The Christmas Letter

Disclamier: Not mine. Slight spin off of my Correspondence. Very slight. Sort of.


Lord Voldemort was having a bad day. First it had snowed. Snow was usually a good thing for him. Ever since the Weasley twins had bounced snowballs off of his face all those years ago at Hogwarts, he'd been doing the same to his Death Eaters.

Severus hated it.

But they'd all gotten together and formed a Death Eater's Union- He'd known he shouldn't have started recruiting Americans, but there simply hadn't been enough British Wizards. And the Death Eater's Union had demamded better hours and holidays off.

So instead of having them at his manor for Christmas they'd all gone over to the Malfoy's. Damn purebloods.

And after that they'd told him he could come if he wanted, but it was a fancy dress party and he hated fancy dress parties. There were only so many times one could be Count Dracula.

So here he was without Death Eaters all by himself. Nagini had gone and stuffed herself on rats, so she was off napping and digesting.

He though she'd eaten Pettigrew too. Now he didn't have a personal slave. He had hated how Peter had whined though.

The Death Eater's Union had demanded that they get the day's inbetween Christmas and New Year's off as well.

He made a meantal note to kill all the Americans and their silly unions.

An owl swooped in the window. "What now?" Voldemort asked. "Do they want Valentine's Day off to cavort naked through Hogwart's Great Hall?"

The snowy owl dropped a package in his lap and a letter.

Voldemort didn't notice the letter at because the corner of the package had landed on his right ball.

"ow..." He said.

After recovering from his pain, and finding the letter, he opened it.

Dear Lord Voldmort-
Merry Christmas. I hope that you are having fun, but from the feelings that I got from our shared link it appears that you're not. Hermione and I got together and made some peanut brittle and toffee. I hope that you enjoy it. The mug and hot cocoa mix is from Ron, he doesn't know that it's for you, and the book is a muggle children's tale that we'd though you'd enjoy.
Hope you enjoy it!
-Harry Potter.

Lord Voldemort stared at the box incredulosly. He pulled out a book and smiled. There was a green character on the cover and it read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Cute. Perhaps he'd read it. After he had some of the hot cocoa. Caramel cocoa? Sounded lovely. He took the mug and the packet into the kitchen and made some. Coming back, and burning his hand in the process, Voldemort sat down to read the book.


Voldemort was happy. Even though his ball still hurt where the corner of the book had hit him, and his hand smarted a little, he was happy. Perhaps Christmas wasn't so bad after all.


Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. This is a slight spin off of Correspondence. If you haven't read it, and you ejoyed this, you'd probably like Correspondence too. Thanks for reading.