by Gunman

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Shinji Ikari sighed as the sunlight danced upon his face, the wind whistling through his hair as he just laid back on the blanket.

He felt the air in his lungs suddenly leave him as a pair of energetic youths jumped on his stomach.

"OOMFF!!" he gasped suddenly.

"Daddy, daddy!" the girl shouted.

"Oh! What's wrong Sakura?" he asked the girl.

"Come play with us!" the brown-haired, blue-eyed girl cried.

"Oh, but I was taking a nap." Shinji groaned.

"Please, daddy!" the boy shouted.

"Can't Auntie Misato and Auntie Asuka play with you, Masaki?" he asked the boy.

"Forget it, baka." the redhead groaned as she approached him. "They wore us out, it's your turn!"

"Yeah, Shinji-kun. Besides, they're you're kids." the purple-haired woman said.

"Lazy as ever I see." Shinji groaned as he felt a pair of lips on his forehead.

"Come on, Shinji-kun. It's your turn." Maya said sweetly as she stroked her husband's hair.

"Outnumbered on all fronts. It's just not fair." he said with a smile and got up from his wife's lap, his two children pulling on his hands away from the blanket and the tree the group was sitting under.

While the three women watched Shinji play with his children, they couldn't help but smile.

"Something wrong, Asuka?" Misato asked.

"I still can't believe it's been five years." the redhead said.

"I know what you mean." Misato sighed. "Everything we've been through since Second Impact I can't believe we're here now, just laughing and playing with Shinji's children."

"That's another thing I can't believe. The baka's got kids!"

"Careful, Asuka-chan! His wife is right there." she teased.

"And his mother is right here!" a voice suddenly spoke from behind.

"AH!" Asuka jumped.

"Yui! You made it!" Maya chimed happily.

"I'm sorry I'm late. My lecture ran long." Yui Ikari said as sat down next to Maya.

"That's the problem with being the President of Tokyo-2 University, you have to go to every single meeting and lecture and ceremony around." Misato said.

"Hope I haven't missed anything important."

"Nah, but Shinji being lazy again." Asuka said.

"After everything he's been through, he deserves a break every once in a while." Misato said.

"Did Sempai come with you?" Maya asked.

"No." Yui said. "She's busy with Gendo."

"I can't believe you gave up your husband to Ritz." Misato said.

"After everything Gendo did, I don't consider him to be my husband." Yui stated.

"And what with the brain-washing that Ritsuko did to him, he doesn't even remember." Asuka smirked.


Confused a little? Allow me to explain.

When Unit 01 had exploded it's AT-Field to destroy the Eva-Series, it had also freed Yui Ikari from it's core, reforming her body inside the entry plug where Shinji was. When the internal camera came back on, it showed a naked and young-looking Yui Ikari sitting in her son's lap inside the plug. It was a good thing that both of them were unconscious, as Shinji would have freaked out from seeing his naked mother sitting in his lap.

Once Yui had woken up, she told Misato and the others everything that she knew, and everything that she had experienced inside of the Eva. She also explained that it was her fault that Maya got pregnant with Shinji's child. Having the pair trapped inside the Eva for a whole month, Yui got to know both of them quite intimately, and reasoned that Maya was the perfect choice for her new daughter-in-law.

Even though she had been pulled into the entry plug along with Shinji during the 14th Angel battle, Yui figured that Maya was a far better choice than Misato, or Asuka, or Ritsuko, or even Rei (the whole clone-thing made her rather upset at Gendo, though she didn't think the girl was bad she wasn't really accepting of her as her future daughter-in-law) Even if her opinion was rather biased since Maya was the only person she could get to know better than the others.

Yui and Maya actually got along very well, the older woman glad that Maya loved her son enough to want to have his children. Shinji and Maya never got upset at Yui for what she had done, seeing as how they were happier as a result of it.

Everything in NERV had been cleared up by the time Shinji and Maya's children were born, the NERV group cleared of all of SEELE's trumped up charges and given generous pensions for their service during the Angel Wars. This left the pair all the time in the world to give to their kids. There were naturally a few rough and tiring moments, but the pair were fortunate to have Grandma Yui, Godmother Misato and Auntie Asuka there to help. Auntie Rei and her sisters were also there to help, though the clones mostly stayed within the Geofront, keeping it well-maintained in the event of any future need for it.

