Author's Note - Just to let you know this was never intended beyond what was a statement for me of what I wanted to see in the series.

The WIP it has become due to demand is beyond my control and is entirely the fault of Flatkatsi who nurtures and pours food on my thoughts and fingers.

It's a genuine WIP - not yet completed - so please be warned. I have no idea as to its eventual length, nor as to how it will turn out. I will try and write and post as quickly as I can, but please be patient.

Supporting Rumors - Part one


"Sam," called out Daniel as he skidded to an abrupt halt just inside the laboratory doorway.

Sam looked up from the work she was doing and frowned at him. She waited while he appeared to be trying to catch his breath.

"I just saw the news … Jack's been shot!"

Her face blanched white at his words and she grasped the edge of the work bench to steady herself.

"Some nut went berserk with a gun … I don't know how badly he's hurt, but he's alive"

The buzzing in her ears and the sudden narrowing of her vision threatened to overtake her completely until she felt the edge of a stool hit the back of her legs. The command to sit wasn't necessary, but the comforting warmth from his hand on her shoulder helped to steady her.

"When?" she whispered.

"Around three, maybe four hours ago as far as I can tell."

Sam sat stunned, frantically trying to get herself together, as Daniel waited patiently.


Sam took a deep breath and clutched the paper she held more tightly as she knocked on the door.

"Enter," called out the General's voice.

Sam stood to attention before General Landry, waiting until he finished signing off whatever it was on his desk and he looked up.

"Sir, I have an urgent request for leave." Sam kept herself at attention, fixing her glance at a spot just over the general's shoulder.

"Request denied Colonel. You are due to join the Katsi mission at 0800 the day after tomorrow."

Sam stole a deeper breath. "Sir, it's an urgent matter."

Landry replaced his pen on his desk carefully and moved some of the paperwork to his out tray.

"Colonel, unless it's a life or death matter you are not going anywhere until after the Katsi mission is completed."

Sam's face whitened visibly. "It's personal sir, but please …"

The phone interrupted her words and she bit back the snarl that threatened to emerge.

The general picked up the phone, his eyes firmly fixed on the Colonel.


Yes, I heard. Is there any …

Of course. Yes, the next of kin … but I thought that there wasn't …"

The general's eyebrows rose in surprise as he listened. "Yes I do actually, one moment"

The general stood and held the receiver out to Sam. "It's Washington, General O'Neill's office … they want to speak to his wife …"