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Part 3

Her head was spinning, and she didn't know where she was. She squinted her eyes as the morning sun came in through the windows. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt her. She shook her head, and wiped away the hair that was clinging to her face. It was brown again.

"Good to see you wake up. Do you know what time it is?"

"Huh? Oh Dana! What happened?"

"It was a bit weird. I found you outside the school, just lying there on the grass, with this wide smile on your face. I'd like to ask you what happened."

May scratched her head. What really had happened? All she remembered was going to the school dance, and then, dancing with a guy… She gasped when it all came back to her. Dana just looked at her, and the look she gave May, it was like a question mark was on her face.

"So? What happened?"

Immediately May reached up to her neck. Her heart raced madly as she did so, but when her fingers touched her skin, there were no bite marks.

"Where's a mirror?"

Dana just shook her head watching her friend act like this.

"Over there… don't know why you need it though, you look fine."

May slowly stepped up to the mirror and almost stumbled backwards when she actually saw herself in the mirror. There was her reflection, just like she had always seen it. Her hair was brown, and somehow she was in her old red clothes again. She turned to Dana and gave her a huge hug.

"Dana! I'm normal again!"

She pushed May back, or she risked not being able to breathe.

"What on earth do you mean?"


May considered what she was going to say. Could she really tell her what happened? Would she even believe it?


"I guess I must have had too much punch or something. It was really hot in there. Must have passed out or something."

May tried her hardest to look like she wasn't lying. It worked.

"Well, I'm just glad I found you. I took you here; I didn't think your mom would have liked to see you so, um, dark if you know what I mean."

May shivered at the thought, and at that moment it was like she heard his whispers again. Then the thought struck her.

"Dana! What did you do with my dress?"

"Oh, I went this morning to go return it, my dress too. Could you believe me yesterday? I swear to you, it was like I didn't know why I did the things I did!"

"Really? No way!"

"Yeah, but get this. When I went to the mall, the store wasn't there anymore!"

May's eyes popped out. This was now way too freaky.

"So, what did you do?"

"I threw mine out. I didn't know if you actually still wanted yours, so I put it on the chair over there."

She didn't want to turn around and face it, but she had to. There it was, her beautifully dark, black, torn at dress with its silvery wings. For a moment, she desperately wanted to put it back on herself, and find her vampire.

"I really don't think you should keep it May. I don't know how, but I think that what Mark said might have been true. I'll throw it out for you; you should go freshen yourself up."

As Dana picked up the dress, May reached out for it, but was too late. Her friend already had it, and was on her way to go throw it out. Sadness tugged at her heart, but she realized something. Last night had changed her, even if she didn't have the dress on; she was a different person now. Maybe not as wild as she was with Drew, but her personality had changed. Just because she was different, because she took risks, she might have had the best night of her life. She was going to stay that way.

"I'm back, and the dress is gone! You want something to eat? It's close to lunch now."

"Lunch? I slept that long?"

"Yeah, it was really funny watching you drool!"

May threw a pillow at her, but Dana dodged it and laughed.


Drew shook his head. What had happened?

Oh yeah.

He quickly jumped off of his bed, and ran to the mirror. There was a sigh of relief. In the mirror was himself, with his messy green hair, and no fangs. Everything seemed to be all right then, he would just go find his dream girl and… No! He smacked him forehead. He didn't even know who she was! Wait… she said her name was… what was it…


He shivered as he heard the very distant echo. Oh right, her name was May. But sadly, he had no clue who she was in school, and finding her would be another grand task.


"Mom! I'm home!"

She walked into the kitchen and found her mom making her some dinner. She smiled enthusiastically.

"Oh May! You were gone so long! Did you and Dana have fun?"

May thought back to the previous night and smiled.

"We sure did mom, we sure did! Where's Max?"

Her mother sighed and shook her head.

