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Double Dare

(Part One)

A handsome man of twenty-two held his usual scowl on his face as he walked with grace and pride down the long hallway, his well-toned body covered with his ANBU uniform. Many females in the said hall paused and openly gaped and drooled at his entire being.

Ignoring them, the white-eyed male strode past them, his long coffee-brown locks flowing behind him.

One girl sputtered as blood shot from her nose before she promptly passed out from ecstasy.

Upon reaching one of the grandest doors in the building the male knocked before a loud yelp followed by curses made their way out of the door.

Rolling his eyes, the male went on in without being invited, and upon entering he met with the usual sight the he met with after he finished a mission and/or when he was about to get a new one. The Hokage, who obviously had been asleep, was desperately trying to appear as if he had been working only to have everything be thrown into an even bigger mess.

"Hokage-Sama." He greeted as he glared at the blonde who snorted in return. "Stop glaring at me Neji! I was doing my work! And what's with the title?" He snapped, making Neji roll his eyes in absolute annoyance.

With a snort Neji glared mockingly at the blonde before he all but hissed, "Naruto." The grin on the man's face could not have been any wider. "Dobe." He finished with a haughty smirk at the flash of anger in those blue eyes.

"White-eyes-bastard." He spat only making the other male's amused look flourish into a wide smirk.

With another defiant snort the Sixth Hokage began to rummage threw his carelessly thrown pile of files. With an "Ah-Ha!" he pulled out the one he was obviously looking for before throwing it to the Hyuuga.

Catching it with ease, he opened it only to find himself lost in beautiful sea-foam-green-eyes. Blinking he looked at the picture and the information.

Name: Haruno Sakura

Occupation: ANBU, Medical-Nin, Shinobi

Eyes: Green

Hair: Pink (natural)

Number: 040218

Height: 5'0

Weight: 98 lbs

Age: Twenty-One

Parents: Haruno Hikaru (mother) Haruno Shizuma (father/missing-nin)

It gave off more information but Neji didn't really need to read it. He could help but smirk at the weight and height. Sakura was one of the smallest females, which was very amusing, if not ironic, to him.

Because of her nature and personality everyone thought that Hinata was going to be the smallest, but she had almost three inches over Sakura. Poor Sakura, even with her forehead (which she has grown into) she was the smallest female.

His eyes narrowed at the mention of her father, he didn't know she had a father that was a missing-nin, he was going to have to look more into that.

His gaze then went back to her picture.

It amazed him to no end on how innocent and child-like she still looks. Her hair was kept short, framing her beautiful heart-shaped face; her large warm green eyes were a sight to behold with their amazing color and shine.

While she was small her curves were enough to make even a man like himself churn.

She was the strongest kunoichi in Konoha, being the apprentice of the former Hokage herself.

Looking up, Neji's handsome face was marred with suspicion and annoyance, "What does Haruno have anything to do with my next mission?" He snapped making those blue eyes twinkle with mischief that made a shudder of displeasure and cold fear run down his spine.

"Tell me, Neji-Kun. What do you know about my precious Sakura-Chan?" He asked a little too innocently for the Hyuuga's taste.

Never the less he was obliged to answer.

"She is a wonderful kunoichi whose experience with medical-jutsu is something highly regarded. She has replaced Tsuande-Sama in being the best medical-shinobi of our time, and she has inherited her strengths in battle. Her genjutsu are one of the best and she has the intelligence that is only slightly over-shadowed by Nara." He spoke in a clear voice, just stating facts that were well known throughout the nation.

With a roll of his eyes Naruto stood up, "No, no, no! That is URGH! Wrong!" He screeched in annoyance, looking like he was going to throw a tantrum.

With his frown deepening Neji snapped back, "Excuse me, Naruto. But you told me to tell you what I know about Haruno Sakur- -" He wasn't able to finish the sentence as the blonde smirked with cluck of his tongue.

"Tut, tut. That's wrong. I asked you what you know about Sakura-Chan, not Haruno Sakura." Neji wanted to beat that man into a bloody pulp. "They're the same person, you moron."

With a huff and a pout the Hokage crossed his arms over his chest, "That's not what I meant! Haruno Sakura is the kunoichi, the medical-shinobi with insane, not to mention, scary strength. I mean Sakura-Chan. The person, not the fighter."

Now that took Neji by surprise, "Well- -"

"Exactly!" The blonde screamed not allowing the older male to finish. "You know nothing about my Sakura-Chan! You also don't know that she is single I bet, hmm?" He asked to the bewildered brunette.

"Its not- -"

"OF COURSE NOT!" The hyperactive man interrupted again. "I mean can you believe it? Sakura-Chan single! My Hinata-Chan is so worried that she won't ever love again because of Sasuke-Teme!"

Neji's eyes narrowed at the mention of his rival who had been returned to Konoha at seventeen, but had coldly shoved Sakura aside like an old toy. He lost so much respect for the Uchiha when that happened.

Whether Naruto knew it or not, Hyuuga Neji though Sakura was a beautiful person, at least from what he as seen and heard. She is also very respected and very kind, be it very scary when her temper let's loose.

