Morning, Raven's least favorite time of day. She was reluctant to open her eyes, she had an unusually pleasant sleep and felt well rested. After a moment she yawned and her eyes fluttered open. She looked around the room in horror. Where was she? Some of the items on the shelf she recognized, others looked like they were her taste, and others still looked completely alien to her. She shifted uncomfortably and looked around at the assortment of books and clothes and even some video games scattered on the surfaces of the room.

She then felt arm's wrapping around her waist and a set of lips gently kiss her bare stomach. "Good morning, Starshine." Came a muffled voice from under the covers.

The tone was different but Raven recognized it in a heartbeat. She pushed him from the bed and pulled the covers around her naked body. "Beast Boy!" the light bulb in the desk lamp shattered.

"Beast Boy? Well… you haven't called me that in a while." He said in a disgruntled voice. He gave a concerned laugh "What's wrong with you this morning, Rae?"

"What's going on? Where are we?" the green man then climbed back onto the bed. Raven noticed that his he was much taller and his face was different. "Why are you old!"

He ran a hand through his messy hair "I'm only 23… I've been 23 for months now Rae, and your birthdays coming up so you shouldn't be talking."

Raven had shielded her eyes and looked away when he stood up to get some clothes on. "What's going on? Where's my room? How did you get to be 23 all of a sudden? You should only be 15."

"Rae… what's wrong?" He said sitting next to her on the bed. He went to wrap his arms around her but then a bookend went flying off the shelf and into the wall. He backed up and watched her holding the blankets tightly over herself and trembling in fear. "Baby… did you have another bad dream? It's only me, Garfield. You know I would never do anything to hurt you…"

"Get away from me. Get out!" She yelled and things started crashing off of the desk and bookshelves. The green titan ran from the room at bullet speed and closed the door behind him. Raven ran over to the mirror near the dresser. She looked at herself. Raising a hand to her cheek she could see an image that resembled her mother do the same. She touched her hair which was cut extremely short and her face which had gotten thinner and more mature. She then let out a scream and her dark aura shattered the glass of the picture window near the bed. Pieces of glass fell into the bay below.

"Is everything alright?" came a young voice which sounded like beast boy. She threw on her leotard and a white cape that was lying on the chair. She went to the door to listen.

She could hear the voice of the man who she had awoken to answer "Your mom's just having a bad morning, Why don't you go see if uncle Cy made anything good for breakfast."

Raven could hear shuffling and then the beastboy-esqe voice again "Alright, dad. I'll wake Lydia up too, that is if the scream didn't already do it."

After a little while of silence there was some more movement and then "Rae, are you ready to let me back in now?" He didn't sound frustrated or angry, just tired.

She cautiously went to the door and opened it a crack. "Is it really you? Beast Boy?" She asked looking at him through the small opening. He sure had the fangs and the green skin but he looked so different.

"Why do you keep calling me that? No one has called me that since we were kids. You know I hate it…" He started to approach the door and she quickly shut it. He sighed "Rae-Rae, I know you're not a morning person but this is crazy. Can I please at least come in and get some clothes?"

She stood back and opened the door shyly. "You really broke some stuff this morning…" He said as he looked around the room "Oh, Well, we'll just clean it up after breakfast, we always do." He smiled at her kindly and then started digging in the closet.

Raven had so many questions at that moment and she was so confused. She opened her mouth to talk when she noticed a picture in a now broken picture frame. She picked it up and examined it. The two figures in it were obviously her and Beast Boy, the way she was used to it. They were at the fair and she was holding a bunch of oversized and overcute stuffed animals while Beast Boy was smiling proudly with his arm around her much to her dismay. She held it up to the 23 year old who was currently digging in the closet.

"Wh-When was this taken?" She asked as she tapped him on the shoulder.

He smiled, showing his fangs "Seven years ago. Don't tell me you don't remember our first date."

"I don't." She said plainly looking at the picture again.

"Come on, Rae. I took you down to the board walk… I had to drag you out of the tower. After that date you wouldn't talk to me for a month." He smiled as he said happy in his reverie. "Come on, don't you remember the death glares you used to give me whenever I asked you out?"

She put the picture down and looked up at him. "I-I-I don't… I don't remember any of it… The last thing I remember is you playing game station with Cyborg… and Robin was trying to track down Slade…"

His eyes look concerned "We beat Slade a long time ago…" He pulled a purple and white shirt on and then put his hand to her forehead "I think we should go to the Med-wing, let Cy take a look at you." He took hold of her hand and started to lead her through the halls. When they reached the main room Raven could see Cyborg sitting with two children.

"Mommy, Daddy!" The young girl cried as she walked over to them on shaky legs. She was very young and looked a lot like Raven, only she had fangs and green eyes.

"Hey, are you feeling any better mom?" The boy asked with a smile. He was the one she had heard before. Not only did he sound a lot like a younger Beast Boy but he looked the part too. He had green skin and hair and fangs and everything. Before Raven could say anything Gar answered for her.