Though whenever the children found PenPen they squeezed the stuffings out of him. The warm-water penguin took to avoiding the children out of fear of being fondled like a stuffed toy.

After the scandal of both Gendo and SEELE's attempt to trigger Third Impact was over, and the UN launching a full investigation to arrest the secret society once the Magi were able to locate them, the group had settled into more peaceful lives.

Shinji became a co-owner/cook in a restaurant along with Hikari Horaki while still receiving a government pension for his service to NERV.

Maya started working for a computer support and repair company called Geek Squad. While she did get teased a little for being a 'geek' she was able to make all ends meet by only working half a week.

Yui got a job teaching at Tokyo-2 University, which eventually lead to her becoming President of the University.

Misato was living off her government pension for her service during the Angel Wars and was enjoying her early retirement.

Asuka was the same way, though she had written a couple books about her life, which many took to being fictional stories. Though she was upset at this, the money she got from the sales made her hold her tongue.

Rei had changed from an emotionless doll to a very loving and social person. She had actually got a job as the new Director of the Geofront, managing it for the UN while the Rei-clones took care of the base. (This also included Kaworu who was 'kept on ice' for future use)

Ritsuko, for her part in Gendo's plot, but also for her part in preventing Third Impact, was placed under part-time house arrest. (Half the week she could leave the Geofront, half the week she had to stay in the Geofront) She was given access to various resources to continue her work on cellular regeneration, as well as computer work, which had netted her several lucrative medical contracts, and was allowed to keep Gendo as a pet and personal servant/sex toy.

Sakura and Masaki, now four years old, were two bundles of mischief and energy that everyone loved wholeheartedly. Sakura looked more like her father Shinji, while Masaki looked more like his mother Maya. (Hence the S-name for the girl and M-name for the boy)


Maya just looked down at her husband playing with her children and couldn't help but smile. Her life was truly unexpected, but she wouldn't have traded any of it, the good or the bad, for anything in the world.

"Maya?" Yui suddenly asked.

"Yes?" Maya replied.

"You have told him, haven't you?" she asked, looking at her son.

"I don't have to. Shinji and I know what the other is thinking. He's known for a while." she smiled.

"Told him? Told him what?" Misato asked.

Maya just smiled as Yui pointed to the younger woman's stomach.

Misato's and Asuka's jaw dropped wide open.

"You mean..." Asuka started to ask.

"Maya's is..." Misato started to say.

"Yes. And this time, by actually having sex." Yui said, causing the younger woman to blush.

"That's wonderful!" Misato gushed.

"Congratulations!" Asuka said.

"Thank you." Maya beamed.

"So, Maya?" Misato asked.


"Be honest." Misato said with a catty grin. "How was he?"

Maya smiled back at the woman. "He was better than Kaji."

"WHAT?!" Misato and Asuka shouted in shock.

"Oh boy." Yui groaned, knowing where this was going.


"YOU SLEPT WITH KAJI?!" Asuka shouted.

"No." Maya said simply, a huge smile on her face.

"Huh?" the pair replied in unison.

"But you said..." Asuka started to say.

"I said Shinji was better than Kaji. Since I never slept with Kaji I can honestly say that Shinji is better." she smirked.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRR!! LET ME AT HER! I'M GONNA KILL HER!!" Asuka shouted as he lunged for the woman.

"Absolutely Not! That's My Grandchild In There!" Yui shouted, having intercepted and was now grappling with the redhead.

"Wait a minute... so how did Yui know?" Misato asked Maya while the other pair wrestled.

"Yui was the one who connected Shinji-kun and me to each other. That also means she knows what we're thinking and feeling. But only when she's close to us, which is a good thing whenever we get... romantic." she said with a blush.

Misato just smiled, though feeling a little jealous of the younger woman, and for obvious reasons.

From his place down near the lake, Shinji looked up and smiled at his family.

His wife Maya, who loved him with all her heart.

His mother Yui, who was back in his life.

His guardian Misato, godmother to his children.

His sister Asuka, who was as fiery as the day they had met.

And Rei, who had become like his other sister and the person he knew she could be.

Turning back to his children, Shinji just smiled at seeing how they completed the picture. Though it was a picture that would change soon, another addition soon to be included.

While Shinji could honestly say that it was unexpected, he welcomed it like every other good thing in his life. And to be honest, these were the only good things in his life.


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