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15-year-old Lily had yet another row with James Potter. That night,when she goes to sleep,Lily despises James Potter more than ever before,but when she wakes up. . .she still despises James Potter more than ever before,it's just. . .she's 18 and engaged to be married to him. . .

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I have no clue.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Chapter 1:Cotten Candy Breathing Fluffy Little Bunnies- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



She heard a noise of frustration and a hex yelled. Lily's eyes narrowed and her hands balled into fists. "No, Lily, I think you've had enough of Potter tonight. Someone else can yell at him for hexing. . .then again, who else is there?" Lily asked herself as she began walking up the stairs again,"Remus Lupin?" She rolled her eyes,"No."

Remus Lupin was the other Gryffindor Prefect, by the way.

No matter how nice Remus Lupin could be, he was. . .hisfriend. And Remus never helped her stopped his friends from dueling or any other trouble-making activity. . .okay,maybe a few times, but that's was all.

Lily had reached the 5th year girls' dorm door and turned the knob to find an empty dormitory. She stormed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. She was too angry to study for tomorrow's blasted astronomy exam(even though she needed to)!


Lily plopped down on her bed, still in a sour mood, and began to brush through her red hair.

Of course, this wasn't unusual, about the sour mood thing.

James Potter could put Lily in a sour mood in less than a second just by being mentioned. Lily brushed sharply for another few minutes. Potter and her had had a row that night.

It had all started when Potter asked her out, yet again. . .

"Evans', will you go out with me?"


. . .and that's how it all started.

Why couldn't he just leave her alone?

Couldn't he see she didn't like him?

There were plenty of signs, at least she thought, there were plenty of signs just shouting,'Lily Evans doesn't like you and doesn't want to go out with you!'

For instance. . .

"I don't like you,James Potter!"

"Your such an arrogant bully,Potter!"

"I don't want to date you!"

"Go stuff your wand where the sun doesn't shine, Potter!"

"Stop messing up your bloody hair, Potter!"

"I. Don't. Like. You. At. All!"

"Potter, you have the biggest head I've ever seen in my life. . .and you have funny looking glasses!"

. . .and yet, James Potter, for some unknown, probably stupid reason, still asked her out and flirted like crazy.

Oh, and the showing off! Argh! She wasn't even going to get in to that.

It seemed Lily had gotten to her boiling point when she hurled her brush out the open dorm window.

She groaned and walked over to the window with her wand. She stared down at the grounds for a few seconds.

"Stupid Potter, he made me throw the stupid brush out the stupid window to the stupid, stupid grounds."

"Accio brush." She said tiredly. The brush came flying up to her seconds later.

Lily carefully(or as carefully as Lily could when she mad)sat her brush down on her bedside table and laid down under her covers in her bed. She sighed and rolled over on her side.

'When will James Potter figure out that we'll never go out? That I'll never like him. When will that arrogant boy figure it out?' That was last Lily thought before she drift off to dreamland. . .


(The next morning)

"Lily,dear,get dress!"

Lily groaned, eyes still closed, and rolled onto her stomach.

"It's already ready time to get ready for class?" She asked herself in a dreary tone. "It seems like I just fell asleep. . ." Lily snoozed for a few more minutes until she realized that none of her dorm mates said 'dear' to her.

Her eyes popped open and she turned around and laid on her back,staring at her surroundings.

This was not the girls' dormitory.

This wasn't even Hogwarts! This was her bedroom! At her house! Her house that wasn't at Hogwarts!

"What the-?" She exclaimed,stumbling around on her bed till she fell off with a 'Thump!'.

"Lily, are you alright?" The voice asked again. . . .her mothers' voice!

Why was she home? Had she been in coma and brought home? Over night? In her sleep? Lily knew she wasn't that light a sleeper.

She heard her bedroom door open and footsteps. There was her mother. What was she doing here?

