Hontou? Then lets ask Naruto too! It'll be fun!" she cried in happiness. Why wouldn't she be happy? It was her first time to be asked by him! Throughout the years she was the one that asked dates from him!

"he won't be coming along" he said as stoic and as straight forward as ever.

"eh? Why not?" she then turns to peak at his blonde teammate.

"what's it Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked dumdfounded.

"Sasuke-kun said we'll watch a movie at his place, why can't you come?"

"watch a movie? Woho! Who said I can't come!" naruto ran towards them placing his elbow on Sasuke's shoulder. "ne, what movie are we watching here anyway?"

Sasuke grunted, he pulled away from him. "you're not even coming!"

"eh? Why not?" the two asked.

Sasuke gave him a go-and-do-something-else glare and he got his point alright. "bastard!" was all he can say to him. However, he made an excuse telling that he'll meet Hinata at Ichiraku tonight.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The door clung open and revealed a beautiful wet 17 yr old kunoichi in front of his door. Her hair stuck into her skin and so was her dress, but she was still damn hot and sexy!

Ne, what happened" he asked patiently.

"I forgot to bring my umbrella and the rain fell and… atchiiinnngg" she sneezed so graciously that made him blush.

"ne, I brought sodas, is that okay?" she said as she raised the plastic bag in her hands. She smiled at him with a reddish nose.

"get inside." He simply instructed and led her to the living room. He went inside a room and returned with a blanket which he handed to her.

"dry yourself up"

"arigatou" she took the blanket and they silently sat the sofa. He also offered her his shirt to make herself warm and more comfortable than her wet clothes. As soon as she was done, they started playing the movie. They both opened some chips that sasuke has and the soda sakura bought.

As the move went on, he felt himself stare at her most of the time. Oh God! He's the one staring? He opened the popcorn to put his thoughts away and offered it to her.

"taste this" he said with a faint blush on his face which he hid from her. She took the popcorn bag and when he took out a single popcorn she realized something, odd. It was hard, round and small. It was definitely a popcorn!

She took another look at the bag and saw that it was full of rings instead of popcorns?

Illusion? Hell no!

"sasuke-kun… do you realize that your popcorns transformed into rings?"

He wanted to laugh on how innocent this girl could ever be, but instead, he maintained his focus on his plans.

"haruno sakura, I sincerely thank you for taking good care of this broken creature in front of you. will you give me the honour of protecting you from now on?" he paused, she took a deep breath. "haruno sakura…" their hearts were pounding like crazy! "…would you be my girl?"

Their world stopped, especially her world. But then it rolled back in track, if not, we wont know what will happen next.

She pocked his head. "ne, are you sure you're Sasuke-kun?"

"eh? You want proof then?"


There was a naughty smirk plastered on his face before he leaned over, giving her a soft kiss. A second after, the broke the kiss and searched for her expression. He took one of the rings in the popcorn bag and offered it to her.

"would you wear this ring and be mine for the taking?"

She smiled, he definitely was the real sasuke-kun. She hugged her tightly and gave her answer. "I'm all yours…"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The hard pounding rain became a soft mellow song as they enjoyed their first few hours of officially being TOGETHER. She laid on his lap while holding his hand and he seemed to enjoyed stroking her pink hair like a child.

"ne, sasuke-kun…"


"…is this for real"

"I'll make it as real as I can…"

She smiled. She was happy and he was glad because he made her happy. She slowly stood up.

"I, think I have to go home now.." the depression can be heard from the manner she spoke.

"iie! You'll stay here as long as I want you to." He said with no fear seen on his face. Sure he doesn't want to be alone now right? Now that he has her.

She was touched, she knew that from that day, she'll get used to hear those words from him.

As the night fell, she slept beside him, feeling comfortable with his side and quite content in his arms. But he has no intension of sleeping at all with her by his side. He hoped that this night will last forever. He smiles as he stared at the precious beauty beside him.

"you belong to me now, Haruno sakura…" a smirk then curled underneath his face.

It was their start, their beginning…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Purpleblush: ne? ne? what do you think? Actually, this is the start of their overprotective story. How they officially got together. Cute ne? if you don't like it, tell me!


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