The Politics of love

It had been a simple arrangement made my both sand and leaf. The peace among the two was stable enough but like every leader knows the stronger the allies the more trustworthy they would be in battle. Unfortunately Naruto didn't think that way nor would he ever truly understand the minds of leaders. All he understood at the moment was that he was to be married to a sand nin, and with luck have a child with her to cement the bonds of truce for good.

The blond ninja sat lazily in a tree trying hard not to think about what was to happen to his life in only a few days. He was nineteen years old now, certainly not to young to be married, but having it out of no will of his own left a sour taste in his mouth. Why they had chosen him was still a mystery to him as well as many of his friends. The Hokage and the leader of the sand knew and both were very reluctant to give anything up.

His blue eyes slowly shifted to the leaves that surrounded him, his eyes lazily traced the web like venation of the plant. How simple he thought it would be to be a tree not having to worry about marriage or children. Well in a way they did have children he found out after Sakura bored him for two hours about plants and the difference of the male and female sort. He would have loved to just stay in that tree and never leave, knowing that his only worry was falling asleep and falling to the ground. But like the saying goes good things can never last.

One thing was good at least he wasn't marring a total stranger he knew who she was, a pretty girl a little hot headed at times which might prove difficult since he wasn't known to back down in a fight either. Yawing loudly he jumped down from his perch and headed into town dragging his feet in the dry soil kicking up dust all the while. He stopped when he saw Iruka sitting down on a tall stool eating ramen. When his former teacher caught his eye he signaled him to come and sit.

"So you getting nervous yet?" he asked.

"I don't really know how I feel right now, nervous, scared, excited. All I know is that a bowl of ramen would make me feel a lot better right now," Naruto said smiling widely.

Iruka only smiled back happy to see that even now Naruto still could joke.

When the ramen came Naruto found his mind was swimming too much to concentrate on eating and the noodles soon became cold. His mind snapped back to reality when he felt a gentle hand resting on his shoulder, he looked over to see Iruka looking at him.

"I'm sorry that you had to be dragged into the politics of keeping peace with the sand, but I believe in time you will find happiness."

Naruto looked down into his ramen avoiding Iruka's eyes absently swirling his chop sticks in the bowl. "You think so?"

"Well I don't know much about love but my only advice is to be honest, that's your most powerful tool to unlock a heart or gain forgiveness."

"Thank you, I'll remember that."

The next few days passed by quickly leaving Naruto wondering where the time had gone. He always found it strange that time can go so fast like a running deer leavening you behind desperately running to keep up. He wanted to get it over with and stop wondering what it was going to be like sharing his home and more importantly his life with someone. The day before he was to be web Sakura had come over and helped him clean and get set up clearing out old things and making room for another person.

"Man I never thought you would ever get married," Sakura laughed as she threw yet another ramen cup into the garbage.

"Well I didn't really have a choice, but ya it will be different," He closed the cupboard door slowly, the smile on his face melting away.

Sakura immediately noticed his change in attitude, "Don't worry Temari is a nice girl I'm sure everything will be fine. And if things go horribly bad you can always split up."

Naruto just smiled back and nodded his head in agreement, but he still did not feel reassured. Every one said it would be alright but he still didn't know what to think or believe. If this failed miserably he would let down not only Temari but also his village.

Naruto met Temari the next day along with her brothers; He was dressed up adding to his already uncomfortable state, he constantly rubbed at his brow forgetting that he didn't have his forehead protector on. He was relieved when he saw that Temari also looked a little nervous. They both signed the papers that officially made they husband and wife in silence the only sound was the pen scrapping along the paper. Next was to place the ring on her finger. His hand shook violently as he tried to place the simple silver band on her surprisingly delicate finger. He almost jumped back when Temari placed her hand upon his to help steady him. His eyes shot up to meet hers, he was happy to see no sign of annoyance on her face, only humor laced with compassion. Taking a breath he slid the ring on.Shit if I can't even put a ring on her finger without almost freaking out how the hell will I be able to live with her!

With ease Temari placed his ring on his finger letting her hand linger oh his for a moment before letting go.

Gaara and Kankuro bid there sister farewell whispering something to her so softly that Naruto could not hear. Whatever it was it caused Temari to smile. The new couple did not linger long after all was said and done. Naruto led her to his small home, trying to make conversation to ease the tension between the two as they walked. The closer they got to his home the more he felt like vomiting.

He was not the smartest to say the least but he defiantly knew what usually happened on the wedding night and it was causing him to feel ill. Are we going to do that tonight or will she freak on me if I try something? Has she done it before will I look like a total jackass since I'm new to this whole thing. As he was silently flipping out in his mind he didn't even notice that he was already at his house. Little did he know that Temari was feeling the same way. She knew that eventually they would need to conceive a child but should they wait or just get the whole thing over with like ripping off a bandage. She had to admit that the usually annoying blond ninja was not as childish as she remembered, and when she saw that he had grown taller then her a weight was lifted off of her shoulders. She was also surprised that he had not only grown in height but also in total appearance, his shoulders were much broader along with a defined chest. True she was older but that didn't matter much, hopefully she would be able to put up with his still childish ways when they did occur. Setting down her bags and fan she watched as Naruto fumbled with the keys to his home. He opened the door and remembered to let her go first a little hint Jiraiya had taught him on how to score points with a woman.

