Seeing Things Clearly

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Chapter 1: Nothing's Different

Hey people, sorry to start another fic before finishing my others, but I had to get this idea onto paper before I lost it and here it is! Hope you like!

Vegeta blinked slowly as Bulma moved around the room, rearranging the furniture along the walls and making sure the floor was clear. His eyes followed her movements guided by the sounds, but it was pointless really. After all, he couldn't see her.

A soft sigh escaped his lips and he bowed his head ever so slightly, his eyes moving to the carpeted floor. Anyone who didn't know him would have ignored the small gesture, but Bulma new better. She had studied Vegeta for years; His actions, body language, tone of voice, anything that would give away a hint of what he was feeling.

Her eyes turned glassy and a lump grew in her throat, constricting it and making it hard not to express what she was feeling vocally with the sobs that so desperately wanted to escape. He was looking straight at her a moment ago, but she knew. She knew he couldn't actually see her.

Maybe he was trying to make it easier on her, letting her believe he was watching her rearrange the furniture so it would be easier for him to get around, or maybe it was for his own benefit, but whatever the reason, Bulma wasn't about to complain. Vegeta's body language was screaming tension. She knew he was angry, at the world or at himself she didn't know, but what she did was that he needed her now more than ever, and she was planning on being there for him every step of the way.

"Vegeta?" she called softly

"Mm?" he replied, never taking his glaring eyes from the carpeted floor

"Do you need anything?"

"Nothing I can't get myself!" was the sharp reply

Bulma sighed and moved to sit beside her husband on the sofa. Since he had lost his vision, Vegeta had been adamant that things could remain normal, and whenever he was offered help in anything he wouldn't regularly need it in, such as preparing a meal or going to the toilet, he would lose his temper and snap.

Bulma knew he didn't mean it though. This was just his way of venting off the frustration that was building.

Vegeta leaned ever so slightly toward his mate and rubbed his cheek against the top of her head where she had rested it on his shoulder. He could sense that she was upset and feel as the hot tears fell onto his shoulder. Bulma smiled at the action despite her tears. It was the small gestures and the little bursts of affection like just then that she truly cherished with Vegeta, it was how he let her know that he cared.



"A sandwich would be nice"

"Great!" Bulma shouted, jumping out of her seat in enthusiasm, but quickly clearing her throat and brushing down her clothes to try and cover it up.

Vegeta let a small chuckle escape. Though he couldn't see her actions or the faint blush rising in her cheeks, he could her the rustle and feel the heat radiating from her. After all, all of his other senses were intact and working fine. Maybe things would be okay after all.

Trunks watched in mild fascination as Bulma practically ran into the kitchen with a grin on her face. A small smile lit his features as he watched her race around the room preparing his father's favourite sandwich.

"Why so happy?" he asked

"Your father actually smiled Trunks!" Bulma tried to whisper, but found it hard with the little bit of excitement bubbling inside of her "He hasn't so much as smirked since he lost his sight and he just laughed!"

"So what's the deal with the sandwich?" Trunks asked happily, his mothers joy spreading to him

"He asked for it!" she stated

"No way!" Trunks replied

"Actually I did" Vegeta said calmly from the doorway causing both trunks and Bulma to spin around "Bulma, is there something you're not telling me?"

"Huh?" Bulma replied dumbly "I don't know what you mean"

"Well, I can sense the majority, if not all of the Z Warriors heading in this direction" Vegeta stated with a frown. Bulma could tell he was nervous about them finding he had lost his vision "Did you arrange another one of those ridiculous reunions?"

"No" Bulma replied honestly "Mum!"

"Yes dear?" was the faint reply from elsewhere in the house

"Did you invite my friends over?"

"Yes dear!" Bunny shouted "It's been such a long time since you had one of your little reunions I thought I'd arrange one!"

Bulma sighed and Trunks frowned. Vegeta scowled not long after creating the happiest family portrait you've ever seen.

Another few seconds passed before Vegeta moved to walk out o the room and almost walked into the wall, but stopped mere millimetres from contact. Bulma and Trunks sighed in relief causing Vegeta to growl slightly, but he said no more and left the room making his way to the bedroom.

"Trunks" Bulma ordered "Use your Super Saiyan abilities to get the house tidy fast – I'll wake up Bura and get her ready"

"Right" Trunks nodded "Who gets the pleasant duty of dragging dad out of his room"

"I don't think we'll bother sweetheart" Bulma sighed "After all, things are different now … I don't think … I don't think your father wants them to see him just yet"

"He's going to have to face them sometime mum" Trunks protested, trying to keep and angry tone from his voice "I think it would be better if he told them as a group so that then he wouldn't have to repeat himself – you know how much he hates to admit any kind of weakness, and I think that being blind can be classed as a bit of a weakness!"

"Trunks!" Bulma snapped "Don't say things like that! He might hear you!"

"I want him to hear me!" Trunks snapped back

"Do you really?" Vegeta's rough voice spoke quietly from the door "Then tell me boy – what is it you want me to hear?"

Trunks froze as the voice of his father hit his ears. All of his anger vanished in a second and was quickly replaced by a sense of panic and fear. That was when he realised. It didn't matter that Vegeta couldn't see him – he was still afraid of him. Afraid of being caught doing something naughty or afraid of doing something that would displease him, to Trunks his father hadn't changed at all.

It might sound childish for a teenager to say he's afraid of such things, but Trunks didn't really care, it was the way things had always been. He turned around cautiously and faced his fathers glaring eyes. He was amazed to find them piercing into his own and for a split second thought that maybe his fathers loss of vision had only been a dream, but his mind soon snapped back to reality when Vegeta's eyes narrowed dangerously in his direction.

"I don't hear anything" the Saiyan prince stated

Trunks stayed silent and Bulma glanced nervously between the two. Before another word could be spoken Trunks turned to his father and bowed politely.

"I'm sorry for disrespecting you father" he spoke, loudly and clearly

Vegeta smirked and walked passed trunks ruffling his hair as he did so.

"I wondered how long it would take you to realise boy"

"I can't believe it took me this long"

"Realise what?" Bulma asked quietly "I don't get it"

"Realise that just because he can't see, it doesn't mean he's any less dangerous or any different" Trunks replied "Nothing's different mum"

"I see" Bulma said, deep in thought before a small smile crept onto her face.

She looked at Vegeta who had grabbed and apple or two and was now making his way out the door.

"So can I presume you will be joining us?" Bulma asked

"Like I said" Vegeta stated "Nothings changed"

"So that's a yes?"

"That would be a no"

"What!" Bulma shouted "Why?"

"Did I used to come to your stupid reunions without a fight?"

"So is it a fight you want?"


Trunks laughed as his father walked out of the room with Bulma hot on his heels. Maybe things would be okay after all.

So how was it? I know it's different from my usual fics, but was it okay? More chapters are to come if it's liked.

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