First Date
Chapter Three

Summary: I got this idea when i was listening to my Blink 182 cd. It's based on the song "First Date" not really a songfic. It's basically Tommy and Lil's first date story.
Disclaimer: I do not own it... If I did I'm sure it wouldn't be a kids show anymore :laughs:
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"Master Sugar Lumps?" Tommy said after a small bout of silence.

"Don't call me that, Cheese Cake."

"I like cheese cake! It's really good with cherries on top."

"You are a dork."

"You just realized?"

Lil sighed at the grin on Tommy's face and move slightly closer to the teen. They fell silent again as they walked toward the mall. Tommy's hand twitched as he tried to grab Lil's hand in a sneaky fashion. The side of his hand gazed Lil's slightly and he blushed deeply. Lil, having more balls (figuratively speaking of course), grabbed Tommy's hand and laughed as he blushed even more.

"You truly are a dork," Lil said grinning.

"Gee thanks for making me feel better about myself."

"No problem, so where are we off to first?"

"Well I know how girls love to have money spent on them," Tommy paused as Lil smacked him in the arm. "Okay, how MOST girls love to have money spent on them... So I'm taking you to the mall so you can waste my money!"

"Tommy, I don't want to waste your money."

"Don't care, you're getting stuff whether you like it or not! Plus Christmas is next month so I plan on starting to get your gifts now. Chicks are so hard to shop for! I swear."(1)

"Oh and guys aren't?"

"Nah, just get us a pair of socks and we're happy." (2)


"Anywho, so then I thought we'd go watch a movie, hit the new club, and then get some dinner. Is that cool with you?" Tommy asked as he began to feel nervous again.

"Perfect, can we do this all before my curfew?"

"I'm sure Phil will understand if we break curfew. Your parents and my parents are gone for the weekend. Where did they go again? I keep forgetting."

"Umm... don't know, don't really give a shit."

"GASP!" Tommy exclaimed. "You said shit!"

"You just said the word gasp---you've been hanging around your brother too much. I do cuss, Tommy."

"Never heard you before! I think you've been spending too much time with your brother. Although, I must admit your cussing is hot!" Tommy laughed as Lil blushed.

"Why are guys always so horny!"

"Ohh look who's talking miss, 'I know ways to warm you up.'"

"Hey, I meant it in an innocent way. Your dirty mind changed its original meaning!"

"Yeah, sure it did. Whatever you say."

"I should leave you right now!"

"You wouldn't!"

Lil stopped and glared at the boy. Tommy gazed back at her, trying to keep the grin off his face. They held the staring contest for awhile before Lil couldn't take it and cracked a smile. That smile was all it took to have Tommy grinning and laughing slightly.

"You know, someone who heard this convo would have thought we were being serious," the male said, slipping his arm around Lil's waist.

"Heh, probably. You're all warm and cuddly!" she said giggling.

"Glad to know I make a good pillow, care to use me one night?"

"Thomas Pickles! You are a perverted loser!"

"I was talking about cuddling! Now who has the dirty mind! MUAHAHA!"

"...You so were not talking 'bout that. I know you! I don't like you anymore!" Lil said pulling away and pouting.

"And you call me a dork?"

"You're not really helping yourself get back in my good graces!"

"Fine fine," Tommy said, getting down on his knees. "Oh Master Sugar Lumps please for me, the Cheese Cake. I beg of you! I'll cry!"

"Remind me again why I agreed to go out on a date with you."

"Because you couldn't resist my boyish charm and awesomely good looks?"

"Hah, you wish. Get off your knees. Let's go to the mall so I can waste your money."


"...You really have been spending to much time with your brother," Lil said, pulling Tommy up and walking off toward the mall.

"This would be a lot better if one of us would drive."

"Hey! Not my fault my car privileges have been taken away. I didn't mean to hit the stop sign, it just jumped out in front of me!"

"Sure it did."

"It did!"


The two teens continued their walk. Snide comments were thrown back and forth between the two before they finally reached the mall. They entered the automatic doors and sighed happily as the warmth hit them. Tommy grabbed Lil's hand and dragged her over to the cd store.

"Music is life!" Tommy proclaimed as if it were the meaning of life.

"Oh that was deep," another male voice laughed behind them.

"You know it was, man!" he grinned. "Sup?"

"Nothing really. I see Lil has finally made you her man-whore."

"Haha very funny. You're just jealous 'cause I don't want you as my man-whore."

"Oh yeah that's it. I'm so terribly jealous that you made Tommy your man-whore."

"So, Z how are things going with your lover?"

"Really well actually. She made me her bitch. I'm currently here picking up some chick flick for her. Gah, my rep could be ruined by this stupid movie," Z said fake sneering. "She's a lucky chick."

"Well I guess we'll be off. Talk to you later!"

"Bye Tommy, bye Lil!" Z said grinning. "Don't do anything to bad on the first date!"

"Bye Z and don't worry we won't do anything too bad."

"Okay, sure."

The two teens walked around the store for a bit. They each got three cds and two dvds. They left the store and browsed many others. Tommy's wallet was considerably lighter by the time the two finished shopping. They were both weighed down by bags.

"We should drop this off at your house before we do anything else."

"Yeah, I agree. Maybe we should have saved shopping for last?"

"It would have been smarter. Come on let's head back and drop these bags off. Maybe we can just watch a movie at your house or something. We can make Dil go over to my house or something."

"Alright, save me some money. After the movie we can head out to get some food, maybe force Dil and Phil to come along. Remember what happened last time?"

"The food fight between the two? Oh yeah! You know we are still banned from there."

"Haha that was a good night. How about instead of the club we hit the bowling alley? I'm not really in the mood for dancing."

"Yeah, I can so beat your ass again."

"Ohh kinky."


"Do you want me to carry your bag for you, Master Sugar Lumps?"

"Nah, I got it."


They walked in a comfortable silence. Their breath coming out in white puffs and their shoes making slight thumping sounds on the pavement. The wind gently blow around them, causing Lil to shiver slightly. Tommy, being the gentleman, placed his arm over her shoulders in an attempt to provide a bit of warmth. His arm left a burning sensation on her shoulders and she couldn't resist the sappy grin that spread across her face. Finally after a few minutes Tommy's house came into view. Lil grinned and picked her speed up.

They got to the front door and a sigh of contentment escaped from their shivering lips. Warmth embraced them in a hug and beckoned them in farther. They set the bags down by the door and wondered off to the living room. They entered the room and saw Dil and someone making out on the couch.

"Oh my god!" Lil squeaked.

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(1) Yes, I believe girls are harder to shop for than guys. It took my brother and I atleast twenty minutes to find my mother something and my Father about ten.

(2) Heh, not all guys are easy to shop for, but mostly all my guy friends are happy I even thought to buy them something. I know one year this dude was happy I got him a stuffed squirrel from the Dollar Tree.

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