"Umm well this is my home, well I guess your home now to I've cleared out space in my closet for your things, and umm would you like a tour or something?" He muttered off.

Temari smiled back, "Relax ok, I'm not going to attack you or anything. I just want to know where your shower is so I can clean up."

Naruto pointed to the small door that led to his only bathroom, "Would you like me to put some of your things away for you?"

"Sure thanks," Temari replied stepping into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Naruto stood for a long moment before the sound of the running water reminded him of what he needed to do. He dragged her bag to his room and opened it up, he placed her things away, finding that he was a little more relaxed then before until he reached in and pulled out a pare of her underwear. A deep red colored his face within seconds and he quickly grabbed all of her undergarments shoving them messily into the bottom drawer.

He walked back to the living room trying to find something to distract his mind. He looked outside and saw that it was almost night. The shadows of the people walking on the streets were long as if trying to escape from there owners. Naruto was starting to get that nervous feeling again, when he heard the shower turn off and the door open.

"What you looking at?" Temari asked.

"Oh noth…" his voice trailed off when he turned around to see Temari dressed only in a towel. "…ing" he managed to say after staring wide eyed at her.

She just looked back on him curiously, "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No, no, not at all," He stuttered managing to find his voice again.

She just smiled back walking to his room closing the door; he listened as he heard the rustle of clothing. He placed his hand on the left side of his chest and felt his heart beating wildly against his ribs.

Deciding that it was to hot in his small home he opened up a window letting in the cool air that smelt strongly of rain.

"I've only smelt that one other time in my life," Temari said walking up to stand beside him.

"Smelt what?"

"The rain, in the sand country it never rains," He watched as she took in a deep breath closing her eyes tightly.

He couldn't help but admire how beautiful she looked right now, dressed in her sleeping cloths with the pale dieing sun lighting her face as she enjoyed the wonders of nature that many took for granted.

The night was spent talking about nothing much in particular every conversation ended in an uncomfortable silence that hung thick in the air, leaving both to try and think of some random subject to bring up that would allow them to talk more then just a few minutes.

"Its strange isn't it," Temari blurted out after yet another long silence. When Naruto only responded with a confused stare she continued. "That as ninjas we are considered the most respected members of the village yet we are treated like mere cattle."

"Cattle? How do you figure that?" Naruto asked, interested in where this conversation was headed.

Temari snorted loudly, "You mean you haven't figured it out yet? We didn't get married to only strengthen our villages bonds but to also be used to create a stronger blood line."

Naruto furrowed his brow for a second trying to make sense of her words, "So we are basically being bred for our powers and abilities."

"You got it, would you have agreed to this if you knew that was one of the main reasons. That's why they kept telling us it was for the good of the alliance so we wouldn't back out, but I could see threw that bull shit any day."

Naruto only looked down, he felt cheated in a way by his own village.

"Well I'm going to go to bed," Temari said seeing that Naruto was deep in his own thoughts.

He only looked up again when he heard rain hitting the window loudly. His fingers traced the path the water drops took as they traveled down the glass fog being left when his hot breath made contact with the cold surface. Unwillingly he dragged his feet across the cold wood floor to the bathroom. He changed out of his cloths, staying only in his undershirt and boxers. He walked into his room and saw that Temari was already asleep in his bed her breathing so soft it could hardly be heard over the rain pounding on the window. As he was about to walk out and get settled on the couch for the night a hand reached out and grabbed him. He looked down and saw Temari looking up at him.

"You don't have to sleep on the couch, we are married now if you don't get used to this now you never will."

Naruto hesitantly slid under the blanket shivering when the cold sheets touched his skin. He hated getting into a cold bed, when he was younger he would stay still and count to 100 and by the time he reach the number he was warm. He sucked in air threw his teeth trying to fight off the cold feeling, he could feel heat radiating off of Temari but dared not move closer to her.

"I have a answer to your question you asked earlier," Naruto whispered, feeling a little rude in breaking the silence.

Temari rolled over and looked at him, "What question?"

"About if I would have still agreed to marry you even if I knew it was only to produce heirs."


Naruto turned his head and for the first time that day looked directly into her eyes, "Yes."

Temari seemed taken back by his response, was he trying to be nice or something.

"Why?" she finally asked letting her curiosity get the better of her.

Naruto looked back up at the ceiling, "All my life I never had a family, and I guess in a way I have one now with you."

He felt her hand brush against his left cheek, urging him lightly to turn his head back to face her. As soon as his face was turned soft lips met with his. At first he didn't know what to do he just laid there wide eyed. But slowly he closed his eyes and clumsily kissed her back.

He felt her mouth curl into a smile against his own when he tried to deepen the kiss all the while not knowing what the hell he was doing. He bumped teeth with her by accident.

"Sorry," he whispered trying to hide the blush on his face.

Temari kissed him lightly again letting him know it was alright. She had expected Naruto to be nothing like this. He was not the yappy short ninja she knew. This Naruto before her seemed unreadable and strange, yet in the back of her mind he was exactly as she had expected him to be, a lonely boy wishing for the same thing she had always secretly wanted, a family all of her own.