First Date
Chapter 1
Summary: I got this idea when i was listening to my Blink 182 cd. It's based on the song "First Date" not really a songfic. It's basically Tommy and Lil's first date story.
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Nervousness, anxiousness, and fear filled the body of Thomas Pickles. Not because he had lost his brother's cd, or the fact that his room was supposed to be cleaned hours ago; oh no, he was feeling this way because in a couple of hours he would be going out with a long time crush, Lillian Deville. Sighing soundly, he shuffled through his clothes looking for the perfect thing to wear, something that would say, 'I didn't really care what I wore, but I still wanted to look good.'

Throwing another pair of black jeans out of his closet and onto his bed, which happened to have five pairs of the same type already, he ran a hand through his hair. Groaning out of despair he yelled for his brother, the one that would know what to wear. Bright orange hair entered the room and grinned widely at the desperate teen.

"I don't know what to wear!" Tommy exclaimed frowning.

"Dude, your clothes look the same. Black on black, red on black, it's all the same!" His brother replied grinning in amusement. "It's Lil, she won't care about what you wear!"

"Yeah, but I want to look good. I can't screw this up!" came the worried voice.

"Alright, wear that pair of pants and that shirt right there," Dil said pointing at the pair of jeans that were currently hanging in the closet and the shirt that was laying on his bed.

"Alright," he said.

"Anything else?"

"I'll call for you if I need you," came the distracted reply. "Thanks bro."

"No prob." his brother said walking out. "Oh yeah, where's my cd?"

"Uhhh," Tommy said, "Somewhere?"

"I hate you right now! I really truly do!"

"I love you too," came the cheeky reply.

"I should really like do something horrible to you, but you're lucky I'm nice... oh and I'm waiting for a phone call. The aliens are coming!" Dil exclaimed and rushed out of the room, leaving a very very confused Tommy behind.

"He's still weird," he mumbled.

"I heard that!" Dil shouted.

Tommy smiled slightly and hurried to put on his clothes. He turned to the mirror and looked over the clothing. He sighed and decided it was good enough. Running his fingers through his black hair, he decided to that spiking it would be the best choice.

"Where did I put my gel?" he asked himself. "Hmmm... is it over here? No... Damn! Is that Dil's cd! It is!"

Dil ran in the room just as Tommy was looking through his dresser. He grabbed the cd and ran out. Tommy stood there staring at the door. He was still there five minutes after Dil ran out, staring at the door.

"Odd one he is... FUCK!" he yelled looking at his watch. "I only have twenty minutes! And now I sound like a girl!"

"You always sound like one!" Dil yelled from the hall.

"Shut it up!"

"Sorry, but it's true bro. It's all true. You should leave your hair down," he said walking back into the room, "that way when the two of you are making out she won't get gel all over her hands."

"That is true, but I doubt we'll be making out tonight. We will on the second date though."

"If there is one."

"Shut up."

"Sigh, big bro, sigh."

"Did you just say the word sigh instead of actually sighing?"

"Yes, yes I did. Hurry up you only have fourteen minutes left to get ready."

"Ass hole."

"You're lucky Mother and Father aren't home. If they heard you talking like that, they'd have a heart attack."

"Looks who talking."

"Go get ready, Freak."

"Gee thanks for raising my confidence. So spikes or no?"

"I already told you no," Dil said frowning at his brother. "You really need to chill out man. Lil likes you, trust me. During keyboarding it's always, 'Do you think Tommy likes me?'; 'Dil! Is Tommy dating anyone?'; 'Dil, why won't he ask me out?'; 'Dil, does he think I'm fat!'; 'Dil, does he like me!' Really annoying actually."

"Okay, since I'm not spiking my hair, I think I'm ready," Tommy said looking at himself in the mirror again.

The black baggy pants Dil chose for him hung loosely on his hips and the boxers he was wearing poked out slightly. The shirt was semi-fitted and plain red. Tommy grabbed the red studded belt off the floor and pulled it on, but it didn't help hold his pants up. He slipped his feet in two black boots and almost tripped.

"You know it might help if you actually sat down when you pulled your shoes on," Dil pointed out.

"Maybe just a little bit."

"Yeah maybe just a bit."

"Okay, so how do I look."

"Dude, I'm your brother. I'm sorry but I don't like you like that," Dil said giggling.

"You are an idiot!"

"And you're a loser, so we're even."

"You suck!"

"Only on the weekends, bro," Dil said laughing.

"...It's Saturday." Tommy replied.

The two looked at each other for a moment before both started to crack up.

"Heh, well this has been grand," Tommy said, still chuckling.

"Quite, and I'm sure Lil will think your hot," Dil said.

"Well I'm off! Don't wait up!"

"Don't worry I won't, have fun!"

"I shall," Tommy said.

The two walked down the stairs and into the living room. Tommy looked down at his watch.

"Shit, I'm late!"

"Hurry and good luck."

"Thanks, I'll need it." he said rushing out of the front door into the cold November air.

"Shit, it's cold."

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