Too put it simply he was disgusted at how Uchiha Sasuke treated her.

But it didn't matter to him on the larger scale. It was fate that Sasuke treated Sakura like that; it was no skin off his back if she was mistreated.

Besides as stated before he had heard and seen Sakura's personality he has never experience it, they had been on a few missions but he had only interacted with the kunoichi, not the female who was friends to all.

"I guess I don't know your "precious Sakura-Chan", again as I had stated before, what the hell does that have to do with my mission?"

There it was. It was back. That damn grin that made one believe that Uzumaki Naruto was smarter that he let on to be.

"Well, that is you next mission!" He chirped making Neji twitch. "What?" The grin only went up his teeth shinning making him remember his fellow comrade, teammate, and rival.

"You are going to make Sakura un-single!"

As if struck by a lightening bold the longhaired male glared at the other, "Come again?" He hissed out dangerously, though Naruto paid no heed to the warning signs.

"You are to date Sakura-Chan!"

Neji couldn't believe what the dobe had just said, "What?" He snapped. With that annoying grin the Hokage chirped, "I said it is your mission to court Sakura-Chan!"


With a heavy and tired sigh the very female that was being discussed rubbed the back of her stiff neck, hoping to get that annoying crick out of it. She had been working in the hospital for thirteen straight hours and she was exhausted.

And by the look of it her shift was nowhere near over with.

"Sakura-Sama!" A fellow nurse exclaimed as she rushed to the coral-pink-haired young woman. "Toki-San?" She asked to the black-haired older woman who seemed to be in a panic.

"Sakura-Sama! We have an amputee and a torture victim coming in! Not to mention that Tsuki-San has gone home with the flu! We are short with medical-shinobis!"

With a groan, Sakura listed to the panicking woman's drabble, she swore that someone this jittering and squeamish should not be in the medical business.

But she shouldn't complain, there were just no many people who wanted to be healers and the more help she received the better. Sakura was the top doctor and needed as much help as could be found.

"Alright, Toki-San. I want you and Junko-San to work with the amputee I will go to the torture victim." With a nod and bow of respect that woman hurried away looking for her comrade to help with the patient.

Walking down the long hallway to her office, Sakura quickly grabbed her clipboard, which had been placed on the holder on her door. Flipping threw the papers her green eyes widened before narrowing at the name of her patient.

"Grr. Naruto. . .YOU MORON!"

(Room 23, One Hour Later)

"What the hell did you do to make Hyuuga-San to go postal on your ass?" Sakura hissed as she stitched up the last of the Hokage's scars.

With his sheepish grins and laughs the blonde gave her a wink, "It's a secret!" His reply was a solid punch to the head. "MORON! Hyuuga-San is a highly respected ANBU leader! You don't just go on and piss him off! Ugh! What am I going to do with you?" She asked as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

With a guilty pout Naruto looked sorrowfully at her, "Sorry Sakura-Chan. Rough day?"

A groan slipped through her lips as she slid down onto one of the chairs in the room, "You have no idea. We lost a female whose lungs had been crushed. We have had four people come in with serious case of the flu. A kid with a broken leg, another with some scars he had received from training. An amputee and now you. It's been a long thirteen hours."

Wincing the blonde gave her a sympathetic look, he understood long days at work it was very stressful. "Sorry, Sakura-Chan. Neji must be PMSing or something."

Rolling her eyes and giving him a humored look, Sakura smirked, "Aw. I could never stay mad at you. And yes Hyuuga-San can appear to be PMSing at times but what can you do? Oh I know. Not piss him off!" She teased though her voice was rough with a warning.

She has seen her old teammate in the hospital to many times because of his damn mouth and accident-prone ways.

"Anyways. You are all fixed up and my shift has just ended. You should get home to that wife of yours."

Grinning from ear to ear at the mention of Hinata, Naruto nodded his head before giving his best friend a peck on the cheek and scurried off.

With a giggle Sakura stretched like a cat and began to make her way out from the hospital after going over an inspection on all her over-nigh patients and making sure everything was in check with her workers.

Upon leaving the hospital the pink-haired female took in a deep breath, her lungs happy to have fresh clean air instead of the stuffy and tense air the hospital gave off. Her stomach gave off a loud lurch and grumble making her moan in agony.

"I'm so damn hungry!" She whined out as she began to make her way to Ichiraku.

(Hyuuga Estate, Branch Manor)

Neji snarled as he paced in his area where he would normally meditate or train. But not today, no. He had to come up with ideas to court Haruno Sakura.

He could not believe the idiocy of this!

He might respect the girl, and think of her as a beautiful person, but that doesn't mean he likes her! Was fate really against him? Did God/Kami/or whatever deity above really enjoy torturing him?

It was ties like this he would really love to have his parents alive and well. After his father's death, his mother was struck with an illness. She had died right after the failure to retrieve Sasuke.

He did not know how to deal with females let alone win them over.

Sure, he had a large (VERY large) fan club but he never gave them the time of day. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed help and he needed it bad.

But first, he was starving. Time to go get some ramen.


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