A/N: Danny Phantom characters will begin to show up in later chapters. For now, this takes place in Acme Falls...Toon Town...whatever you wish to call it...
This is the first time of using a Steven Speilbergh's classic and crossing it over with Butch Hartman's Danny Phantom.
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Chapter 1

Escaping Warner

Heavy panting and furious yelling could be heard coming from Acme Labs as a figure dressed in dark clothing dashed past a few security guards.

"Don't let her get away!" A Male's voice shouted.

The cloaked figure ran until she felt a sharp pain in her right ankle. A feminine cry escaped the figure's mouth and she started to lose her balance. "Here, take my hands," A soft male's voice told her.

Through her tears, the wounded female raised her eyes to see a friendly looking Warner wearing brown pants. "Come on, we haven't got much time!"

She took his hand and with as much energy as she put into it, she followed him until they arrived at a Water Tower. "Come on, you'll be safer here. My sibs and I will protect you."

Refusing to take the hood, which covered nearly half her face, she nodded and limply followed him up the ladder. He pulled the door open and helped the female inside.

The cloaked figure, whose right ankle was now almost covered in blood, fell to her knees. "Wh-who are you?" she managed to ask, squinting her eyes.

"My name is Yakko Warner."

Yakko turned back to his guest just in time to see her collapse on the floor. Great... "Dot! Wakko!"

Dot and Wakko bounded into the room when they heard their brothers shout. "What is it?" Dot asked. Her gaze then rested on the cloaked figure who was lying face down on the floor. "Eeep...Wakko, call the police!"
"No, don't!" Yakko ordered.

The eldest Warner made his way over to the figure and rolled her over onto her back. "Go get the first aid kit," he spoke softly, examining the wounded ankle.

Wakko returned seconds later and handed the kit over to Yakko. Both Dot and Wakko watched with interest as Yakko carefully took out the bullet and clean the wound. Dot winced upon seeing the blood that covered her brothers gloves as he wrapped some bandages over the wound.

"There...she should be just fine now," Yakko announced.

"She?" Wakko repeated.

"Yakko, what if she turns out to be a criminal?" Dot asked, worry filling her voice.

"We don't know that for sure," Yakko started.

He stopped himself there. He didn't want to say that he helped her escape from the police that were after her. But still, he couldn't help but wonder why she was running away from them.

The three Warners jumped as the female stirred, moaning a little. A smile appeared on Yakko's face as he watched her slowly sit up. "Hey, sleeping beauty's finally awake," he joked.

There was a small silence as the female stared at the three Warners before her. "I hate to be the one to break the silence, but...who are you?" Dot demanded, crossing her arms.

"...Crystal Warner..."

Wakko looked at Dot who shrugged in response. They turned just in time to see Yakko reach over and pull the hood that covered Crystal's face back. She looked just like...