by Gunman

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"AH! AAHH! OH, God! Don't stop!" Asuka moaned loudly as her breasts were vigorously squeezed and caressed.

The man doing the caressing was behind her, his firm chest pressed tightly against her back, holding her close as he kissed the side of her neck with his hungry mouth. His hands moved from her chest and wrapped around her stomach, leaning her to the side as his mouth covered hers as she turned to face him.

Their tongues wrestled fiercely with each other, eventually breaking and the young woman putting herself on her hands and knees while the man took her from behind. She felt him reach under her and grab her breasts once more, slightly pinching the buds and whispering into her left ear.

"Come with me, Asuka-chan." he said as he tightened his grip.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Asuka screamed loudly as she once again came and came hard.

Her companion screamed his sentiment as well, dropping himself onto her back, sandwiching her sweaty body between himself and the soft bed.

Asuka panted heavily and gulped, trying to find her voice.

"Oh, god, ooooohhhh god!" she gasped.

"Are you alright, Asuka-chan?" Shinji asked in whispered tones into her ear.

"Yes, Shinji-kun." she said, still breathing hard as the young man strained himself to move off of the redheaded young woman. She shifted herself in the bed and was pulled into his gentle embrace. A tear fell down her face.

"Asuka, why are you crying? Was it that bad?" Shinji asked as he wiped the tear away.

"No! No, Shinji." she whispered back to him as she snuggled into his chest. "It's just... I wish I could stay longer."

"You could." he said as he kissed her cheek softly.

"I can't. My boss only gave me time off for ten days. My flight leaves tomorrow morning." she said with obvious sadness.

"I know. Hikari and I loved having you here."

"I liked being here, with you and her... like this." she said, holding him tightly to her naked body.

"Then promise me, Asuka. Promise her... that you'll come back."

Asuka stared into his blue eyes, seeing the want, the desire that Hikari had told her she had wanted a man to look at her with. But there wasn't just lust. There was the love, something she had wanted as well. In a way, she was envious of Hikari in so many ways. Above all, finding someone who could be there for her, who could love her and make her feel special.

The worst part was, that even if Hikari had met Shinji first, Asuka had known him longer, worked with him closer, even lived with him. Heck, she was his first kiss.

But no. She could hate Hikari all she wanted, for stealing her Shinji, and she would be deluding and lying to herself.

She cared deeply for Hikari, and Hikari loved Shinji. She had seen how happy they were together, how they had loved, and made love to, each other.

"I promise, baka." Asuka smiled sweetly as she buried herself in his chest, his own arms wrapped tightly around the young woman.

The pair were silent for several minutes as they rested with each other.

This was how it had been for the last ten days since Asuka's arrival. After their first threesome together, it was obvious to Hikari that her German best friend needed this. To that end, the former class rep. had suggested that Shinji spend as much time with Asuka as possible.

Basically that meant staying home and having sex with her.

Shinji found it a little odd that his girlfriend was insisting that he sleep with her best friend. But that was the upside to the whole thing. Hikari was insisting, which meant that she trusted Shinji. Though he suspected she wanted him to do this for Asuka's sake.

Since then, Shinji and Asuka had been having regulars everyday, with Hikari coming home at night to join them in a regular Ménage à Trois. In fact, Asuka hadn't left the apartment the whole time since she arrived. She had gone without clothes for five days straight, only getting dressed on the sixth when Misato came to visit her former ward.

It's not something that she wanted to be teased about.

This was the pattern that they followed for the entirety of Asuka's visit.

The door to the bedroom opened up and Hikari Horaki stepped through. She eyed the pair and let open a smile.

"Looks like you've been busy." Hikari said with a smirk.

"Hikari." Asuka said, raising her head out of Shinji's chest. "My flight is tomorrow morning."

"I know." she said with a sad expression, then started stripping off her clothes. "So, I guess we'll have to get in as much quality time as we can." She then crawled over the bed as Shinji released Asuka and let his girlfriend mount the redhead, sticking her tongue down the German's mouth.


Asuka had never really cried before, even after all she had been through with The Angel Wars.

But now she was letting the entire water works flow as she hugged her best friend.

"I'm going to miss you, Asuka-chan." Hikari hugged the redhead tightly.

"Me too, Hikari-chan." Asuka said as she pulled the brunette into a slow lingering kiss.

This naturally drew the attention of several people in the lounge of the airport terminal. Some had dropped-jaws, others were blushing. A couple even took pictures while a mother covered her childs eyes.

