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This is a drabble and an Oneshot.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


It's not like Zoro didn't like women. No, that was far away from the truth.

He just didn't care to show it, like Sanji did.

He would never admire so openly a woman, flirt, and play stupid with her.

Maybe it's because it's not his style.

Maybe it's because he's too timid to talk to one.

Or maybe it's because he is too concentrated in his dreams, in his goals, and doesn't have time for things like that.

But she knew that Zoro did like women.

She knew when she first noticed those looks he often gave to her.

She knew from those glances whenever she passes by.

She knew.

And when he would train, and glance at her, she would smile to him, sit and continue reading her book.