Mmk, so basically I've had some minor [to major, I suppose catastrophes that have greatly impaired my time to write. Please forgive me for the lack of updates on this story…. I know its been a year. Its completely unacceptable, and every time I think about it I mentally bash myself in the head. Much like Dobby, the poor thing. However, I just recently was shoved rather roughly into a situation that enables me to have the adequate time to write once more. This is, in fact, good. I will be writing more, (lots more, hopefully) but it may not be on this story. I just don't have the "muse" or whatever it's called for Crossed Wires, (although I do like the title, so this does sadden me greatly). I might be posting one or two more chapter for it, but I find it really hard to write, especially after Deathly Hallows. (Here I refrain from comment, although it wasn't what it expected it to be.) I sincerely hope that people will continue to read my other stories that I intend to post, as it would lighten my days up endlessly. (insert stupid little grin.)

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Thanks SO much to all who have reviewed/had on alert/read this story. I hope I continue it. Your reviews have meant an immense amount to me, and I hope that you remember me and check every so often for new stories and chapters. ((insert another stupid little hopefully grin))

--August 13, 2007.

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