"He won't come out of his room. Yesterday, he said he saw this dark angel thing, and then he said that he had a nightmare about her. He just won't budge, nothing I say works. Could you go up and see if you can get him to come down and eat?"

"Sure. I'll try."

As May was walking up the stairs, a memory had come back to her. It was something about flying. She widened her eyes right before she knocked on her brothers room. Could she have really done all that? It wasn't possible though… and besides, she wasn't a vampire. May chuckled to herself for being so stupid, it must have been a dream or something, but she knew that first kiss had been real.

"Max? Max, open up, it's me, May."

"Go away!"

"Max, I just want to talk to you. Can you please open the door?"

She heard shuffling inside the room, and he finally showed up in the door. Inside, she saw that he had made a tent out of his bed for protection.

"Come in May, you never know when they will come back!"

He grabbed her into the tent, and began to talk to her.

"It was unbelievable May! After you left, I saw this angel… but she was all black and scary! Then at night, she came back, but with a guy! They had fangs May! Oh it was so scary, I thought they would bite me!"

She laughed. She remembered Drew saying that they should go taunt her brother. Wait, what on earth was she saying? It did not happen. Max looked hurt at her laughter.

"I'm sorry Max, but you see… it's just not real. Trust me. And I'll always be here to help and protect you. I'm your big sister, I won't let anything happen to you."

Max gave his sister a wide grin and a huge hug.

"Thanks May."

They heard his stomach growl, and they laughed.

"Maybe we should go get you something to eat?"

"Yeah, I'm starving!"


Everyone was outside of the school, waiting for it to start. All of the groups gathered around with each other, talking still of the great fun they had at the dance those couple of days ago. Drew wore a black sweatshirt, with a hood over his head. He didn't want to be spotted by Haley and her crew. Surely she would likely beat him up over what he had said to her at the dance. But as he scanned the crowds, that wasn't his priority. He desperately looked everywhere to see if he could spot May. As the many people passed by him, all he did was look for black. No luck.

May and Dana were on their way to school. May sighed. She wondered what Drew would do. Would he even recognize her without her black hair? Desperately, she looked for him everywhere, but no luck. She didn't see green hair anywhere.

"May, do you think I'll still be like I was before the dance?"

She looked over her friend, and observed her looks. Dana looked exactly like she did at he dance, except for her black and white hair and her freckles. Those were gone, maybe permanently. Her face looked softer, and she was wearing her contacts.

"No way Dana. You look so different, I would say even better than Haley!"

Dana let out a laugh.

"Yeah right, the day I look better than Haley is the day she dies of old age!"

The two girls laughed, but stopped abruptly when a guy bumped into them as he was passing. Dana got furious and yelled to the guys back.

"Hey! Watch it jerk! We were walking here if you didn't know!"

The guy was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and he didn't seem to care at all. May sighed. Where on earth wad Drew?

"Oh look who it is again! Ms. Dana, how do you do! Oh, and that person you're always with."

May felt a spark of anger rise in her chest. Her fists became clenched, along with her teeth. It was her highness Haley, and shockingly, she had died her hair… black! It looked completely horrible on her.

"Didn't see you two at the dance. Such a shame, but maybe it's better. Losers aren't allowed in you know."

"So then how did you get in?"

Dana smiled broadly at her remark as the group of girls surrounding their leader chuckled softly. Haley gave them a stern look, and the laughter ceased.

"Still... you two would never be noticed. I can't believe I even bother to tease you!"

May had had enough. She stepped right up to her, with no fear at all. Haley just raised her eyebrow at this curious attempt from Ms. Invisible.

"For your information, we were noticed. We were there, and I just happen to know someone who likes me more than you!"

Haley completely got a kick out of this. It was hilarious, this girl, who no one even cared about, liked her more than the great Haley? May just smirked.

"You know, don't you? Oh, poor thing! You must have gotten amnesia! Sorry you had to go through a traumatizing experience like that! Getting dumped by Drew for a mere, unnoticeable person like me!"

