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"Hey Keel! How's you're book report going?" Phil popped up right beside his best friend, waiting for her to finish grabbing her stuff from her locker so they can walk off to class together. Keely looked at him, sighing sarcastically as she slammed her locker shut. "How do you think it's going, brainiac?" she rolled her eyes as she stared over at him. Gosh, he has amazing eyes! "I think you didn't even start on it!" Phil gave her a cheeky grin, stifling a laugh.

"Like DUH! Geez, for a math genius and a kid from the future, you sure can be dumb at times! I bet you didn't even start on yours either!" "Well, I ACTUALLY finished it…………….but Curtis ate it soon after I went to the bathroom." he answered sheepishly. "Ha, and what are you going to tell you're English teacher? My caveman ate my homework?" she teased him.

Phil gave her a fake smile, but it immediately disappeared as he stared over at something that was over her shoulder. She frowned at him, obviously confused. "What's wrong Phil?" "W-wh-who is s-she?"

She turned around, and what she saw made her own smile vanish instantly. A girl that looked about their age was standing alone at the almost empty hallway, and it looked obvious that she was new, since she looked so lost and fearful. Even though Keely hated to admit it, but the new girl was pretty, and she could tell Phil thought so too. The girl had shoulder-length light brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and a thin frame and slender body was what she held. She is beautiful.

And I hate her already…………………

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