In the deep, deep tunnels under the Notre dame Cathedral a group of monks and priests stood in a circle with a bonfire in the center, with out worried of the need of oxygen because of the conditioned air on the corners of the room. They were reciting a slow incantation in a small rhythm and in unison.

"Pater Noster,

Qui es in caelis, santificetur

Nomen tuum. Fiat Voluntas tua,

Sicut in caelo, et in terra.

Panem nostrum quotidianum

Da nobis hodie. Et dimitte nobis

Debita nostra,

Sicut et nos dimittimus

Debitoribus nostris.

Et ne nos inducas in tetationem,

Sed libera nos a malo


To any man who, if by any luck, heard the oration would have heard a babble of words. The words were in Latin and even then if someone understood he would just come upon a normal Christian oration but there were meanings and secrets hidden behind those words, or rather behind the person's mind.

Depending on who's the father, what is temptation and what evil is, then the words have different powers in different points of view.

The monks and priests, equal in the circle ended the oration and with their preys unconsciously taking effect they allowed the masters stay in the circle as the others rose into their chambers. The Masters sat in a smaller circle with only seven men left.

"They know the truth but we can only use the girl. The boy is too young even tough it would be faster." One of the seven said.

"God has spoken. He came yesterday to me in a vision. The lineage must continue by the end of this year and we must take care of his son. We must teach him well the religion he has been lied about." Another said. A younger man in the circle, obviously the younger candidate and Master was shocked at what he was hearing.

"But elder master, are you implying that we force this girl? She already has a relationship. Shouldn't we wait? Doing something like this would be inhuman." He said.

"It is true young one but if god asks for it the it's okay. Now, all the preparations have been made. A few men should be ready but to complete the ceremony we need a very gracious item that was ripped from the church several years back." A man said.

"Do you mean the cup?" A man said and the one from before nodded.

"If I am correct, as the young one said, the girl has already a relationship who happens to be the curator of the museum. This is an art museum, true, but in the basement relies the very cup which I'm sure he'll be more than glad to give up if we offer the girl back, which we'll never do but he does not know that." The man said and the youngest didn't say anything but nod like his other companions.

"When do we strike great master?" A man asked. The eldest who had been quiet the whole time looked up.

"Today." He said.