Everyone stood there silenced. Haley's black hair seemed to turn gray.


That was all she could say.

"Yes. That girl was me. Remember now?"

Haley shook her head.

"NO…. no… it wasn't you! It couldn't be!"

"Oh it was," May crept closer to her, "and don't worry. I'll tell Drew what you think of me. And I'll be sure to tell my goons to go after you. Us dark people, we have tons of friends you don't even know about. But you know what? I'll give you a five second head start! GO!"

May barked the order, and Haley completely freaked. She ran away screaming into the street. Dana and May were laughing so hard, but their laughter died. The screaming figure stopped screaming as a car came to a screeching halt. Broken glass shattered everywhere, and Haley's limp body laid there, face down in the street among it. Drew turned around at the sound, and when he saw the black haired girl in the street, his insides fell apart. He ran through the crowd, and made his way towards the scene. May couldn't believe it. There was no way she had wanted for that to happen. But it wasn't her fault right? She had been stupid enough to believe her, and ran into the damn street like a child. Somehow May didn't feel any remorse for it. Wow, maybe some of the dark stuff was still in her, but that was okay. It felt good.

Suddenly, May saw green whip passed her. Her heart sank to the ground as she watched Drew run to Haley. The dance had meant nothing to him? She was just a mere plaything he had used? May felt betrayed, and her heart felt broken to wits end. The tears streamed down her face, and she left the scene and the crowd crying. Dana saw this happen, but she couldn't stop her friend from leaving. She sighed, and put her attention back towards the event at hand. Drew finally knelt down beside the body, and cried out.

"May! No… May please!"

Dana's eyes widened. Drew was picking up Haley's body; he was mourning her because he thought it was May! Everything had made sense now. The black hair, the attitude from her friend, and now why Drew was crying over Haley. Drew must have met May at the dance, and now he was completely dumbstruck because he thought she was dead. An overwhelming smile spread across her face, as Drew turned over the body, to reveal Haley's face. He dropped her to the ground at once.

"What? You're not May!"


He looked into the crowd as an ambulance drove up towards the school. He saw a waving hand and he walked over to it. It was the girl he had watched being teased by Haley the other day.

"Drew, you've met May?"

His eyes widened.

"Yes! Do you know her? Do you know where she is?"

"Of course! I'm her best friend you know! She ran away crying. I think she went over to the back of the school."

"Thanks so much!"

He kissed her cheek, and ran away. Dana smiled. May was so lucky to have someone like him finally notice her.


May sobbed freely as she observed the surroundings. Only a few nights ago, she had kissed him here. Now he was with Haley, and he couldn't care less about her right?

"You know, you look a lot different without black hair."

Her heart stopped. There was no way that voice was really him. But as she turned her head, she saw him standing there, smiling at her.

"I thought dark angels didn't cry."

Drew couldn't help it. It was just too fun to talk like that with her. He stepped up to her and wiped away her tears, and as his hand wiped her cheek, May felt a cool tingle run through her veins. She looked into his emerald eyes and finally smiled.

"Well I'm sorry if my natural hair color isn't dark, but neither is Haley's."

"Haley who?"

She laughed and Drew wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. May hugged him as tightly as she could. She didn't ever want him to go away. Just like at the dance, their lips found each other's, but this time, it wasn't so evil and satisfying. This time, it brimmed with innocence and affection. Both of their hearts were timed together, and synchronized to one beat.

"How come I never saw you before?"

May smiled wickedly, and whispered into his ear.

"Maybe I didn't want to show myself to you just yet."

"Well then, I guess it just took one bite and I got you hooked, right?"

Drew kissed her gently and she melted into his arms.

"Yeah, you sure did."

The school bell rang, but no one really cared. Everyone was outside, observing the car wreck. Well almost everyone. May and Drew just walked around, happy to have finally found each other. And no, they never really became those deep and dark people; they never really flew around in the sky. But their love for each other soared, higher than they could have imagined.


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