A short piece originally written in honor of the release of the Inferno R2 Mod...then I found out that was months away still. Partly in honor of the feelings inspired by playing Inferno R1, partly a result of listening to EVE Online's "I Saw Your Ship" track on repeat one for far too long. If you don't have Inferno, go get it. Now.


Launching day.

Hundreds of engineers had been involved in her design. Hundreds of thousands of workers had provided the raw materials, more then thirty thousand workers had constructed her, fifteen thousand people were to crew her.

She was the largest and most heavily armed warship ever constructed by humanity, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Terran race, rising phoniex-like from the ashes. The darkness had reached out to take them, but it had been thrown back, and the damage it had done had been repaired.

The moorings were cast loose, retracting back into the dock. The drives lit off, coming smoothly to a third of full power. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to move under her own power for the first time.

The prow, with its massive beam cannon, cleared the dock. There was cheering among the workers and the billons who watched the event secondhand. Yet somehow the silence of the void seemed more fitting. This was her element, after all, her birthplace and her home for evermore.

Flights of fighters paraded above her hull for the cameras, yet she seemed to take no notice of them, mere insects as they were to her. She continued in her stately way, ignoring the four cruisers that had taken formation around her as the amidships area cleared the dock. Now the massive conning tower edged out of the dock, the tiny cruisers holding even. They were nothing compared to her, and she could have swatted them from the void in an instant.

At last she was clear of the dock, her kilometers-long hull slowly turning as the engines were banked, then once the dock was out of her drive plume, the engines were brought to full power for the first time.

She fired her main battery into space, a sheet of silver light from her sides as the many beam cannon were activated for the first time. It was a salute to the many dignitaries watching, yet also a demonstration of her power. She was mistress of her own fate, beholden to no one, and if she submitted to their wants it was only because she wished to.

The EASD Nemesis was ready.