Ranma ½

I Saw a Light Shining and Thought of You.

A R1/2 and GGX/XX crossover. I own none of the characters, so do not try to get any money from me. Besides, I'm broke. This was only done out of fun and as a continuation of sorts to my previous story. Now on with the story.

Chapter 1: Carelessness of My Soul.

The moon shone across the body of the woman laying in bed, a heavy blanket laying across her body. Her hair was loose from its usual style, something she had done recently as a symbol of her more relaxing life, and it glowed with unearthly radiance beneath the light of the moon. This dim white light coupled with the already otherworldly color of her hair gave her the look of someone that could not exist on earth. And in this captivating moment the woman rolled over and placed her head on the pillow next to her which had obviously been occupied just a few minutes earlier by a wayward companion.

This companion was not far away, in fact he was standing out on the balcony looking up at the shining moon, his black hair lit and shining with healthiness. The slight breeze blew his wayward pigtail around which hung about a foot long to the center of his back. His hair was shaggy and his face was the very picture of a man that probably had one too many suitors in the past, meaning he was attractive to say the least. He looked out in thinking while his personal goddess, at least she was in his mind, slept restlessly in the bed they both shared. But it was not her stirring that caused him to wake, indeed it was very much the opposite way around. For it was true to say that his being awake was causing her to stir and he feared that she would soon awake and wonder why he had been outside in the first place. Ah, making such a person worry unnecessarily, he should get back to bed but the doubts that plagued him did not allow for such action. The man that sat on top of the roof looking at him and smoking a cigarette did not help his feelings any.

"You'll lose control you know," the man was addressing him in the same matter of fact tone he always did.

"I've held on this far," He rebutted, his black sleeveless shirt billowing in the wind and his grey sweatpants flapping.

The man grinned in a way that could only be described as not nice, and leapt down from the roof to land lightly in front of him. Yellow eyes met deep blue eyes before wind blew a strand of long brown hair across one of the eyes of the offending man. It was then that the first man noticed something, his eyes was yellow and held the look of an animal more than a man. The man across from him drew up to his full height and looked down at the slightly shorter man, in low light, this made his eyes look shadowed out except for that one eye he had seen earlier, by the big red metal headband on the man's forehead.

"Yes you have, boy," the man said condescendingly, "but how much longer do you think you have. Days, months, or years? Hours? Can you be sure that that part you fear won't get the best of you."

"I'm not weak," the man responded with a flat emotionless voice, "I don't need anything to help keep myself in check."

The man dressed in his red vest and black pants made a sound of annoyance, "And that's why you were out here with that pathetic look on your face."

"That's none of your business."

"It's all of my business when she's involved," the man responded, somehow sounding angry without actually raising his voice, "If you mess up once do you think she'll be safe from you. She's strong but could she defend herself from you? And before you answer ask yourself if you could attack her in the same situation.

He looked down at the ground and suddenly his resolve seemed to shatter, "I know, it's just that I don't want her to see me weak. She needs all of my strength, not some guy who relies on others to survive."

There was a sigh then, "It would be worse if you attacked her in a fit of rage, and trust me, it will happen if you continue to go without keeping it in check. I can help, I can put a limiter on your power that will only let it out if you want. That way you won't change in a fit of rage."

The man in the black shirt nodded, "Thank you, but just so I know what would it look like?"

The man seemed to think for a second, "Well it needs to go over the mark that controls your change. In your case it's difficult as you have a mark on each forearm, in that case it would have to be some kind of bracer. The problem is that you already have natural bracers."

"No, that's just how I keep it, it's functional," the other man responded, "I can make them go away and then wear the limiters, see."

The man nodded approvingly as the bracers disappeared, "Alright, it shouldn't take too long. A weak at most and it will be done, just don't let your temper out of control until then."

"Alright," The man said, "Thanks Sol."

The man gave a wild grin, "Yeah, well don't go thanking me quiet yet."

And in the blink of an eye the man was gone, leaving him alone on the balcony to think about what had just transpired. The man knew that this was necessary for him to continue his life with her but he also felt that he was taking the easy way out, something he had never done in his life before. This was not the usual type of challenge he was used to, it was not even a fight against himself, it was a fight against something that was living inside him and he knew that it was more powerful than him and without help it would eventually consume him and leave him a shell of his former self. Not that he cared much about that, if he was the only one effected then it would have been fine but now he had others to think about, his wife and his daughter who was having enough trouble as it was without the addition of her father possibly going insane.


He looked over at the woman he had been trying to return to for some time now, she was looking at him with amazing vivid eyes that shone crimson in the moons lucid light. She was dressed in a sheet and looking at him with what he thought might have been concern. He smiled, for he had always wanted to be the strong one but she always outdid him somehow. Physically he had the upper hand but she had more drive than he had by far, she would survive for a long time even if something happened to him.

"I'm fine," he said softly, "please go back to bed."

The woman was about to turn away back towards the bed when she spoke again, "Why were you talking to him? Is something wrong?"

Ranma shook his head, "Nothing that you should worry about."

"It's your power," She said matter-of-factly which caused a jump of surprise from him.

"What?" He was trying to play it off for her sake, he would not have her worry about him, of course he could worry about her never the opposite.

The woman regarded him with a look of concern and sadness, "You know I'm not stupid, Ranma. Naïve, yes, but not stupid, don't try to act like nothing's going on. I love you too much to just let you do things behind my back. Please tell me."

Now this was a predicament, if he told her what was going on she would worry and if he did not she would get angry, he took a deep breath, "Alright, I'll probably regret this but the truth is, I've been starting to lose my hold on the Gear side of me. It's been happening more and more in the past month and I told him because he already knew. He's going to make some bracers for me to limit the power. I wanted to tell you Dizzy."

