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Just Bite Me

Part 1

Another ordinary day, students crammed the hallways, and May was lost inside them all. School had become something she loathed, not to mention despised. Wait, same thing, but anyone could tell that May didn't fit it. Not only did she not fit in, but also no one noticed her. Really, hardly anyone knew her name, especially not Drew. Each day she passed by him at his locker, tons of giggling girls twirling their hair in front of him. All he did was smile, and every single one of them melted on the spot. Sure he was cute, fine he was gorgeous. Everyone knew about him; he wasn't on any sports, but it looked like he was on all of them. His sleek, and combed green hair added to his amazing looks.

"May! May, wait up!"

She rolled her eyes. If someone thought her to be pathetic, wait until they met Dana. She was even quieter, and more shy than May was. Her round glasses and freckles, along with frizzy hair, made her an instant target for teasing. They had become friends just from the sheer fact that neither of them had any. One day, Dana had been tripped and all of her books had spilled across the floor. Everyone stood laughing, and pointing while she tried to pick them all up. May knew deep down inside that she had to help her; if it were her in that situation, she would have wanted the help too. So May bent down, and helped pick up Dana's books. The crowd fell silent; basically they were in awe, because some girl had helped the nerd-ess.


She stopped and turned around.

"Hey Dana," May answered carelessly.

"What's the matter? You seem so sad lately."

"Oh, the usual. Life bites, and I hate school."

Dana gave her a sympathetic look, and nodded. They turned the corner; unfortunately they had crossed into forbidden territory. The mass of blonde hair and tight preppy clothes was too overwhelming.

"Um, May, maybe we should go a different way?"

Dana was clearly scared; how could she not be, if they had passed them, she would surely be picked on. But for some reason, May had just had enough, enough of these girls who ruled her life.

"No Dana. Just because they are here, doesn't mean we can't be too."

May was confident and she hadn't felt that in a long time. Dana just gulped and followed her friend obediently. The group of girls laughed with a high pitch that made May and Dana wince. It was so bad, that Dana had to put her hands over her ears. Just like Dana had predicted, the girl's attention was now on them. And that wasn't even the worst part, because from the middle of the group, emerged god-like Drew, and May's confidence disappeared into nothing. Once again, she was the quiet girl, the one no one took any care to notice. She was invisible.

How ironic, because the girls just swept her away like a rag, and crowded around Dana. May wanted to go help her friend, but she saw Drew looking in on the scene, somewhat amused. But he wasn't smiling, and yet he wasn't angry that it was happening. There was no way she could even get her feet to move, so she just stood and watched like Drew.

"Oh lookie here what we've got! It's little Dana!"

"Are you scared to death of us?"

"Did we do anything to you? Oh we are so extremely sorry!"

Every girl started to laugh again when their leader said that. Her name was Haley, and she was down right perfect. Her blonde curls seemed groomed to perfection, she must have spent loads of time doing her hair. Her face was as pure as a baby's; there was no trace of acne, previous, or in the future. And of course, no one could forget her perfect figure.

"I'll just be going now…" Dana said quietly.

The girls didn't seem to hear her.

"Oh, would you look at this?"

"I know! It's like someone fried her!"

"Stop touching her hair! It could spread!"

Suddenly from this remark, the girls stepped back, as if afraid of catching some kind of frizzy hair virus. May smiled weakly to herself, at least they stopped bugging her. May's eyes moved across the group to him, she didn't know why she did it. His emerald eyes burned into hers and when that happened, her pulse quickened to an unimaginable speed. Within less than a second, her smile disappeared. Somehow it was her way out of the situation, because Drew looked away. She was invisible again. May sighed with relief. The group of girls once again circled their guy, and his vibrant hair was gone amid the blonde mass again. It took them forever to pass by, and when they did, did she realized something.

He had smiled at her.

With this sudden realization, her heart wounded up inside her, and a pure smile spread across her face. Dana snapped her fingers almost five times, until she finally caught May's attention again.

"Hello? Are you there? What are you so happy about all of a sudden? Did you not just see me almost die at their hands… HELLO? Are you even listening to me?"

"What? OH, yeah sorry Dana."

"That's it? Sorry? You still haven't answered my question."

"What question?" May asked as if she had no knowledge of was just spoken to her.

Dana rolled her eyes and sighed.

"I asked you why you were so happy all of a sudden?"

May's cheeks turned bright red on the spot, and so she matched her red outfit nicely. She began to look around as if someone was going to come and get her. Then she started to fidget with her fingers and look down. Dana couldn't believe it.

"No… don't even tell me. It's that guy, isn't it? Drew?"

May looked up into Dana's eyes, and nodded solemnly.

"Oh great. Boy do we have a problem now! May, you know he would never even care about you. Sorry to be so blunt."

For a girl who was constantly picked on, when she wasn't near anyone that posed a threat, she was really powerful with her words.

"I know… but I just can't help it."

Dana sighed knowingly. They walked on when they passed by a huge poster on the wall. May's hopes had diminished even more. Dana read the colorful and bolded words and smiled.

"I know! We're going to do this!"

May's eyes widened.


"You heard me! We are going to go to the dance tomorrow. And you're going to have fun!"

She just shook her head in pure shock, and her opened mouth followed suite. May gaped at her friend with a newfound admiration.

"What do you mean we are going?"

"I'm not going to be picked on constantly May. I think this dance will give us a way of rebirth. So what do you say?"

May looked back to the poster.