Oblivious to their reactions, Asuka moved away from Hikari and went to Shinji. She didn't hesitate as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. The young man returned the kiss with considerable enthusiasm pulling her in tight.

The thoughts on everyone who was watching were 'She's Bi? Damn they're lucky!'

Asuka boarded the plane with great reluctance as Shinji and Hikari just held each other, watching as the plane left the gate, taxied out to the runway, and took off back to Germany.

Hikari rested her head on Shinji's chest as he just held her tightly.

"Don't worry, Hikari-chan." Shinji said. "She promised she'd be back. And Asuka keeps her promises."

"I know, Shinji-kun. I just... miss her already." she said with some tears.

"I do to." he replied, kissing her forehead then slowly leading her back to their car.


Hikari yawned once more, wiping the sleep from her eyes. It had been a few days since Asuka had left and Hikari was just now getting back to normal. She was able to focus enough to see that it was almost lunch time.

She smiled.

"So? Were you up late again?" the pink-haired Ryoko asked as she scooted up next to Hikari.

Hikari gave her a smirk. "And what if I was?"

"I'd want details." she grinned.

"I'm afraid I'm no good at telling stories." Hikari feigned.

"Oh, pretty please?" the brown-haired Saki asked as she poked her head out from her cubicle.

"Not you too!" Hikari groaned.

"I have to admit we're all pretty curious about your mystery man." the raven-haired Aika said, towering over the young woman.

Off to the side, a fairly handsome man in a suit named Gai was just listening. For the longest time he had been wondering who it was that Hikari had been seeing ever since he... got delayed. Though to be honest, he had stood her up, figuring the young woman not really worth his time or effort. True she was pretty cute, but she wasn't the usual sort he preferred. The kind of woman he wanted had to be stacked, long-legged, with a small waist and shiny blond hair.

When Hikari came into work on Monday, Gai was shocked that she looked... happy? Even a little satisfied. He didn't think anything about it, especially when she didn't talk to him. Not even a glance in his direction.

A couple months later the rumors about Hikari were buzzing around the office about her and her mystery beau. The same one she had been seeing since after Gai had stood her up.

Hikari had managed to keep the whole thing a secret up until this point, as it seemed that she was about to crack.

Ryoko and the others had been on her for weeks and weeks. A girl could only take so much pressure.

"ALRIGHT!" Hikari shouted, causing everyone to jump. "It just so happens that he's coming by today to pick me up for lunch. I'd be happy to introduce you all."

The girls were giggling at this prospect. Gai was grinning.

Now we get to see if this guy is real or not.

"Excuse me." a voice behind him said.

Gai turned around and froze when he came face-to-face with a handsome young man with wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was a couple inches taller than himself, and carried himself quite well. He looked rather familiar too.

"Uh.. Can I help you?" Gai asked.

"I'm looking for Hikari Horaki." he said.

Gai froze once more. "Hikari? Uh... who's asking?"

"Her boyfriend." he replied casually.

This guy is... okay so she wasn't making it up. But who is this guy? I know I've seen him before.

"Sir?" the man asked Gai again.

"Oh, uh... she's right over... uh, I'm sorry. But... you look familiar to me. What's your name?"

Shinji regarded him strangely. Ever since the Angel Wars ended, Shinji's life had been a little difficult as he was something of a minor celebrity. Unlike Asuka Shinji managed to downplay his face and name in the public. Despite this, he still had to deal with the usual variety of cooky and crazy fans. He was sure he had Kensuke to thank for that.

"If I told you, would you believe me?" he said with a smirk and moved around the man, as he had just spotted Hikari.

Gai followed the blue-eyed young man as he walked over to Hikari and the other office girls, noting the blush on the young women, and the overjoyed look on Hikari's face.

"Shinji-kun!" Hikari cried as she threw herself into his arms.

He retaliated by hugging her back, spinning her around before setting her down, caressing her face and kissing her softly in full view of everyone in the office.

Ryoko was drop-jawed, Saki was blushing, and Aika was smiling widely.

And Gai... Gai's mind was doing somersaults on a mattress of confusion.

Who the hell is this guy? He thought. I know I've seen his face before. WHO IS HE?

"Shinji-kun, I'd like you to meet my office mates. This is Aika." she said, indicating the woman with long raven-dark hair.

"Hello." the older woman said with a nod.

"Saki." Hikari said, indicating the short brown-haired woman.

"Please to meet you." the girl blushed.

