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Double Dare

(Part Five: Jealousy Makes it's Mark)

"So-o-o-o…" Ino drawled out, a cat-like grin appearing on her face. "How was it?"

Sakura blushed, looking down at her tea. "It was very nice."

"OOOH!! Tell me, tell me!" The ever romantic blonde squealed out, hands clasped in front of her chest. "Is he amazing or what? Come on I need details!"

"Uh…w-well…he treated me very nice." Sakura fidgeted, obviously had lost her touch in the art of girl talk some time ago. She twirled with a piece of her pink-hair, trying to distract her thoughts and blushing--not very good since your best friend, who is in fact the Yamanaka Ino, is sitting right across from you demanding the story.

"Damn-it Sakura! Just tell me what happened!" Her coral-blue eyes then began to shine. "Oooh! Something juicy happened, right?! Something naughty, X-rated, take-it-all-off-BABY happened!!"

"Er…no." Sakura sighed. "Mama got drunk."

Ino's head fell on the table, "Please tell me she didn't streak again."

Sakura shook her head. "No."

"Didn't strip? The last time she did that it was at your birthday party!"

"Mama sure was popular that evening…but no she didn't strip." Ino sighed in relief. "But she was doing karaoke."

Now the blonde groaned, "And you're Hyuuga boy-toy witnessed this?!"

"And his uncle."

"Oh…my…no." It looked like she was torn from being horrified to bursting out in a fit of gleeful laughter. "You must be joking…his uncle witnessed your mother?!"

"Turns out they were having a few drinks together."

Now Ino did laugh. "That poor-poor man…I wouldn't wish that on Sasuke!"

Sakura frowned, "Neji didn't like my mentioning of Sasuke…he got real quiet and cold." She shrugged. "They have never gotten along…why the hell do you have that grin on your face?"

"Sa-ku-ra," Ino sang out. "Does Sasuke know about your date with Neji?"

The young woman raised an eyebrow, "Um…no…I seriously doubt he would care."

"So you don't mind me telling him?" Then without waiting for her answer, she chirped, "Thanks! Loves and kisses!!" And with that ran out of the small café.

Sakura watched her blonde friend run off before a thought struck her, "Ino, you pig!! YOU LEFT ME THE DAMN BILL!!"


Hatake Kakashi watched as Neji dodged his attack before spinning around and taking the initiative in trying to slam his palm against the silver-head's chest.

The Jounin almost was unable to doge it.

Now some might be wonder why exactly these two would be sparring--simple. Kakashi heard of the man's date-time with Neji and decided to kick his ass…typo. It was meant that Kakashi wanted to test Neji's strength. After-all, ANBU's must always be ready for battle…yes that was it exactly.


Or not…

"She isn't even your daughter!!" The Hyuuga cried out, flipping back a few times just as Kakashi roared out, "CHIDORI!!"

"Oh…this isn't good." Neji groaned. He had a feeling he was in for a long-LONG day.


Sasuke blinked slightly at the sight of the grinning blonde--last he heard this particular fan-girl was no longer a fan, she was now an anti-fan. So why was she practically beaming up at him?

His eyes narrowed, something was up.

"Oooh! Sasuke-Kun! Isn't it wonderful?!"

Sasuke-Kun? Something was definitely up. "What do you want Yamanaka?"

She only continued to grin. "I only wanted to spread the good news! It's sooo romantic and wonderful! Oooh!!"

He rolled his eyes, before turning heel and walking away from the ranting woman--he really couldn't understand that blonde-bimbo.

'Oh-ho! Thinks he's walking away from me, eh? Well--let's see what this news does for his ego…' Ino thought with a twisted smirk. "I mean, who would've thought! Neji and Sakura!!"

Sasuke froze, turning around, "What?"

"Hmm? What-what?" She asked innocently.

"That Hyuuga and Sakura, what about them?"

"Oh! You didn't know? Neji and Sakura went out on a date last night." Her grin grew wider at his shocked, now turning into fury, look. "From what Sakura told me--he was a sweet gentleman…though I do have to wonder what happened afterwards…the poor girl was blushing and never did answer my question."

This was true--Sakura was blushing and she never did answer Ino's question about what happened after the date, after Neji met up with Hikaru. She knew nothing happened but she left that part out, besides its not like not mentioning that will throw the Uchiha to any wrong conclusion.

Sasuke snarled before poof! sounded off and the male was gone.

"Uuuh…I hope that doesn't come back to bite Sakura in the ass."


