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Chapter 5-

"That was an awesome plan Emma!" Draco exclaimed.

Emma grinned and said, "Thanks, but with the help of Jake, it was easier, thank god you're one smart cookie!"

Jake laughed and asked innocently, "Then do I deserve a reward?"

Emma giggled, "Ermm... Maybe, we'll find out."

"You guys are so cute!" Ginny and Lavender said in unison.

Emma and Jake laughed. While Ron and Draco pretended to barf in a corner.

"I don't really feel like swimming now, I'm sorta tired," Lavender said cuddling up against Ron.

"Yeah me neither, we can go swimming tomorrow, if that's okay with you guys," Emma announced.

"Sounds good, let's go watch movies and pig out instead!" Draco exclaimed.

"Alright!" Emma laughed, "Become FATTIES."

"FATTIES WILL RULE!" Everyone shouted in unsion.

Just then a sound of an owl tapping on a window made Emma turned around. Emma looked at the owl and thought, 'Who would be sending mail now?'

Emma walked over to the kitchen window and opened it. A nice little brown and white, barn owl flew in and landed on the kitchen counter. Emma picked up an owl treat and gave it to the little owl. "Hogwarts letters? They shouldn't be here in at least a month," Emma mumbled.

"What is it?" Ginny asked walking into the nicely tiled kitchen.

"A letter from Hogwarts, I don't know why there here so early..." Emma answered.

"What's taking so long guys?" Draco asked, and then in came Ron, Jake, and Lavender.

"Umm... Hogwarts letters," Emma said for the third time.

"Well open it," Jake encouraged.

Emma took his word and opened the letter, "Oh my god!" Emma gasped.

"What?" The five teenagers asked.

"We're allowed to use magic!" Emma exclaimed while jumping up and down.

"What? Why" Lavender asked confused.

"Umm... Hang on," Emma said continuing to read the letter. "Dumbledore says time will tell all, and says that Draco might know something and that's it."

"Draco, what aren't you telling us?" Ginny asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"That's Dumbledore, 'Time will tell all' great!" Ron groaned.

"Okay, well you know what a prophecy is right? Well there was one made for both Harry and Voldemort, actually i think everybody has one. Anyway, well Voldemort is trying to find it, but the thing is someone already broke it." Draco said walking back into the Granger's living room.

Emma had a quizzical look on her face, "And what does this have to do with-..." Emma had then been hit with a conclusion. "The only way to know what a prophecy says, is to break it, once you do, tells you what inside it, right?"

"Yes!" Draco answered.

"Then, if this prophecy was made for Harry and Voldemort, then the message is some clue or way to defeat him or... Harry..." Emma said slowly then revised what she had just said.

"Exactly... except i hate the 'Defeat Voldemort... or Harry...'" Draco said simply, "But there's another thing to it, in very, very small letters, on the prophecy, there were each and every one of our names. But one thing I can't figure out is that Hermione, Jake and Emma's names are right beside Harry's, in the same size letters as his."

"So what you're trying to say is Draco that Jake, Hermione, and I have a part in this, well we all do, but we have a bigger part?" Emma asked her face emotionless from shock.

"Umm... Yeah, but that's all i know," Draco said sighing.

"Wait!" Emma said loudly, causing a few people to jump, "Who broke it, and did they hear what it said?"

"Umm... I have no clue... and most likely they would've heard it," Draco said rubbing his face with his hands.

A look of surprise then crossed Jake's face, "I think I have an idea why Dumbledore let us use magic outside school... What if something is bound to happen this summer, something bad like death eaters, and like the war?"

"I dunno, but that's an idea, a creepy idea," Draco answered wearily.

"Do you think we should tell Harry and Hermione?" Ron asked.

Emma laughed softly and said, "No duh! But we'll let her sleep, we'll tell her tomorrow, and we'll tell Harry when he comes down."

"And that'll be now?" Ginny said looking at the stairs.

"What?" Emma asked confused.

"Tell me what Emma?" Then came a male voice from the stairs.

"Umm... Tell you that we're allowed to use magic outside of school..." Emma said with a smile.

"And?" Harry asked, knowing more was behind Emma's answer.

So Emma, Draco, and Jake took turns explaining to Harry what they had just discussed a little bit ago. "Wow," was all that came out of Harry.

"Yeah, but we don't know for sure..." Draco said afterwards.

"I know, but it sounds like a good explanation," Harry said.

"Umm... But I heard that even if you have your name... never mind." Emma said slowly and carefully.

"What Emma, tell us..." Ron pleaded.

"Okay, not to make matters worse but, I heard or more like read that even if you have your name on a prophecy, it doesn't matter the size of the name. As long as your name is on it, then you have a big part in it, but what i can't figure out is why it has our name on it, not just Harry's. No offense Harry. You guys know what i mean right?"

Harry smiled at Emma and said, "I understand."