"And Ryoko." Hikari said, pointing to the pink-haired young woman.

"Do you have a brother?" she asked.

Shinji and Hikari laughed at that. "Actually, I begged my parents but they were too busy running NERV." Shinji said.

"Girls, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend." Hikari said, holding his hand affectionately. "This is Shinji Ikari."

All at once, the entire office stopped dead in their tracks. And all at once, after recovering, spoke in one voice.


"The Evangelion Pilot?"

"The Hero Of the Angel Wars?"

"The Third Child Himself?"

"He's Your Boyfriend?"




Questions fired one after the other, and immediately, Hikari regretted telling them his name. Shinji, on the other hand, just took it in stride.

"How did you get The Third Child to be your boyfriend?" Ryoko asked.

"Hikari and I used to go to school together. She was and still is best friends with my fellow pilot, Asuka Langley Sohryu." Shinji explained.

"The movie star?" Saki gasped.

"The super model?" Aika asked.

"Yes." Shinji answered.

"You knew two famous persons and you never told us?" Ryoko accused.

"You never asked." Hikari grinned sheepishly.

"We never suspected!" she shot back.

By this time, Gai was completely paralyzed. Not only was Hikari happily dating someone else after he had stood her up, but an international hero and celebrity to boot.

"Well, if you don't mind ladies, I promised my girl I'd take her to lunch today."

"And maybe a quickie." she giggled, which got her a blush from the others.

"Hikari-chan!" Shinji said firmly. "You know I never do anything quick." he said loud enough that the girls standing near him heard.

The girls were still swooning as Shinji lead Hikari out by the arm. Gai was left in stunned silence for the rest of the day.


It had been two days since Shinji's debut to Hikari's office co-workers and once more it was raining. Shinji had prepared a special meal for the pair. An Italian dish called fettuccini alfredo, with a nice white wine that Hikari seemed to like.

Shinji was putting the finishing touches on the table setting, lighting the newly bought candles that sat in the center of the table itself, when Hikari came out of the bedroom.

Shinji froze when he saw her.

The woman he loved was wearing a soft ivory evening dress. Nothing too fancy, but the dress itself hugged every curve. It was cut low in the back with slits up the sides, showing off her flawless legs to Shinji. The spaghetti straps over her smooth shoulders exposed enough of her skin that she was clearly not wearing a bra. Her hair was brushed out and down, only a lite hint of make-up was on her face.

Naturally, Shinji was shocked.

"Wha... wow... are you... what's the occasion?" he asked dumbly as he stared at her.

"It's our five month anniversary, Shinji-kun. I wanted to dress up for you." she smiled. Not that I plan on wearing it that long. She thought lecherously.

"I'm not sure I deserve it." Shinji smiled back.

"Yes, you do." she returned the smile.

Shinji pulled a white flower from the table and moved towards Hikari. She blushed as he placed the flower behind her ear.

"Now it's complete." he said before pulling the woman into his arms and kissed her passionately, the former class rep returning the kiss with equal passion.

They broke the kiss and Shinji pulled her chair out and ushered her to sit down in it.

The pair ate in romantic silence, feeding each other Italian and sipping from each others wine glass. In the soft glow of the candlelight Shinji reached over and gently caressed Hikari's blushing face. He brushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips. She pulled on the back of his head, pressing more of her mouth into his. Their kissing became inflamed to the point that Hikari was swept into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his head, his own were wrapped around her curved body.

He pulled her up and sat her rear end on the edge of the table, still holding her flush against him. His plate and silverware were pushed aside as their tongues got into the act. It only lasted a couple of minutes, before Hikari broke the kiss.

"Not here... the bed." Hikari panted with breathless anticipation.

Shinji nodded and stretched his hand back to snuff out the candles before lifting the shapely but petite girl into his arms and cradling her as he went.

Shinji reached the bedroom without struggle, gently setting his girl down on her feet and kissing her gently on the cheek. He touched her shoulders gently and slipped the straps over and off her smooth skin. The dress was a little tight on her, and Shinji had to pull it all the way down to her feet. Hikari was grateful that she hadn't bothered to wear a bra, her panties were a necessity as she didn't want to ruin her new dress.

Shinji's hands flowed over her skin as he stood up, kissing her stomach and chest, up to her shoulders and neck. Hikari gently returned the kiss and let her lips run on auto while her hands moved to remove his shirt. In slow minutes, Shinji was exposed to her.