Sakura yelped when Sasuke appeared in front of her, looking extremely ticked off. "Uh…Hey Sasuke-San." She stated with a blink, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She could never really feel right with the male after everything they had gone threw and everything he had placed her threw.

"Is it true?"


He snarled, "Did you and that Hyuuga," He spat out the name. "Go on a date?"

"Mou…yeah, we did." She then pursued her lips. "Ino told you didn't she?" Sakura then shrugged. "No matter…it doesn't concern you anyway."

"Doesn't concern me?" He spat.

Raising an eyebrow she nodded, "That's right--this doesn't concern you…why would it?" Crossing her arms over her chest, she narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "You are acting extremely…weird, Sasuke-San…"

He growled, "I'm acting weird? You're the one whoring yourself out!"

Her jaw dropped, "Excuse me!? I'm not whoring myself out!! Why the hell would you even say that?!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "First me then the Hyuuga…my guess is you'll go for Inuzuka then maybe Aburame next." He spat out. "After all, if they are apart of a powerful clan you'll give them the time of day."

She slapped him, "I gave you the time of day because you were Sasuke--not Uchiha or any other title! And I'm giving Neji the time of day because he's Neji--not an Hyuuga or whatever! A-and if you ever accuse me of that again, I'll--"

"Sakura?" A voice jumped in.

Spinning around, Sakura gave the male a watery smile, "Kiba! I'm so happy to see you."

The Uchiha sneered, "Of course you are…"

"Shut the fuck up, Uchiha!" Kiba snarled, pushing Sakura behind him and began growling at the male. "Me and everyone else in this village are sick and tired of your high and mighty attitude--and we are fucking sick of how you treat her!" He pointed to Sakura. "Now get off your throne and see the world as it really is or get the fuck out of Konoha!!" And with that spun around and dragged Sakura with him.

Sasuke hissed under his breath, his hands forming into a tight fist, "This isn't over…"


Sakura thanked the brunette male as he sat her down on a swing, "You ok?" He asked, looking her over with concern.

Sighing, she wiped a few tears away. "Yeah…"

"He said some really hurtful things…" He added internally, 'Hyuuga is going to be pissed once he hears about this.' Already the village was bustling with the news of the new couple--thanks to the blonde duo who couldn't keep their mouths shut to save their lives.

"He's Sasuke…of course he would say something hurtful…I just don't understand where this came from! I mean…he basically called me a gold-digger! Someone who whores herself out to clans! Ugh," She buried her face in her hands. "It's so vexing…I don't understand what he has against me…but he sure let's everyone know he hates me."

Kiba shrugged, "The only thing we can do is either leave him alone and let him come to his senses on his own--phft…yeah right. Or we beat the sense into him…which hasn't worked yet…so I vouch to beat the crap out of him and then kick his ass out of Konoha…after all love, affection, and welcome didn't get him to open up."

Sakura slumped, "Yeah…that's true…I guess it's just better if we leave him alone…" She then grinned at Kiba, kissing him on the cheek. "Thanks for this…it really means a lot."

He grinned in return, a small blush on his cheeks. "Well…I meant every word. Konoha is hating how he treats you…we're all ecstatic that you're going out with Neji."



"Ah." Sakura shook her head. "Of course. But I don't know if we are going out, per say. We just went on a date--that doesn't instantly make us boyfriend and girlfriend…right?"

"Yeah--I guess not…so you'll be ok?"

She nodded, "Yep! Thanks again--next time we spar I'll take it easy on you!"

"BITCH!!" He roared after her back, he could hear her smug laughter. "Ugh…Now…to find Hyuuga."


Neji was just sitting calmly, trying to meditate after that terror-filled training session when who should come? None other then Uchiha Sasuke.

"What do you want?" He stated coldly.

"I want to fight."

"Really now? Well you have to wait, Uchiha. I've just finished sparring with your teacher and frankly don't want to deal with you at the moment." He sneered back. 'What did Sakura ever see in him?'

"To tired?" Sasuke mocked.

"I'm open to my weaknesses and when I need a break, Uchiha…I discovered it actually makes me stronger and calmer to admit it."

Sasuke wasn't going to bait him. There was absolutely nothing he said that would get him to fight.

"Hyuuga!! Hey I need to tell you…something…" Inuzuka Kiba drawled off, coming into the clearing--for once without Akamaru. He snarled at Sasuke. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Coming to fight him…but the coward won't have it…"

"I already explained my actions to you once, I won't repeat them again; leave."

"Now hold up there, Hyuuga--you should fight this guy! Kick his ass! Beat him to the ground!!"

