Chapter 4

Gone Mute

Crystal stared at Yakko worriedly as he panted, catching up to his brother and sister. "Yakko, I'm scared," she whispered, resting against him.

"I know you're scared, Crys. We all are."

That didn't make her feel any better. They came to a small, empty looking cottage next to a huge oak tree. Yakko motioned for everyone to keep silent as they heard yelling coming from the guards.

"They went this way! Come on!"

All was silent as the footsteps faded into the distance. "I think it's safe," Yakko announced, leading Crystal and his siblings out of the cottage.

"What the heck is with all the commotion?" An elderly voice demanded.

The Warners turned to face Slappy and Skippy Squirrel. "Sorry, Slappy...we're kinda just running away from scientists," Yakko explained.

"Yeah, well the noise woke my nephew up from his afternoon nap," Slappy grunted.

"I was never asleep, Aunt Slappy."

"Eh, whatever," Slappy paused, eyeing Crystal. "Who's the girl?"

"Oh, this is Crystal Warner. I--"

"She's the one the scientist is after!" Dot interrupted.

"Hiya. The name's Slappy and this is my nephew, Skippy."

"Nice to meet you, Crystal!" Skippy smiled wildly.

Crystal stayed silent as she stood behind Yakko, fear showing in her eyes. Slappy and Skippy exchanged looks as Yakko patted Crystal's hands. "It's okay, Crys. They're friends of ours."

Crystal shook her head and remained silent. "Okay..." Wakko muttered, quickly receiving a hit upside the head from Dot.
"Um, well, we'll just be heading back home now. Slappy, if those guys ask you if you've seen us--" Yakko began.

"I'll tell 'em I haven't seen a single soul," Slappy smiled. "Go on, get out of here."

Yakko smiled gratefully, picking Crystal up in his arms again as he ran back to the Water Tower with his siblings. "So, now what? Is this like house arrest or something?" Wakko demanded, crossing his arms.

Yakko shrugged, watching Crystal take a seat on her bed, biting down on her bottom lip. "Don't know. All I want to know is why those guys are after Crys."

"She'll tell us when she's ready," Dot spoke softly, studying her as well.

----------------That Night-------------------

"You coming to bed, Yakko?" Dot asked, watching her brother stand in the doorway to the main room.

"I'll turn in here in a few minutes. I just wanna check up on Crys."

Dot nodded and left for her room. Crystal lifted her head up from the pillow and sat up as Yakko took a seat in front of her on the floor. "Crys, something wrong? " Crystal shook her head, keeping her silence. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"

No response came, just a nod of her head. "What happened back there? Something about Skippy and Slappy scare you?" Once again, she shook her head, not saying a word. "No? Why didn't you say hello to them? I know those guards looked scary to you, but Slappy and Skippy aren't with them." Still, he recieved no response from Crystal.

It was like she had gone mute on him all of a sudden. "Crystal, please, say something," he pleaded.

She then gazed up at him, her green eyes brimming with tears. Almost instantly, Yakko felt a twinge of guilt and hugged her. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to pressure you...get some rest," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

She watched him leave and lay down back in bed. She began tossing and turning in her sleep. She was having one of those dreams..what are they called again? Nightmares...that's it. She dreamt of a taller looking human who could change his form with a flash of two black energy rings. In his other form, he wore a white suit and cape with a red inside. He had black hair, red eyes and blue skin...with vampire like fangs in his teeth whenever he smiled.

His first form was much more calmer...he looked like any normal middle-aged human man. The other being she dreamed about was a bit scarier than the first...a skeleton-like figure with built muscels, wearing another white jacket and black tie, along with white pants. He also wore a white cow-boy like hat and had green eyes.

Crystal woke up, sweat dripping down her forehead. She wanted to something, but something held her back. Something kept her from talking...

Fear of being rejected because of what she was.

to be continued...