Ok, since I didn't realize that idiots like Chichi, still exsisted. I decided to go over a few things. Namely I started this story before Pokemon 2000 came out. So in case Chichi didn't realise it, they didn't have a name for Mrs. Ketchum yet...So for future readers that come to read this story keep that in mind. So you all don't make an ass out of yourself like Chichi did..

As always Pokemon are not my creation (unless you heard otherwise). But the brevents in this story did come from my mind so...HA!


"CONGRATULATIONS SAGE KETCHUM, YOU ARE THE NEW POKEMON MASTER,!!!" was the last thing the announcer said, before the stadium was flooded with the shouts and cheers from the audience. All cheering for the scraggly, dark haired kid from Viridian City.

I stood in the field alone triumphant. 'Finally' I thought to myself. Despite all the hard work, the dedication, and declarations of failure made by my father. Finally at age of 19, I've become a Pokemon Master.

"You did it honey!!!" shouted a beautiful brunette as she ran toward me. That's Lara, my Lara, my Love... Even though we met only a year ago. It seems like we've know each other our whole lives.

"I still can't believe it Sage, your dream have finally come true," she cheerfully said as we both drew into a loving embrace. Her head laying on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. She always loved doing that, 'It eases her', she says.

"Well, part of my dream has come true." I started. Lara drew back and looked me in the eyes. When I saw her then and there, all the worries and doubts I had were gone. "Lara, I know we haven't know each for that long. But I've known you long enough to know that I don't want to be with anybody else."

"Sage, do you mean..." I could already see the tears streaming down her face.

"Yes" I answered "Lara Starter, will you marry me."

The brunette just held me tight. I could feel her body tremble. Then she looked up at me. "Yes!, Yes!, I will marry you." she shouted. My whole body, bursting with joy as I took Lara into my arms.

This was one of the happiest days of my life. I was truly blessed. I had just earned the most prestigest title a trainer could every hope to achieve and I was about to wed my only true love. A little later on I was blessed again, with a son. Ash.

Ok, that's it so far. The 1st official part should be done in a couple of days. As well as the 2nd part to Pokemon: Genesis. If any of you cared (sob). Please send me line, tell me how I'm doing as a writer. This is my first attempt at writing anything so your comments and critiques will be warmly welcome.