Happy Valentine's Day!
A Slight Undertone of A Sugar-High Lord Voldemort

It was Valentine's Day, and Lord Voldemort was, once again, not having a good day. Once again the Death Eater's Union had decided to ruin his day.

He'd had a nice day all planned out, starting with a short meeting at nine in the morning, and ending with a lovely ball around seven. He'd even gone to all the trouble to bring in unsuspecting muggles for some torture sessions around noon. Not to mention the pounds of sweets that he'd brought in. Practically a whole lorry full.

But, no. the Death Eater's Union had to go and decide that they wanted this holiday off too. It was really too much of them, to ask for another holiday off. Especially as it was so soon after New Year's.

Then the bloody Americans who started the damned union had wanted a four day weekend on top of it all. Lord Voldemort was not having a good day.

On the plus side, a shipment of Snape's potions were due in today, and they included a couple of love potions. Voldemort had been planning on pranking some Death Eaters that night. And he did have a rather large amount of sugary sweets to eat his way through.

Perhaps Harry Potter was being a bad influence on him.

Perhaps, it was high time that the Lord Voldemort unbutton his shirt a little. Or was that even the right phrase. Perhaps it was untie your trousers. Hm, he'd have to owl Harry.

As the Death Eater's Union have demanded that they have this holiday off (St. Valentine's Day), I would like to formally invite you to a small get-together this evening around seven. I had plundered some cakes and sweets for a ball, but the Death Eaters have decided to skive off and I have no company for tonight.
I've sent this by express hawk and she shall wait for a response.
-Lord Voldemort

Harry set the letter down and looked at Hermione.

"What do you say to a little fun tonight?" He asked.

"No Harry, Draco and I are quite fine together." Hermione replied.

"No, not that kind." Harry said, "No, your Uncle has invited us to a small get-together today in honor of the holiday that his co-workers are taking."

"They're doing that again?" Hermione asked. "I thought they'd learned after Christmas." She said.

"Apparently the American are taking over." Harry said. "Tell Draco, I'll owl your uncle and tell him that we'll be there."

Lord Voldemort-
We'd be happy to attend your party this evening. Expect us around seven.
-Harry, Hermione, and Drakie-poo

"Oh lovely!" The Dark Lord proclaimed. "Fluffball! We shall be having guests this evening! Go on with the party preparations!"

The house elf squeaked, rather frightened of it's person in such an odd mood.


"So, what shall we do first?" Lord Voldemort asked. "Play Prank the Weasel, Prank the Coot, Spin the Bottle, Torture the Muggles, or Pin the Poison on the Union?"

"The last one sounds rather fun." Harry said.

"Lovely!" Lord Voldemort said, as he scooped yet another handful of candy up and began eating it.

Lord Voldemort brought out a handful of bottles of a green liquid in a rather pointy bottle. "Hold these." He handed them to Harry.

"O..K." Harry replied.

"I know I left it in here somewhere," Lord Voldemort muttered, rooting around in the drawer. "Found it!" He'd pulled out a photo with the Death Eater's proudly proclaiming their new union status.

"Now, what you do is you stick the poison bottles into the picture and you try to hit as many union buggers as possible. Have fun!" Lord Voldemort said.