"You're so beautiful, Shinji-kun." Hikari smiled.

"Flatterer." he said as he teasingly touched her lips.

"Make love to me, Shinji-kun. Please." she pleaded.

He didn't know why she felt she had to ask such a question, but he enjoyed that she did.

Shinji kissed her lips softly, wrapping his arms around her warm skin as she was laid out on the bed with her lover atop her. Hikari's hands trailed over his body, feeling all the muscles he had on display, earned from both the piloting of an Eva, and the regular activities they both had participated in. 'Beautiful' didn't seem strong enough a word to describe the young man who was being intimate with her in a way she never thought possible, yet always wanted.

So Hikari said nothing, and let her actions speak for her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust her tongue into his as her legs also wrapped around the young man's waist and legs, holding him tightly and securely. Her entire body shivered at being purely intimate with the man who owned her heart.

Shinji felt her firm embrace, the passion in her kiss, her increased breathing, and the shivering of her body.

She's ready. He thought as he tightened his own embrace and kissed her with equal passion.

Somehow he managed to untangle himself and move lower, taking her nipples into his mouth. The pleasure she felt caused her back to arch as her heart pounded so intently that Shinji could feel it through her body.

Realizing the pleasure she was experiencing, Shinji continued to administer his touch to the woman, leaning up to speak in her ear. "I can feel your heartbeat, Hikari-chan. It beats so hard, and I want it this way." he said to her.

"You ... do?" Hikari gasped.

"Yes." Shinji said as he lowered his head to kiss her belly button, kissing and licking around the skin, near her thighs where he could feel burgeoning heat. "I want you to feel pleasure, nothing else."

Shinji moved again, slowly drawing her panties down her legs. Hikari didn't stop him as she moaned with each gently touch he gave her. She felt his mouth upon her, and nearly shrieked as he inserted his tongue. Waves of pleasure and heat rose raced through her body, touching every nerve she had in a way she had become used to over the five months and more she had known him.

She came hard as a fierce sense of peace washed over her body once again. Only here, in this time, with him, did she finally feel complete.

Yes... complete... she thought. He is ready.

She felt him enter her, Shinji once again feeling the same tightness that he ha before. It was common for him to feel this. Only after their time would he be able to move a little freer. The innocence of virginity long gone, the pair were thrown into pleasure as Shinji began to thrust himself into her with enthusiastic gentleness. Hikari met his hips with her own, her eyes closed as she gave herself to the feelings of pure love making she received from him.

"Harder, Shinji-kun, harder." Hikari pleaded.

Shinji immediately complied with her command, thrusting harder into her body, pleasure slowly reaching it's breaking point as the pair finally cried out in unison their contentment.

It was hours later and the pair hadn't moved from their warm embrace. Shinji's arms wrapped around the young woman, Hikari's legs doing the same.

Shinji eventually opened his eyes as he just watched the sleeping young woman in his arms. He knew that this was right, and knew he wanted this for the rest of his life. He was about to say something when her eyes suddenly lifted open to see him.

"Hikari-chan." he whispered to her.

"Shinji-kun?" she whispered.

"Can you sit up? There's something I want to talk to you about."

Despite the words he spoke, Hikari wasn't afraid. She sat up with Shinji, not seeing his hand draw back from underneath his pillow.

"Hikari-chan. I'm not very good with speeches, so I'll just be honest." he said as the pair sat across from each other. "I love you. I want to be with you, give you pleasure and make you as happy as you have made me. To that end..." he said as he pulled a small box out from behind his back. "Hikari Horaki... will you marry me?" he asked as he opened the box to reveal a beautifully cut blue diamond ring.

Hikari gasped, tears forming quickly as wiped them away.

"Yes, Shinji-kun. Yes, I'll marry you!" she cried as the young man took the ring out and placed it on her ring finger. "You were planning this?" she asked as she looked at it.

"Yes." he said.

"I... I'm glad, Shinji-kun. Because I have a surprise for you."

"Really?" he asked in pleasant shock. "What is it?"

"I'm pregnant." she said simply.

Shinji froze, shocked at the fantastic irony of it all.

"Pregnant? And it's my... our..."


Shinji smiled as he pulled the young woman into a warm, tight embrace.

"I love you, Hikari-chan. And I will love our child as well." he said, kissing her forehead lightly.

Hikari buried her head into his shoulder and cried happily as she was held.

Outside the apartment, the soft patter of the first autumn rain signaled the start of the new life the pair were going to share.


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