The woman looked down at the ground and seemed to be shaking though he was not sure if that was from the cold or from anger. He was pretty sure that he was screwed no matter what he did so he just stood and waited for her words. They would be words that hurt but he had been an idiot to try and keep such a secret from her in the first place, so as far as he was concerned he deserved any spiteful words she said to him. She was normally reserved but that did not mean she did not have a strong angry streak within her.

"Why do you think it necessary to keep these secrets from me?" The woman asked in a sad and quiet tone, "I just don't understand. Do you not trust me?"

That phrase caused him to close his eyes and recoil as if someone had just made a noise he did not enjoy in the least, "No, Dizzy, I'm sorry but I did it because it hurts me to cause you to worry and I knew that you would. I already lost one person I love a long time ago and I don't want to lose you. I want to live with you for the rest of my life. I must be a horrible man."

He had turned his back and faced the moon with his back to her and his head down to look off of the balcony at the dimly lit grass below. He had really done it now, not only did he hurt her but she was angry on top of that, and hurt. All of the things he had attempted to prevent had just manifest all at once. He really must have been the worst kind of person to cause that type of thing to happen.

"No," She had come up behind him and embraced him from behind, her small frame held against his back and her gentle hands pressed firmly against his chest, left cheek pressed against the center of his back, "That's not true, you are not a horrible man, you're just an idiot who wants to carry a great weight by himself. You won't share you're pain or hurt so you're content to let it crush you in order to save others from the pain."

"Dizzy," Ranma could say no more, he was at a loss for words because, of course she had been right with every word.

"But you need to know that this hurts those you love and who love you," Dizzy continued, "So please stop being an idiot and tell me what's wrong."

Ranma sighed, "If I tell you will you stop crying? I hate when you cry because I know it's my fault."

The woman nodded with her face still against his back, "Yes."

"I'm not sure I should be with you until my limiters are finished," Ranma said after some time, "I don't feel it's safe."

Dizzy seemed to freeze up, "Why?"

He gripped the rail hard, "Because if I lose control I may hurt you, and as much as you may deny it, I would not be me so don't even say I could never hurt you. You're right, I couldn't but I can't tell what this other… thing inside me could be capable."

"One week?"

Ranma turned around and looked at her, "What?"

"One week, right? That's all you need." Dizzy said reluctantly.

"That was what I was told," Ranma said at length, "So that is all I'll take."

The woman nodded, "Alright, but please don't make me wait longer, be back after a week, okay."

The man smiled and gave her a gentle squeeze with both arms, "It's a promise."

She nodded, "Good, because you always keep you're promise," The blue haired woman responded, "Just be back and don't make me worry."

The man turned to her and embraced her in the cool air, taking in the scent of her blueberry colored hair. She was the picture of someone that was very different from anyone else he had ever met. She was sweet, kind, and gentle but at the same time she was not afraid to defend herself if there was no other way. She was small in his arms but she was strong, he had not doubt that he would have some trouble fighting her if they had to go at it seriously. Her pale skin against the moonlit night made her appear as if she was a glowing being from another world. That thought caused Ranma to hold her tight in fear of it, for beings from another world had a tendency to return there eventually and he could not bare for her to go. Of course he had to let her go, he had to in order to protect her but perhaps that did not have to happen until morning. If it did not have to happen until morning then it would wait until morning, and he would be sure that this would be a memorable night for her. And so the two of them kissed passionately as if it was the first and last time it would ever happen and he led her back to the comfort of their bed. And the details of that were lost to their passion from then on.

Then the morning came and Ranma felt the reluctance of the day beginning to creep up on him. This, however, was different, it was not the normal reluctance that told him sleeping a couple more hours would do him some good. This reluctance told him that something important might go missing if he woke up, and he knew what that was, and he had just convinced himself last night that it was the only way he could keep this important thing, this person, safe from himself. Would it hurt her for him to leave though, he knew it was not a question that should be asked, yes it would hurt her he knew that. He also knew that she could stand the pain of him leaving for the short time he would be gone, his daughter, she was at the age that she might suspect something but he would be back before anything would come from that. Was there something else that he was forgetting, nothing he could think of, who then was he forgetting about.

With a sigh he removed his miserable carcass from bed and started back for his weeklong leave of absence from his family that he had come to love. He was in pain but he was also happy because this would allow him to be at peace with the fact that he would not cause them pain physically as well as mentally. Plus he would have time to think about his life and maybe he could fix some things that he had been putting off. There was always some chance of that, but still reluctance would be with him but that would not change no matter how much it was true that he had to leave. So he finished packing and with that he walked over to the bed where the woman lay that would plague his dreams while he was away, and he brushed the hair away from her forehead and kissed her gently to wake her. He would not see her for a week so he would be sure he said goodbye to her before he left, it was less painful for everyone that way.

"Hey you," she said to him with a smile, "I guess you're going now."

The man let a sad smile cross his lips before he nodded, "I'm so sorry Dizzy, I want to stay but…"

"Go," She said quietly, "I know that you want to say, you have always been kind to those you care for, but there is no need, I know. Follow the path you have chosen and I will still be here at the end to greet you."

Ranma embraced her gently with a single phrase escaping his lips before he let go, "Thank you, I will be back."

And with that he was gone from her life even if it was for a short time, and it was because of this that her child found her crying in her bed. Though she did not know what happened she knew that tears only came when bad things happened, at least in her experience, so she climbed into bed with her mother and embraced her, receiving a hug in return. Finally Dizzy stopped crying and told her daughter that they had to get her to school and she had to go to work. He had said he would be back, he had made it a promise, and after all, Ranma Saotome never broke his promise.