Broken Insanity

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Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy, sadist, maniac, and tormentor. Or torturer, whichever term you like best. This is Hades. Rapist, torturer, sexier than anyone you will ever meet, a very powerful demon, and my fuck buddy. Meet Harry. Harry is broken. Beyond repair. No one is home. No one will ever return home. We made sure of that.

We are sitting on the floor, exploring the new Harrys and plotting.

"So what do we call you?" I asked, as we had been told by the new personality not to call him Harry.

"Daren," the new personality replied. "You can call me that."

"Okay, what about the rest of you? How many are there, what are their names, and so on?"

Daren shrugged. "If they want you to know, they'll tell you themselves."

"What about Harry?" Hades asked, sharpening a machete. He could have easily done it with a drop of power, but he liked doing it, and it also made a great show. Mother is forced to walk in, her kid is chained to the wall, crying, while Hades laughs and sharpens a machete. Any blade will do, but it has a very nice effect. Said mother broke down into hysterics, saying the classic, she'd do 'anything, anything, just let her go'. As it turned out, she wasn't willing to do anything.

Little tip for those of you who want to know. Deep down, there is no one alive willing the do "anything". You won't skin the very much alive skin off of three shrieking children, won't jump out of an airplane into a sea full of every sea creature imaginable, all the ones with huge, jagged teeth, tentacles, enormous jaws, dull black eyes, and slim, long bodies that flow through the water. You won't kill your own husband, pets, and parents to save your child. You won't lock yourself in a tiny box with no air and no room to move for eternity, kept alive only by several drops of demon blood once injected into you, long, long ago. You won't face your worst fears, won't leap over that line that was once so firmly drawn. There are an amazing amount of things that people won't do.

Ignoring that, Daren replied, "He's still there, he's still Harry actually, but he'll come out when he'd ready, and he's not ready."

Hades paused. "He better be good and broken, Daren, or I am not going to be happy."

There was a short, dead silence, as Daren either mulled over the fact that Hades was going to be mad and that was very, very bad, or he was talking to someone neither of us could hear. If Harry was broken, he would have answered, because you do not want Hades unhappy.

Hades resumed running the sharpener down the machete, over and over again. "I won't be happy because it will have meant we didn't complete our job. I will, however, be quite content in knowing I can break him again." His lips curved into a smile. "Which has possibilities."

I nodded, smiling in a dazed sort of way. It did indeed have possibilities, all depending on Daren's answer.

"He is broken," Daren said finally.

"I'm almost disappointed. I was looking forward to doing worse." Hades changed subjects abruptly. "You've barely told us anything. Give us more details."

"Well, the broken part of Harry has been shoved into a separate personality," Daren explained. "So technically, he's broken, and I am living proof of that. If he weren't, none of us would be here."

"But…" Hades never even looked up from his work; he had moved on to a butcher knife. Some he kept dull because dull blades are even more painful in many ways.

"But the Harry, not a personality, is himself."

"Explain," Hades ordered calmly. You don't ever trust Hades when he's calm. Why? Because there is no such thing as a calm Hades.

"Harry, just Harry, is close to as he was. Extremely traumatized, and that will show, but functional, and he will strive to prove that."

Hades held Daren in the air, tall enough and holding him high enough that Daren dangled off the ground, blood already rushing to his face as Hades' hands tightened around his throat.

"Get me Harry," Hades demanded. "Now. I want to talk with him."

Daren clawed at the demon's hands uselessly, and as it was, was unable to talk. Hades released him and he fell to the floor in a heap.

Daren rubbed his throat, relearned how to breathe, and said in a slightly raspy voice, "Doesn't work that way."

"It does now, Daren, get me Harry." His voice was calm, even, you could never tell that he had promptly scooped Daren up, and when he was in his arms, put his nose to Daren, so that they were face to face and he was staring directly into his eyes.

Daren stared back, shocked, and Hades actually growled at him, baring his teeth.

"Get out of my face," Harry said, struggling to free his arms from where they were pinned at his sides.

Hades face transformed in the blink of an eye. He was beaming, and silenced Harry by giving him a deep, probing kiss. "Harry!"

"Why do you always have to bite me when you kiss me?" Harry glared up at Hades, though he was clearly dazed, and he had a very small smile, like he was glad to see him.

The joys of insanity. You'd never think that Hades was the one who had raped him three times in a row just an hour or so ago. Though it could be more or less, time means little to me.

Sure enough, there was blood running down Harry's mouth, once again. I never got tired of seeing it.

Hades licked the blood away thoroughly, and then he pulled back and asked, "So who else is in there?"

"Hades…can't this wait?" Harry pleaded. He couldn't move, still held by Hades, but his face said it all.

"No," Hades smirked. "Tell me."

Harry glared at him, but the glare melted and he stared up at him, silently begging him to save the goddamn questions for later and fuck him.

Hades stared down, amused. "I'm not doing anything until you answer me."

Harry gave up, having learned that until you did what Hades told you to do, the whole world stood still. Wanting Hades, nothing else matters but him. You can't see anything else, hear anything else, you don't want anything else. I have seen people starve themselves, give up every dream they ever had, everything they have now, everything, for him.

"You met Daren, and then there's Jake…utterly useless." Even as he spoke fast enough so that it was almost impossible to understand what he was saying, even through the haze of lust through which he was seeing the world, disgust shone on his face. "He's so weak…he's…repulsive."

Harry Potter did not like Jake. That much was exceedingly obvious. Listen to his tone of voice, his words, and watch his face. Any fool could see it. Question was, why? I had a theory, but I waited.

Lust won over insulting Jake, as Harry decided to move on. "That's it." He watched Hades' face intently, waiting for him to finish what he'd started.

"That's it? Daren spoke like there were a lot of you," Hades said, enjoying Harry's frustration.

"Hades, please! Not now!" Harry hissed. "Later!"

Hades shrugged. "Not like you're going to answer any questions, anyhow, not like this."

Harry smiled. "Exactly."

Hades dropped Harry to the floor, and turned on his heel. "Have fun, Harry. I'll be back."

Harry's scream of frustration only widened Hades' grin, and he nodded to me. "See what you can find out, I'm leaving."

"Passing up a chance to fuck Harry Potter?" I stared incredulously at him. "What can be that important? Where are you going?"

"Out," Hades replied, grinning like a gorgeous, demonic Cheshire Cat. And with that, he picked up the razor sharp machete, and shut the iron door behind him with a finger, laughing.

Why was he laughing, where was he going, why the fuck is he not ripping Harry's clothes off right now, why am I not going with him, and what is he plotting? I shook my head.

Think of it as more time to…bond…with Potter, suggested a Thought. Thoughts could be useful in that sense. I happened to agree with this particular one. Until Hades decided to stop being more mysterious than usual, I was going to have to wait.

My eyes wandered over to Harry. He was sitting on the ground, clutching his raven black hair, head bowed so that his hair spilled over his face, hiding it from me. Blood was dripping, ever so slowly to the ground, but increasing. It was coming from his face, or so it seemed.

Yeah, I can wait, I thought with a smile, and took the first step towards him.


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