'Everyone, come one, come all, to this years Halloween Costume Dance! Tons of food, fun and music! Admission is free with your school I.D. Surprise at the end of the night! Don't miss out, or you will regret it! See you there!'

Her thoughts wandered around crazily. Drew would be there… but so would his fan club. Then again, what harm could it do to her? Dana was willing to take the risk and go. She, on the other hand, was invisible to everyone. No one would care if she was there. Dana placed a hand on her shoulder, and gave her a wide smile. Her eyebrows cocked up in hope, and May's heart just couldn't say no to her friend.

"Alright, I'll go with you."

Dana squealed in delight, and hugged her friend tightly. May tried to pull away, and finally Dana let go. A bell sounded through out the halls, and the announcement system turned on.

"Students, it is now nearing four o'clock, and it is Friday, so that means it is the end of the school week. We hope you all have a great weekend, and we invite you to the dance tomorrow! Hope to see you there!"

May heard a click, and saw that the students were now barely in the halls.

"SO, what are you going to wear?" Dana asked curiously.

She sounded really happy. It was odd to May, but it was a nice change.

"Um, I don't know?"

May sounded just as careless as before, and this time Dana was the one who rolled her eyes. They pushed the school doors open, and they were now out in the brightness of the sunlight. Across the street just happened to be a mall. How convenient.

"Well then, we so have to go get you something!"

"Are you serious?"

Dana gave her a wicked smile, and May knew that there was no way she would get out of this.


They had probably gone through about ten stores, she had already lost count, and nothing. There wasn't anything that had costumes, or anything that fit Dana's mindset for her.

"Can we just forget about this Dana? I'm so tired, I just want to go home."

"Come on May! Where's the shopping spirit in you? Look, there's a store up ahead. I'll make a deal with you. Just that one store, and if there's nothing there, then I promise we can go home."

May took a deep breath in, and she nodded. As they neared the store, Dana just got this feeling that this was it. It didn't take a feeling for May however. As they walked in, a huge sign saying 'Costumes Galore' towered above them. Dark was the only word for it. The store didn't have too much light, and most of the racks were covered in black clothing. May didn't like the feeling she was getting.

"Um, Dana, I don't think we're going to find anything here…"

"Oh! That's perfect!"

May rolled her eyes. Obviously she was even invisible to her only friend. She followed her voice, and finally found her in the back of the store. There was a dimly lit sign that said 'Juniors-Girls'. Dana was holding up a raggedy black and white dress.

"So what do you think?"

"I don't like it," she stated blankly.

"Not for you, for me!"

"Oh," she seemed sort of shocked, "I guess for you that would be… just great!"

"Really? Oh, I'm so happy you think so! It's says on here… 'Bride of Frankenstein'! Wait, that would mean I need white hair…"

She looked around on the wall, and squealed in delight.

"May! Look! They've even got wigs and hair dye!"

"Oh goodie…"

Dana left her as she went to go look at the display on the wall. May sighed and finally decided she should at least try to find something. She looked through the racks aimlessly until she bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry."

"Not a problem."

The guy turned around, and he seemed to be either finishing college, or just graduated from it. His dark hair, and dark clothes sent chills up her spine. He smiled at her, and then she realized that he was wearing a nametag.

"Oh, sorry then Mark."

"Seriously, it's no problem. Are you finding everything alright?"

"No. I guess I'm just not in the mood for a costume dance."

"Costume dance you say? Hmm…"

He looked her down and up. This made her somewhat uncomfortable. Finally he came to a conclusion, and walked off. She sighed with relief, but her insides tightened when she saw him return. In his hands he had a costume.

"How about this? I think you'd look great in it."

He smiled at her, and she just took the dress from him, and walked away without even saying thanks. She just wanted to get something and get out of there fast. Where in the world was Dana? May found herself buried in row of clothes, so she decided to stop and take a look at what was in her hands.

When she read the tag, she was taken aback. It read, 'Dark Angel'. The black dress didn't have any straps to it, and the ends looked like they were torn at. Attached to the back was a pair of torn silver wings. The more she looked at it, the more appealing it became to her. Finally she put the dress up to herself, and saw that it came down just above her mid-thigh.

"May! There you are!"

"Where were you Dana?"

"Oh, I was having this talk with the guy that works here."


"Yeah! How did you know?"

"I've met him just recently. Look what he gave me!"

Dana took the dress into her hands and examined it bursting with ecstatic joy. May knew what she was thinking.

"Don't tell me you think this is just perfect!"

"How'd you guess?"

"Oh come on! Next thing you're going to tell me is that you got me hair dye to match!"

Dana looked at her bag slyly, and May's eyes just popped out of her head.

"No way! Tell me you didn't!"

"I did! But May, you would look so good with black hair!"

"Black hair! OH NO. All I did was agree to go to this stupid dance with you, and now you want me to change my hair color?"

"No silly, it's only temporary! It won't hurt you know!"

They had made their way to the register, and while May was busy getting angry at her, she hadn't realized that the ding on the cash register meant her purchase had been made.

"Here you go. Have fun!"

May whipped her head around to see Mark staring at her with that weird smile again. The chills went down her spine again, and she just took the bag and ran out the door. She saw Dana coming out of there with a slow walk, and a smile on her face.

"You know, that guy Mark isn't so bad! He just told me that his costumes are like magic!"


"Yeah! Isn't this going to be fun?"

"Dana! I swear, I don't even know you anymore!"

She smiled gleefully as they walked home.

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