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Yeah, this story is mainly about Keely trying her best to stay together, while her best friends are drifting slowly away from her to another girl. Even worse. Phil is too.

Keely stabbed the crumby piece of brownie on her lunch tray, stuffing some into her mouth.

"Keely? Please, tell me what is wrong…" Via, her British best friend softly whispered. Keely looked up, her mouth full of chocolate brownie.

"Nothing's wrong!" she answered, bits and pieces of chocolate flying out of her mouth. "Why?"

Via hesitated, handing a napkin over to her blonde best friend. "Well….for starters you just actually ATE our cafeteria brownies! Second," she placed her hand gently over Keely's. "I care about you."

Keely wiped her mouth with the napkin Via gave her, and took a simple sip from her can of Sprite.

Her eyes drifted over to the table next to them, where Phil and Glory were sitting at. She watched Glory shove Phil playfully in his seat, both of them roaring with laughter about something he joked about.

Via followed her intense gaze, as she gasped in surprise where it lead her to.

"Keely, are you jealous?" Keely stared at her best friend as if she was crazy.

"What? I'm not jealous!" she denied. She saw the skeptical look Via was giving her, and she sighed in defeat. "fine. I am!"

Via smiled, shaking her head. She too watched Glory and Phil joke around, and she couldn't help but smirk. "Don't worry, Keel. Phil isn't the type of guy who will just leave his best friend for another! He'll come back to you in no time!"

Keely couldn't help but smile after what Via said, and she lightly laughed along with her.

Via was her best friend, and practically the one out of two people in the world who could truly make her laugh from her heart in happiness.

Sadly, the other one was Phil.

She had to admit, what was happening for the past week and a half pretty much weighed her down, and she soon stopped smiling her 'trademark' smile anymore in public. It felt nice to laugh and smile genuinely like this because of Via!

But their laughing soon disappeared, as they soon realized Glory was standing right next to them. Keely could smell her 'Tommy Girl' perfume anywhere.

"Hey girls!" she perkily said. Via nodded to her direction, while Keely just looked down.

"Can I sit here?" Glory asked, motioning towards an empty chair next to Via. Keely's eyes observed the bubbly brunette, trying her best not to look stalker-ish.

Her outfit was all made of expensive branded name clothing. Her denim mini skirt was clearly from Abercrombie & Fitch, her black lace leggings from Ralph Lauren, her one-shoulder graphic aqua silk top from Gucci, and her many accessories were probably from Armani or Calvin Klein.

All of this made Keely self-conscience about her outfit, as she squirmed in her seat.

Via nodded, not even noticing the pained expression in her best friend's blue eyes.

As Glory sat down, Keely was just about to blurt out why in the world would she sit with them, if she had her 'precious Phil' to laugh around with. But she clamped her mouth shut by biting her lip.

"So Via, me and some of the popular cheerleaders here are gonna take a swim over at my mansion, would you like to go?" Glory asked.

Via raised a suspicious eyebrow. "Why?" It was Glory's turn to look at her weird.

"Well, just because! My friends from Florida are coming over to visit, and we're planning to have a little party of our own with some new close friends of mine here in Pickford. My mansion has a spa, which we're going to use right after we go swimming and eating in my waterfall pool and bar!" Glory smiled and laughed, tossing her hair to the side. She looked at Keely. "and what else do you have to do?"

Keely took a moment observing her shoes. Via stared at Glory, not believing what she was saying.

"Wait a minute…….spa? Waterfall pool? Bar?" she asked her in bewilderment, her eyes widening. Glory nodded in her direction.

"Yup, except we have a circular bar IN the waterfall pool. Then we're going to go shopping in New York in my private jet which my parents gave me for my 14th birthday!" Glory added.

She blowed a bubble out of her watermelon bubblegum, popping it momentarily. "…so…..you're going?" she asked.

Keely smiled. She KNEW that Via wasn't going to be convinced by this girl, even though the choices were tempting.

But to her disappointment, she didn't.

"YES!" Via shouted. "yes yes yes yes YES!" she yelled over and over again, as if Glory hasn't heard her answer already.

Keely's smile faded, as her eyes widened in surprise at what was truly going on.

Glory smiled. Keely took this as a sign of her winning even her bestest best friend in the world over, and she was just terribly gloating about it.

"I knew you would," Glory smirked. "I'll just put your name down in my party list. Just so the butler will let you in."

Then she took the moment to stand up from her seat at their table, and sauntered away, making her walk back to her and Phil's table, where he was waiting for her.

Keely turned to her supposedly 'best friend', who was ecstatically jumping in her seat.

"Can you believe it? I'm going shopping in New York!" Via squeaked, clapping her hands happily together.

Keely sighed, getting up from her seat. "I need to go." she whispered. After dumping her disposable lunch tray into the trash bin, she left the cafeteria.

Hurt and anger washed over her like a massive tidal wave, as she brushed a tear away from her cheek with her manicured hands.

"How could she do that to me?" Keely murmured. "and she was my own true best friend!"

After walking silently down the empty halls, she finally made it to her locker. She opened it, grabbing a sharpie from a small shelf. She took out a picture taped to her locker wall.

It was a group picture, holding in her, Via, Phil, Owen and Seth lying down in the grass. They all had true smiles plastered on their faces, none of them faked. They were all lying in a circle, gazing up at the sky. And in the middle of the circle was a paper inscribed with the words, 'Best Friends Forever.'

And without hesitation, Keely crossed Phil and Via's faces out with the sharpie.

"How could they do that to me?" she whispered to herself, as she left her locker, the newly finished picture hanging inside.

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