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Supporting Rumors - Part 91


The light rain began and the slow walk turned into a trot.

"Want me to take over?" asked Daniel.

"Want me to fall over?" asked Jack.

"Good point."

"Why are we making haste, O'Neill? Are we late?"

Jack O'Neill spared Teal'c a brief glance before gazing down at the well covered stroller. "Well ... yes, good point too."

They finally reached the house. The rain water dripped off of them, but their charge was safe and sound.

Hurriedly unlocking the door, Jack made to grab the stroller, but Daniel stilled him with a hand on his arm.

"Wheels, Jack."

With a grin, Jack looked down at the stroller's muddy wheels. "Yes they are, Daniel."


Jack leaned down and unzipped the waterproof covers, picking up the precious bundle, cooing with a smile that threatened to split his face into two. "Come to Daddy. Uncle Daniel and Uncle Teal'c are just going to clean up while we get the coffee on."

Daniel shook his head, the water beginning to trickle uncomfortably down his collar. "Gee, Jack, thank you."

"Wanna clean the house instead?"

Daniel grinned, remembering that day Jack had been stuck in the garden in his wheelchair. "Point taken Jack, point taken."

Teal'c nodded in graceful defeat. "I will assist."

Jack smiled and cooed at his bundle once more and pulled himself into the doorway with the help of the strategically placed safety rail.

"I didn't get dinner last time," whined Daniel as he suddenly remembered.

Jack completely ignored him, walking into the house.

Sighing, Daniel eyed the muddy wheels. "I had better get fed this time," he raised his voice so that it would carry. "And coffee, want lots of coffee." He caught Teal'c eyeing him strangely and grinned, shrugging.

"I shall procure some water."

"Great idea, Teal'c."


"Come on slowpoke. Coffee's getting cold."

Daniel sneezed. "There are three wheels on the stroller Jack ... they were three verrrry muddy wheels ..."

"I concur. It is good that on Chulak these carriages are not in use."

Jack laughed and grabbed hold of his cane from where he had left it hanging from the counter top. "See what a grouch Uncle Daniel is when he hasn't had his coffee fix?" He clucked the baby under the chin. "I was going to get one of those papoose things, but the doc reckons it would throw my balance off, too much on the old knee ..." He indicated his right knee with a tap of the cane.

"So holding onto the stroller instead of the cane ..."

"Ah, don't let's go there, okay ... I get enough off Sam."

"Get enough of what, O'Neill?"

Jack shook his head. "Am not going to touch that one, T. Now then, it's nap time ..."

Daniel grinned as Jack left the kitchen. The man was pure Daddy mush...


Sam caught sight of Teal'c in the lounge as she let herself into the house and she wandered through to greet him. Daniel was crashed out on the couch snoring softly.

"Hi, Teal'c. Where's the terrible two?"

The Jaffa didn't need to ask to whom she was referring. He inclined his head with a smile. "They had need of a nap."

Sam smiled. "Won't be long." She made her way through the house, not stopping to check the nursery. She knew exactly where her family would be. Opening the door, she crept in softly.

It was always a sight that melted her heart, her husband stretched out on the bed, their child sleeping safely in his arms. She moved silently toward the bed and leaned over to kiss her husband on his forehead, before reaching over him to brush their baby's mop of sandy hair, inherited along with deep brown eyes from Jack.

"Hey." Jack's voice was slurred with sleep.

"Hey," she whispered back.

Wordlessly he lifted his free arm and she eased down onto the bed and joined him, her arm enveloping them both as she spooned against his body.

So secure, so loved ... cherished. That's how she felt in his arms.

This was her family... This was what she was fighting for.


"So ... I guess dinner is up to us again huh?" murmured a sleepy Daniel.

"Indeed Daniel Jackson, indeed."


The End