Interview With the Specialists

Summary: Sequel to Interview With the Winx. I interview the Specialists this time. Heh, and you thought the Winx interview ended badly

Dedication: Ragnarok Destroyer, who left his laptop in Oregon so I could write this story.

Disclaimer: Shooting myself would be more fun than this!

Me: Well, welcome back. I have the Red Fountain guys here now. Thank you for taking time out of your…

Riven: Shut up and get on with this already!

Me: How about you shut up so I can finish the introductions?

Riven: How about you make me? (Crosses his arms over his chest and glares at me) Psychotic little…

Brandon: (Quickly places both his hands over Riven's mouth) What Riven wants to say is that he's glad you invited us here.

Helia: And he's sorry he forgot to take his medication

Me: I see…. Well as I was….

Riven: And Helia's… wait. What medication?

Sky: That stuff we tell you is candy.

Timmy: I came up with a pill to combat Riven's consistent rudeness

Me: Cool

Riven: (Still scowling) Very funny

Brandon: I'm hungry, do you have any food?

Me: Well, Bloom scarfed down all the Doritos, but I got a veggie tray and there's plenty of orange soda.

Sky: What is it with you and orange soda?

Me: I have to stay within a certain budget.

Helia: Do you have any chicken?

Me: No, just the veggie tray and orange soda

Helia: (Shrugs and pulls a whole raw chicken from his bag)

Timmy: What kind of dip do you have?

Me: Ranch

Sky: Yucky!

Brandon: (eyes Helia's chicken) Are you going to eat all of that?

Helia: (Takes a big bite out of the raw chicken)

Timmy: (eats nearly everything on the veggie tray just leaving the broccoli and some wrinkled carrots)

Me: (sweatdrop) Uh Helia aren't you worried about food poisoning?

Sky: Why didn't you get more than just ranch dip?

Riven: Because not everyone can be a prince with an identity crisis

Me: (blinks) What does that have to do with anything?

Brandon and Sky: We did not have an identity crisis.

Riven: Yeah, you guys just lied to your girlfriends. Yet I'm the jerk on this show.

Sky: You are the jerk on the show! You hit on my girlfriend!

Riven: At least I didn't lie to her about being single

Brandon: Yeah, but you're mean to Musa.

Riven: At least Musa didn't leave me for another woman.

Brandon: (starts to tear up) Stella!

Me: I thought Stormy was a guy.

Timmy: Really?

Helia: (Finishes off the chicken and starts to gnaw on the bones)

Me: Yeah, it was on an episode of Dr Phil.

Sky: (Dumps the ranch dip over Riven's head)

Riven: Hey! (Flings the broccoli at Sky)

Me: Children please!

Timmy: We're not children. We're young adults

Sky: Yeah, (pops open a can of soda and pours it on Riven's head)

Riven: Man! Now I'm all sticky! I have to go wash up.

Me: No you don't. Just sit down and shut up

Brandon: I can't believe Stella left me for another woman

Riven: Who turned out to be a man!

Brandon: (runs off crying)

Helia: Who wants cake? (Pulls out cake)

Mimet: I do!

Me: Hey what are you doing here? This is Winx Club. Sailor Moon is the next studio

Mimet: I know, but you had cute guys. (Glomps Sky)

Sky: (Sweat drops)

Bloom: (Barges in with a scowl on her face in fairy form) Hey get your hands off my boyfriend!

Mimet: Make me!

Bloom: You've got it! (Bloom and Mimet begin to fight. Mimet's Charm Buster leaves large holes in the walls and Bloom's Dragon Fire causes the set to become one large weenie roast)

Riven, Timmy and Helia: (Start making S'mores)

Me: That's it! I quit! (Storms off what's left of the stage)

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New year!

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