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cHapTeR 06: " DaDDy's wRaTh "

Uchiha Sasuke couldn't sleep.

No, it was an understatement, Uchiha Sasuke is restless.

There were times when his tragic childhood would come visit him and haunt his night. These times left him sweating, afraid and wide awake. It would make him ponder on his life, his future, what he have done, his mistakes, his plans and his feelings. Guilt would wallow up at him. Conscience would catch up to him. And unfortunately, these times usually happen.

But tonight is different.

The cause for his dismay tonight was… rather far more intimidating than his blood-shed past.

Okay, it is not like him to be scared of anything, hell, he's an Uchiha for crying out loud. He's Uchiha Sasuke, godamit! He's not traumatized by something like this nonsense. He has nothing to hide. He's not at fault here. So, why be scared?

Can I please sleep at your house tonight?

"Hmmm…" a soft and pleasant melody entered his ears. A soft mumble, enough to excite him in different levels and variations. An angelic voice—well once not screaming—could only belong to her.

"'cha-chu-ke… hmmm… toma—to… kissss… aaahhhh…" At night, this would only be the time that her "Innocence" would be at its highest level, entrancing him, or everyone who might be lucky enough to inhale a glance of her, this wonderful God-creation. Not that he'd allow anyone to ogle at her at night, though. He'll slit their throats if anyone even dare. No, Uchiha Sasuke is not willing to share what's HIS.

Her Pink glowing hair, her sweet cherry slightly parted lips, that curvaceous body, those long curly lashes, that soft pink tint on her cheeks, that cute small nose, those candle-like fingers, and that satin skin, all of these put on one girl alone, is truly a heavenly sight.

What's more?

She, Haruno Sakura, belongs to him.

A ghost of smile escaped his lips as both ends curled upwards.

So, why would he be bothered? What would be the cause of his dismay in the middle of the night?

Someone which goes with the lines: Haruno and daddy.

Ah, her big ol' daddy.


Grunt. Grunt. Grunt.

Sasuke shifted to his right. Oops. Wrong move.

His sudden movement caused his left hand to swing past and accidentally brush against Sakura's bosom. The softness and warmness ran through his rough calloused hand. He could feel his face blush madly. Bad thoughts, Uchiha! Bad intentions! Bad! Get it out of your system! He mentally slapped himself.

"Don't worry, it's no big deal." His seemingly chibi-self appeared on his back, clad in dark robes with two horns on its head and a thin tail with a point on the end swinging side to side told him. "It wasn't your fault anyway. It was an accident." Devil chibi-Sasuke smiled evilly. "Accidents happen, you know."

There was a thin line forming on Sasuke's lips. Damn, I need to sleep! Don't think about it. Don't! He bolted up and scratched his head. Where were those sleeping pills? He scanned the room, retracing his steps in his mind. As his head turned to one hundred and eighty degrees, he saw Sakura's sleeping form beside him looking innocent and edible enough to salvage.

"Go on," the little devil whispered. "do it. She won't know anyway."

And Sasuke's treacherous hand reached to make contact with Sakura's milky skin.



Closer. Closer.

And then, there was a snore.

Snore. Snore. Snore.

Devil chibi-Sasuke turned to stone. What a great way to ruin the moment.


And was that drool?


Uchiha Sasuke stopped abruptly until he completely backed off. He stared at the figure in front of him disbelievingly. Never did he know that Haruno Sakura could pull off drooling and snoring at the same time.

Shiver. Shiver.

Well, at least she's still cute.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Honey! Calm DOWN!"

"No, I will NOT calm down! My daughter is missing! How sure are you that she's safe? What if our poor innocent daughter is being cornered at this very moment screaming for me—Super Daddy to save her? Huh?"

"What great imagination you have there."

"Be serious! I'll call ANBU right now!" Haruno Kenji turned to conduct an emergency whistle when his wife tackled him down the floor. "What the hell do you think you're doing, woman?"

Mrs. Haruno reached for his husband's arms and tied them together. "Now, now, honey. Be quiet. I have to do Yoga before going to bed."

There was a disbelieving look. "YOU'RE WILLING TO DO STUPID YOGA RATHER THAN GO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR DAUGHTER? YOU'RE INSANE WOMAN!" Haruno Kenji wriggled to let himself free but to no avail.

"Ssshhhh. Be quiet." His wife hissed.

"What's the matter with you? Aren't you scared for your little daughter?"

Mrs. Haruno laughed. "I know that Sakura's legs are short, honey. But she's not a little girl anymore. Stop worrying too much."

"Why won't I be worried? Who knows if another pedophile came in a form of a snake or whatever animal they think of biting my sweet angel giving her a cursed seal? It happened to that you-know-son-of-a-rich-bastard you know!" his saliva rolled out of his mouth, which his wife swiftly evaded.