"No, Zander, We were actually just about to ask if Uncle Cy would mind taking a look at her up in the Med-wing."

"No prob." Cyborg said. He then saw that the female child was about to trip and nudged Alexander's arm.

A dark aura surrounded the child and she giggled happily. "Zanda use his powas." She seemed to enjoy floating in the air and her big brother playfully spun her around in and let her do flips.

"Stop that, you could hurt her." Raven said instinctively. She grabbed the baby out of the air and held her.

"But, ma… I can control my powers." The boy whined "And anyway, Lydia likes it..." He then looked to his father with pleading eyes.

"You heard your mother." He said and then turned to the baby. "Morning, Lydie. You look very cute this morning, is that the new dress Auntie Star got for you?" He asked gently.

"Uh huh. Wit da flowas!" She said pointing to an embroidered daisy on her corduroy jumper. "Daddy, growl wike a lion!" She said with a giggle.

Beast Boy nodded "Alright, get ready." He took a deep breath and then opened his mouth and let out a lion roar. Raven had never seen him be able to roar like that when not in animal form.

The little girl in Raven's arms bounced happily, she imitated him by making a small roar. "Now, Daddy be a howsey!"

He smiled and then took another deep breath. This time, instead of roaring he neighed like a horse and playfully tossed his head from side to side making his already messy hair even messier.

Lydia imitated him again by shaking her head back and forth and saying "Nay!" In the background Zander rolled his eyes and went back to eating his cereal. Cy did the same and looked over at his best friend.

"You know, BB, Sometimes I think you like making the animal noises more than baby girl likes hearing them."

Gar leaned in close and fake whispered to her "You know what uncle Cy is?"

The girl looked up happily and shook her head no.

The father smiled brightly and looked over at his metallic friend. He took another deep breath and then brayed like a donkey.

"Hey! Watch it you little Grass Stain." He warned as he finished his breakfast. At that even Raven smiled.

"Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!" Lydia chimed in happily and then started laughing. Then a bowl in the sink broke, followed by a glass, and a plate. Lydia stopped laughing and looked guilty. "Oops… Sowwy, Uncle Cybowrg…"

Cy came over and took her from Raven's arms. He held her gently "Its alright, baby girl. I'm gonna go see what's wrong with your mom and then I'll come and clean it up." Raven noticed up close that Cy had some new upgrades and his human parts looked more matured. "You go play with your brother."

He put her down and she quickly ran off to join Zander in the living room.

The three older titans then exited into the hallway. Out of habit Gar put his arm around Raven, his hand resting on her hip. She blushed and took a step away from him. She telepathically asked him if those were their kids and he nodded.

"So, What is it you wanted to talk about, Changeling?" Cyborg asked casually and Gar pulled Raven's hood up for her as he turned around.

"Rae's…. not feeling well…" He started "She can't remember our first date."

He laughed "I wouldn't want to remember that either. She didn't talk to you for a month afterwards." He said with another laugh.

"This is serious." Raven broke in "What, Beast B- um… Gar, means to say is that I can't remember anything that happened for the past several years… I don't remember any of it… I think I remembered something when I saw Lydia and Alex… Alexander Steven Logan… Lydia Marie Logan… I'm right, aren't I?"

Changeling nodded happily. "And you remember your name right?" Cyborg asked hesitantly.

She gave a small smile "Raven Roth."

"Nope." Gar corrected with a frown "Raven Logan." He took her hand and pointed to the gold band that graced her finger. You could tell by the look in his eyes that her not remembering cut a hole through his heart.

Raven noted the matching ring that he wore "Raven Logan…" she repeated.

"You really don't remember." Cyborg said with a frown. He watched as Gar let go of her hand and drifted a bit. He could practically see all of the memories that he of them racing across his eyes. "Let's go have you checked out."

Raven sat on the cold hospital bed up in the med wing. Cyborg looked at printouts and scans of various things. "Everything seems to check out alright. You're not injured or sick."

"So, it's just her memory, then…" Gar said sounding a bit disappointed that there wasn't a simple solution to all of this. He put on his best fake smile.

"And there's good news." He said looking at one of the papers "It's a girl." He stated simply.

Changeling's fake smile became a real one. "You mean I'm going to be a father! Again!" He gave Raven a kiss on the cheek and a bottle in the medicine cabinet exploded. "Sorry… I forgot you're all explodey again…" He sighed.

"I'm pregnant… a baby girl…" Raven tried to register. Gar sat down on the bed across from her and thought for a moment.

"Let's call her…." He said thinking of a good name.

"Terra. Terra Azar Logan is what you were going to say." Raven stated in monotone. She had read his mind. "It's a good name, but I think it's more important to find a way to get my memory back first."

"You could just read my memories!" Gar suggested happily. "That will at least get you up to date until your real memories come back." He smiled at how smart he was.

"That's actually a good idea, Changeling." Cyborg said shocked.