The room was silent until Ginny broke it saying, "I think the best way to just be on the safe side, is all to stay in one room, together," Ginny announced.

Emma gave Ginny a soft smile and said, "I think that is the best idea, just in case. It's better to be safe then sorry and I'm sorta freaked out about this."

Jake came up to Emma and said, "There's nothing to worry about, you have us guys to protect you, all of you girls are protected by us men!" He then wrapped his arm around her waist.

All the girls in the room laughed and said all together, "You men are to full of yourselves!"

Lavender then asked, "Okay, what about Hermione?"

Emma turned around in her chair and looked at Harry, "Pwease Hawwy!" Emma said in a baby voice.

Harry laughed and pinched Emma's cheeks, "Alright."

"Ow!" Emma said rubbing her cheeks.

Harry just laughed as he descended up the stairs.

Emma just then shivered. "Cold?" Jake asked.

"No just a little freaked out," Emma said cuddling closer to Jake.

"Umm... Emma is it just me or is it cold in here?" Ginny asked.

"Ughh..." Emma looked at Jake then Draco, "I think it's just you."

"Alright, so where are we staying?" Harry asked with a sleeping Hermione in his arms.

"Umm... Follow me," Emma said as she got off of Jake and walked down a hallway, which separated the kitchen and living room.

"Hmm... Where is that door?" Emma mumbled. She then walked a little bit more and stopped where there were two portraits of a family picture. Emma then knocked in between the two pictures and a low rumbling sound was made. Surprisingly Hermione didn't even stir. There was then a doorknob and Emma placed her hand on it and turned it.

"Welcome to Hermione and mine's getaway, well not exactly, but this is where we hang out when we just wanna be alone you know?" It was a rhetorical question, a question that is not supposed to be answered.

The eight teenagers walked into the room, and six teenagers gasped. "Whoa!" Draco and Ginny gasped.

The room was huge! It was about the size of the Gryffindor Common Room. In the farthest corner of the room were a pool table, and an air hockey table. Across from the game area, was a fireplace with a curved couch around it, beside the couch was a little coffee table with a cordless phone on top. Right across from that, was the bathroom, fully equipped with a bathtub/ shower, toilet (no duh!), and sink, the usual stuff.

If you were standing at the entrance, stare straight ahead, you would see four couches that you could turn into a bed (what a coincidence), and a bookshelf. In front of the couches was a big oval shaped rug and then a humungous flat screen T.V. Beside the flat screen, on its left was a big fridge, and on its right side, there was a computer. The floor was hardwood, the same color and type as the one in the entrance.

"Okay, I'll explain everything later, I just need you four guys to help set the bed, please," Emma asked sweetly.

"Anything for you lil sis!" Harry and Ron said at the same time. Harry and Ron sometimes called Emma their little sister because well that's how they always thought of Emma. But Harry and Hermione on the other hand, was a different story.

Emma laughed and said, "Thanks big bro's!"

Harry walked over to the curved couches and placed Hermione on it gently. Emma then walked over to a switch over top of the fireplace and turned it on, the fireplace then burst into flames. "Toasty!" Lavender exclaimed sitting beside Hermione's sleeping form.

"Indeed!" Emma agreed and giggled when she saw Ginny leaning against Lavender sleeping.

"I think she's a little tir-"

"Ommff!" Ron sounded as he tripped over a bar that was on the ground. Which sort of caused a domino effect, Harry, Jake, and Draco then fell on top of Ron.

"Ughhh..." Ron groaned. "Draco get off!"

"I'm off..." Draco said as he got up.

"Wha?" Hermione asked as she sat up.

Emma laughed even harder with Hermione's expression. "Hey there sleepy head!"

"Hey yourself!" Hermione said as she got rid of the sleep in her eyes. "Whoa! Why are we in here?"

Emma sighed and thought, 'Great! I have to explain it again...' But before Emma even opened her mouth, Lavender took the liberty in doing the explaining.

"So that's why we're here," Lavender said.

Hermione had a shocked expression on her face, "Okay, that's just creepy!"

"I know!" Emma and Lavender agreed.

"Hey 'Mione, you finally up!" Harry teased.

Hermione hit Harry in the arm playfully and said, "Shut it Potter, don't make me hurt you!"

"Like you could 'Mione... Erm... wait what you did to Draco in third year... Erm... okay I won't mess with you," Harry said laughing.

Hermione laughed then said, "That's right Potter!"

"Hey Emma, where's the blankets and stuff?" Ron asked walking up to the group.

"Umm... There's blanket and such in a closet by the bookshelf, here I'll go get it," Emma said getting up.

Emma walked over to the walk in closet and looked for some blankets and pillows.

"So do I get a reward now?" Jake asked innocently walking closer to Emma.

Emma giggled again and said, "I guess so."

The two closed the gap between them and gave each other a sweet and tender kiss.

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