Neji sighed falling back in his meditative state, "No. I have nothing to gain. Nothing can be said now that will change my mind."

"He called Sakura a whore."

Neji's eyes snapped opened, a black fury spreading threw him.

Nothing can be said to change his mind….except that.


Sakura hummed slightly as she checked over Hinata, "Well…you are perfectly healthy." Her eyes then went wide and a gasp escaped her mouth as she slowly seeped her charka into the young woman.

"What? What is it Sakura-Chan?" Hinata bit her lip. "I'm sick, aren't I? I'm going to die…and then Naruto will sleep with other women…THAT BASTARD!!"

Sakura, use to Hinata's outburst, just smiled. "Hinata-Chan…sweetie, congratulations!"

The woman with purple hair paused, "Congratulations? What for?"

"Honey…you're pregnant!!"

"I'm….what?" She blinked. "I'M WHAT?!!!"

And with that fell over in a dead faint.

Sakura looked down at her, "Well…at least you're already in a hospital…" She opened the door and poked her head out. "Mizuki-San? We need a stretcher in here…another one has just been told she's a mother."

The strawberry blonde girl asked, "Did she miss the counter?"

"Let me check!" Sakura looked down at Hinata. "No blood…so yeah! She's just unconscious!"

"Ok then! One stretcher coming up! Haruno-San, would you like a cup of coffee with that?"

"Oh yes please!"

"With two sugars?"

"Yes and cream!….oh right, let's not forget the stretcher…"

"Oh of course!!"

Hinata whimpered on the ground.

"Oh…" Sakura bent down and scooped the girl up bridal-style easily and waited patiently for the stretcher…she didn't have to wait long.

Mizuki came back, brining the stretcher and a cup of coffee.

Sakura placed Hinata on the stretcher and waved as she was wheeled away--walking back into her office she took a sip, loving the taste.

Placing it down on the desk her body and smile froze. 'What…?'

And in that instant, Sakura knew she had to hurry home.


"What?" Neji growled out dangerously, picking himself up. "You called her, what?"

"I called her a whore. That's what she is, correct?" Sasuke's face remained impassive. "Tell me, Hyuuga--was she any good in bed?" He spat, eyes narrowing dangerously as his fist clenched.

Neji glared at him, the Byakugan appearing on his face, though his body remained impassive--the feelings boiling from the Uchiha was immense…now Neji was an intelligent young male he understood instantly what was happening.

"You're jealous." He deadpanned.

"What was that?" Sasuke hissed, his eyes flashing with the Sharingan.

Neji's lips twitched in a smirk--it was amusing to see the great Uchiha become jealous, but by denying it so strongly in that he actually insulted Sakura was unforgivable.

No one could insult Sakura.

"I am most certainly not jealous, Hyuuga…especially when it is concerning Sakura." He almost spat the name out.

"She was a part of your team, she was a friend and comrade…she sacrificed everything for you." Neji was growling now, his eyes practically glowing in fury. "You were her world…and when you come back she was the only one who fully welcomed you back…who never questioned you or your thoughts…and what do you do? You treat her worse then dirt!"

"That's all she's worth."

And with that, Neji lost his cool and composer and slammed his fist in the jaw of the younger male.

"She's quite possibly the best thing you could ever have in life…well…I, for one, am happy with how you treat her." He smirked at Sasuke's confused look as he wiped his chin which had a bit of blood dribbling down. "Because of that…you gave her to me."

Sasuke snarled and tackled Neji to the ground, his hands wrapped around his throat.

"I never gave her to you…she will always be mine."

Neji slammed his knee against Sasuke's stomach, sending him flying a bit. "You don't deserve her…and I will not fight you for her…so you might as well leave."

"Don't turn your back on me, Hyuuga."

"You turned your back on Sakura, Naruto, and Konoha and in turn yourself years ago…what's one more back to the great Uchiha Sasuke? After all, living a life of revenge and loneliness is all you have wanted…"

"Shut up." Sasuke growled. "You have no idea what I have been threw."

"Enough!!" Neji snapped. "We've had enough of hearing about you and your terrible past! It was the past, damn it! But because of your selfish attitude you landed yourself in a tough spot…you are now facing a terrible future. One also filled with loneliness and regret…and this time you don't have Itachi to blame."

And with that he walked off.


Sakura hurried home, her teeth beginning to hurt from clenching them so hard, her chest throbbing from how hard her heart was pounding.

She slammed the door off its hinges and scurried up stairs, blasting into the room.

Her eyes grew wide, "Oh no…MAMA!!!"



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