Seeing Things Clearly

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Chapter 10: Worth the Wait

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The Z Warriors said their greetings as they entered the Capsule Corp building. T was time again for one of Bulma's reunions and they had all gathered once again to celebrate the peace which seemed to be holding up quite well.

"Hey guys!" Bulma grinned "It's been so long – how have you been?"

many similar greetings floated to and from the Warriors as the caught up on gossip and stories from the years passed. Some had continued to visit but most had just drifted away.

Piccolo glanced around the room and then turned to Bulma, tapping her lightly on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Hey Piccolo" the blue-haired genius smiled "What can I do for you? Do you want some mineral water? I got that flavoured type that you like"

"Have you seen Vegeta?"

Bulma's smile widened. Over the years Vegeta and Piccolo had formed a comfortable friendship and whenever these sorts of reunions were held they tended to brood together in one corner or another until one of their other friends came to try and get them to join in an activity.

"I think he's upstairs – you know he doesn't like these party's very much – he'll be down later though"


The green man walked away and Bulma sighed. Sometimes Vegeta really cold be so difficult – he had outright refused to spend the day at the party when Bulma had told him it was today and had locked himself in his room to meditate.

Her depressive mood didn't last long though as her attention was ripped away by a desperate cry from Goku. Somehow he had managed to set himself on fire … with a spoon.

Bulma sighed and grabbed the fire blanket (kept close at hand at all times) walking over to Goku at a casual rate – after all, it wasn't as if it was the first time this had happened.


A knock at the door brought Vegeta's attention away from his meditation and the Prince scowled, angry at having been disturbed.

"Get lost!" he shouted

"Let me in" came the reply from the other end and the prince smirked

"Why should I Namek?"

"Because I asked?" Piccolo tried

Vegeta snorted at his friend's pathetic attempt. Things had to be getting pretty crazy downstairs for him to come up. The prince strained his hearing to catch a glimpse of 'For god's sake Goku, not again – somebody take the spoon away from him!' and that was enough to let the Namek in.

Piccolo sighed as he sat cross-legged on Vegeta's bedroom floor and began his meditation. Vegeta stared at him for a while before his eyebrows knit in confusion and he rested his chin on his palm focusing his gaze directly at Piccolo.

"What?" the Namek asked after a while "Why are you staring at me?"

"Just noticing the small changes" Vegeta spoke

"What changes?"

"You're slightly taller, your muscles are bigger and your skins a shade darker, but that's to be expected in Namek's – after all their skin darkens more the older they get right?"

Piccolo blinked. How did he…? Suddenly it dawned on him and a wicked smirk crossed his face.

"How long?" he asked

"About a week now" Vegeta replied, adopting the same smirk

Both looked at each other again before closing their eyes and going back to their meditating. After all, they never really did communicate through words that much anyway.

Hours passed before they were both pulled from their meditation by a knock at the door. Before either even had the chance to blink Goku fazed in front of them.

"You knocked" Vegeta drawled, not really angry at the intrusion "But you didn't wait for me to say come in"

"Sorry Vegeta" Goku smiled sheepishly "But Bulma said I had to come and get you two if it meant I had to drag you down by your ears"

Piccolo flinched slightly earning a snigger from the Prince.

"What's wrong Namek?" he asked in mock sympathy "Scared of getting your ears pulled?"

Piccolo huffed and stood up quickly brushing himself off before making his way towards the door and exiting.

"Touchy" Vegeta muttered smirking

"So are you gonna come with – or do I have to drag you by the ears like Bulma suggested?"

"Like you could" Vegeta scoffed as he walked beside Goku who was standing in the doorway … maybe now was a good chance to tell him before he told the rest of them.

He grabbed a fraction of the taller Saiyans shirt before shaking his head and removing his sunglasses to look Goku in the eyes.

"You even wear orange out of battle?" he asked

The Prince smirked as he saw Goku's eyes widen and he started to make his way out of the room, but before he even knew what was happening he found himself back in the bedroom pinned against the wall by Goku with the door closed.

"What are you doing?" the prince demanded

"You can see!"

Vegeta couldn't help the grin that spread across his face at that moment. Who really cared what he looked like with a stupid grin plastered across his face – nobody but Goku was here to see it anyway.

"Maybe" he replied

"But how…? When…? What…?"

"It just came back" Vegeta smirked "Slowly over the years it came back … it's not as good as it was, but its there!"

"This is … amazing!"

To say Goku was happy for him would be an understatement. The larger Saiyan grabbed his Prince around the waist, effectively pinning his arms to his sides and spun him around in the air for all he was worth.

"K-Kaka-Kakarot!" Vegeta yelped as the younger Saiyan started to spin in mid air faster and faster "Stop!"

Goku didn't listen and continued to spin. At that moment there was a knock at the door and Goku let go of the Prince in shock. The two, who were by now very dizzy, stumbled around the room before smashing into one another and landing in a heap on the floor. Trunks chose that moment to walk through the door.

"Hey dad" he said as he walked through "Mum sent me up to get you and Goku because – WHOA!"

Trunks stared with his mouth open at the very sight before him. His father lay on the ground with Goku straddling his waste and they both looked quite … flushed.

"Uh … dad?" the purple haired youth squeaked

"It's not what it looks like" Vegeta muttered, holding his head as the dizziness passed "The clown was being a … clown … and fell on top of me"

"Uh … okay … but mum said … downstairs … now"

Trunks left without another word and Vegeta quickly shoved Goku off of him. The younger Saiyan laughed a bit at the situation and Vegeta rolled his eyes. Sometimes he wondered if it really would be so bad to be the last Saiyan alive. He slowly descended the stairs and made his way into the room where the Z Warriors were celebrating the reunion.

The Prince crept beside his wife and rested his hands on her shoulders. Bulma started slightly but relaxed as she felt who was behind her.

"You took long enough" she whispered "Are you going to tell them?"

Vegeta nodded against the back of Bulma's head and the woman smiled. She had found out that morning that Vegeta had regained his sight and was pretty sure that nothing could ruin her mood. She had not told anyone as Vegeta had requested and was now waiting anxiously as Vegeta took a seat in his favourite armchair.

"Hey baldy!" he called suddenly as he removed his jet black sunglasses, which he had put back on just before coming down "Have you got shorter or are my eyes deceiving me?"

Jaw's fell as all of the Z Warriors turned to face the smirking Vegeta.

Oh yes the Prince though happily That was well worth the wait

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