Lily was still trying to figure out what was going on as her mother walked around picking up this and that, talking to her,"Lily, I told you to get dress! Don't you remember their coming over today?" Her mother gave an amused laugh,"I doubt you'd forget,that boy is all you talk about these days! Of course, I don't see why not. After all, you are-" Her mother was cut off as the door bell rang.

Now she was definitely confused.

Who was this boy? And who was this 'their'? She stood up,dazed,ready to start the questions-

Lily's mother hurridly walked to the door,"Lily, hurry up and get ready, breakfast will be ready soon and by the sounds of it,their here also." She gave an amused smile to Lily before grabbing the doorknob about to close it, when she stopped, face turning from a smile to a horror kind of face. "Oh dear,I think your father's telling them one of his jokes! I'd better get down there." And she was gone.

Lily slowly walked back to bed and sat on the edge, trying to not hyperventilate. What was the last thing she remembered?

Ah. Falling asleep thinking how stupid Potter was.

He probably did this. Yeah. She bet anything he did. Sodding Potter.

Lily, no matter how much she enjoyed blaming things on Potter,was doubting that he would do this. . .whatever this was. . .she doubted he could get in her mind, he wasn't that powerful, the boastful git. Besides, if he had been able to get in her mind, Potter would probably have tried to conveince her to go out with him or something.

Lily could hear faint voices downstairs,other than her parents voice's,unfamiliar voices.

Where was Petunia?

She shrugged. Probably asleep.

Through the whole visit from her mum just then,Lily didn't even get a word in edgewise. Actually,Lily hadn't even thought of talking. She was too confused. And dazed. And shocked. And suprised. And her voice was gone.

Lily decided to 'hurry up and get ready' as her mother said, to investigate what in the name of Merlin's Beard was going on around here.


"And the second man said-"

"Dear,don't you think the mail's here,yet?" Her mother's voice interrupted Lily's father's joke.

Lily had gotten 'ready'. For whom or what, she did not know.

Just as Lily was walking down the stairs,she heard her father's voice grumble an agreement and a chair shuffle in the kitchen. He was going out to get the mail.

He would be sure to see her.

For some reason, Lily didn't want to see her father. She was already confused, just by seeing her mother, imagine seeing her-

There he is!

Hide Lily.

Lily ducked against the hallway,waiting as her father passed through the front door and to get the mail.

She came out of her hiding place,feeling rather silly,hiding from her own father.

A voice jolted her out of her thoughts,"There you are,Lily! Where have you been hiding?" Her mother asked,pulling her towards the kitchen.

'Oh,just against the wall on the staircase.' Lily answered in her mind. She was still having trouble getting her voice. Maybe it was hiding too.

Lily tried to struggled against her mother's hold, having one of those feelings that people,magical and nonmagical alike,get every once and a while saying,'I'm not going to like what's in the kitchen!'. . .well,maybe not many got this feeling. . .probably no one but her, but that doesnt' matter.

Lily thought maybe she could make a run for it, but no such luck.


It turned out the feeling about not liking what was in the kitchen, was right.

"Lily!" A deep,male voice called pleasantly from the dining table.

Lily turned her head in suprise only to narrow her eyes,"What are you doing here,James Pot-oof!"

Lily was cut off as James stood up and hugged her. "Haven't seen you in a while." He said.

"Oh, yeah, your right, James, haven't her in 3 days. Oh, the horror." A sarcastic voice said at the dining table also.

Lily struggled out of James' hold on her in disgust and turned towards the table again to see the rest of the Marauders sitting at her dining table. What the. . .

"What are you doing here?" Lily demanded.

"Came to see you, of course." James replied.

"Why?" Lily demanded again.

"Can't I see my fiancee every once and a while?"


Author's Note:There it is. What do you think? I know it's shorter than my usual chapters, but they'll get longer. I had to cut this one a little short for the cliffhanger at the end. Eh,it's sort of a cliffhanger, I guess.

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