Sigh. "That you-know-son-of-a-rich-bastard is dating our Sakura! Besides, he has a name. Use it."

"Names, name? Blah." He faked a gag. "That boy will never take my princess away from me!"

"Ugh. Get over it, honey. It'll always be 'Sasuke-kun' here and 'Sasuke-kun' there and forever. Besides, she loves him dearly, they love one another. You should be happy for them."

"Happy? I'll slit his throats out and pluck his insides out first and then I'll be happy." Insert evil laugh coming from Daddy Haruno.

"You're so…" pause, quick break, and a kitkat on her mouth. "…weird, you old man." A smirk.

Ding Dong.

"I'll get it. And you, mister," she sat up and gave his husband a deadly glare. "you stay where you are. I'm not quite finished with you yet." She went to answer the door. And her nosy husband can't help himself but eavesdrop at their conversation. There was a lively new voice that had surfaced, a voice that he seems to be familiar of, or so he thinks.

"Ah, Haruno-san!" the high pitched voice greeted with a slight bow, he presumed. Haruno Kenji knows the owner of that voice, but he couldn't quite put the finger on it. Hmm, what is that name again? He was sure, judging by the pitch of it, he was sure that it belongs to a girl. Ah! Maybe Sakura-hime a.k.a. his little baby girl's friend.

"What is lovely visit I owe you to? At this late hour? Hm?" his wife asked, mischievousness hidden underneath her voice.

A short pause before answering, "I just came here to tell you that your lovely daughter has told me that she's going to sleep over at—" Their voices were abruptly leveled down that daddy can't hear them expect whispers.

Whisper. Whisper.

What the hell? What was the whispering about? Daddy gritted his teeth. And what was this sudden information that his dear little angel was not going to sleep here in THEIR house? This cannot be tolerated! Daddy has to protect Sakura-chan from evil monsters lurking in the shadows a.k.a. suitors. And most especially, daddy has to protect innocent Sakura-hime has to be protected from the wrath of a devil named Uchiha Sasuke!

He heard chuckles from the two women talking outside his front porch. "Thank you, Ino-chan," his wife said. "now, off you go. It's late already."

"Hai!" and the door clicked shut. He heard his wife's footsteps as she appeared in front of him.

"Where is my baby girl?" daddy asked.

"Sakura-chan is apparently going to have a slumber party at Ino-chan's house." Husband daddy did not believe her.

"Where is she?" he glared at his wife. "Where's my angel?"

Evil smile coming from Mrs. Haruno, "Ho, ho, ho." Another smile. "I told you, darling, she's at Ino-chan's house."

Snort. "I don't believe you."

"Then, don't." she turned and lay on the bed. Hmm, comfortable. "Bedtime, honey." She cooed to her husband.

"I'll go see if my daughter is sleeping well on Ino-san's house." Pause. What if my baby needs daddy? My poor, poor baby…

It was at that time when Mrs. Haruno decided that enough is enough. "Honey, I said bedtime!" she growled. But husband did not respond to her. He just continued to entangle the rope around him. "Honey, I'm sure Sakura is safe. She's a ninja for crying out loud!"

"If so, then how come we find ninjas injured or dead?"

"Ugh! For Pete's sake! Let it go! She's safe and sound with Uchiha-san so you—" Mrs. Haruno stopped talking as she realized that there was no one in the room except her. Oh no, Ino-chan, I slipped…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Uchiha Sasuke's sweat didn't stop flowing as things turned from bad to worse. Sakura appeared to be the 'turning type' of sleeper. She kept turning from side to side. And un-luckily, (or so he thinks) when Sakura turned, she bumped him that caused them to hit the cold hard floor. And oh, what's this, she's on top of him with his arms wound around her instinctively upon falling. Dear Sakura didn't wake up but continued her slumber. Sigh. She's a heavy sleeper as well.


His door crashed open, its wooden material flying in the air. His eyes widen in shock. Oh no… Oh SHIT!

"T-this isn't what you think it is, SIR!" Sasuke explained automatically. Sakura continued to snore. "I swear! This is not—"

"TO HELL WITH YOU UCHIHA!" Haruno Kenji growled as he threw thousands of kunais and shurikens at him.

"Oh shit!"

Evade. Evade. Evade.

Awesome, Uchiha! Cool Sharingan.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Daddy Haruno was going on a killing rampage. He was mad! Berserk. And his hair suddenly turned gold as his golden chakra surrounded him. Super Saiyan! Or yeah… "UCHIHA! I'LL SLIT YOUR THROAT, YOU BASTARD!"

As the trained ninja that Uchiha Sasuke is, he couldn't back out from a fight nor miss that opportunity for a perfect shot. Naturally, the nature to fight back kicked in.

"Katon Goukakyo—"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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