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Chapter Nine


"Okay, breath in. . .breath out. Good. Your doing good. This is the Big Day-" Carol was cut off, patting her back and making sure the paper bag she was breathing in and out of was fully in front of the young woman's face.

"Your-" Breath in. "-right. This is the BIG-" Breath out. "-Day." She replied back to Carol."No reason to be-" Breath in. "-nervous. Just-" Breath out. "-walk down that-" Breath in. "-aisle." She finished with fierce determination. . .well, it was exactly fierce. . .not at all actually.

"Emily, maybe you should go outside for a while, get a breath of fresh air." Lily suggested absentmindly from the mirror she stood in front of, to the hyperventilating maid of honor. Honestly, Emily was more nervous than Lily. And Lily still had to figure out how to call of the wedding in-"Half an hour, Lily. You have to do it soon." She reminded herself quietly as she looked at herself with her beautiful (but very annoying), talking wedding dress.

Your noooootttt going to be callllllling offffff the weeeeedingggg, Lillllly. . ., the stupid piece of beautiful fabric said to her again. Lily blocked the dress out.

She was going to call off the wedding. Lily had decided to tell her mother and father at breakfast that morning, then floo over to James', but her parents were so happy go lucky while they ate their breakfast, smiling and laughing at everything. Even when the mailman accidently gave them the mail for the house next door-which always made her parents furious. The mailman did that at least twice a week it probably.

Anyways, Lily just couldn't wipe those smiles off their happy faces, so she decided to floo over to James' and just call everything off then. Well, that was until Lily decided she'd do her laundry (she'd only done them three days ago, her clothes needed washing!), clean her room (her bookshelf was getting a few dust particals), washing, dry and put away the dishes (well, she hardly ever did them, so, why not give it a go?), weed the garden and take out the trash. And what do you know? Concidentally, Lily had just finished everything just as Carol said it was about time they headed over to the church. Lily decided she'd just catch James at the church. It couldn't be that hard, could it? The church wasn't that big.

Unfortunately, due to the whole, "Groom can't see bride in her wedding dress before wedding" bad luck saying, Lily didn't get a chance to see James since she was imprisoned in the tiny dressing room with twenty females all giggling and laughing, talking Lily's ear off the wall about "not being nervous" and that "everything was going to be fine" and "by the way, your dress is absolutely darling, where did you find it?". Finally, after a while, most of the female's left, leaving just Mrs. Evans, Lily and Emily.

Lily clasped her sweaty hands together tightly, squeezing them. She was about ready to join Emily in the hyperventilating club. What was she suppose to do? She had to call off the wedding! She had to! She couldn't do it at the actual wedding cermony, that would be awful. No, that wouldn't work.

"Fifteen minutes before you walk down the aisle, dear." Carol said, smiling brightly at Lily, tearings already starting to form in her eyes. She quickly walked to Lily and hugged her, sniffling. "Both my daughters are out about now!" She sniffled again,"I'm going to be so terribly lonesome with just your father at the house now."

Lily found this quite hard to believe, seeing as her mother was forever going to parties and meeting up for lunch with one or more of her friends. She also had a phone, which Carol used all the time. If anyone would be lonely, Lily decided it would be her father. All of a sudden, for an unknown reason, Lily wanted to cry. Of course, she'd wanted to cry all morning because of the whole not-called-off-the-wedding-yet thing-but right now, right now she really felt as though she was going to cry. Just break down and cry.

"Yes, your no longer my little girl, all grown up and getting married, oh my!-Emily, dear, remember, breath in-. . ." Carol let go of Lily and quickly went back to Emily who had dropped the paper bag and was turning quite green. . .

The bride wished Emily wasn't so nervous right now. The bride needed a shoulder to cry on. To complain on. To call the wedding off on.

Aunt Fanny's head popped in the door,"Lily, dear, your on in five. Emily, are you ready? The wedding march has started." Fanny asked, looking over at Emily. Lily felt as if she were in a show. Your on in five!

Carol bit her lip as she hastily pulled the still very green maid of honor up and walked her to the door. Emily stopped by the door and turned to Lily, smiling a forced, weak smile."Good luck, Lily. . .This-This is it!" Then promptly grabbed the door tightly and walked slowly with Aunt Fanny down the hall towards the cermony, bouquet clutched loosely in one hand.

Carol turned to Lily also and smiled reassuringly at Lily's now white, trembling face. She reached out and took one of Lily's hands,"I'm going to go now. . .alright?" Carol bit her lip, looking at Lily face."Everything will be fine, Lily. Don't you worry." Carol laughed lightly,"I remember the minutes just before my wedding. I was so nervous! But then I got to thinking about what your father and I had. We had-and still have-love, Lily. Remember that, dear." Carol leaned over and kissed Lily's forehead and squeezed her hand reassuringly before leaving Lily alone in the room, the wedding march song sounding so distant to Lily.

She wondered what James was doing. She wondered what he was thinking. Was he as nervous as she was right now? Less? More? Did he feel as though he was about ready to throw up his breakfast?

. . .I love you, Lily. You know that, right?. . .

She did know that. Maybe that was why she was having such a hard time calling off the wedding. Because he loved her. His heart would most definitely be broken. Lily had a feeling James' heart wouldn't be the only one broken. Her family's. His family's. His friends. Her friends. Their friends. They all would have their hearts broken. They wanted to see the two get married, Lily knew. Everyone one did.

Lily squeezed her eyes shut,"Take me back to Hogwarts. . .please!" She pleaded. She couldn't go out there and down that aisle. She couldn't possibly. It was like the walk of death. Lily just wanted to be home. At Hogwarts. During fifth year. She was fifteen. With her friends. With the stupid pranks the Marauders did. With essays and exams. With even arrogant, immature Potter. She didn't want to be here. She found that ironic, considering this was a wedding, her wedding. Typically, brides were happy on their wedding day. Lily was miserable.

And it just got worse.

"Lily, you ready?"

It was her father. Here to walk her down the aisle. To James. To call off the wedding.

She opened her eyes slowly. Apparently, her pleading and wishing did not work. She was still here, not at Hogwarts. Lily stared at her father vaguely.

"Lily?" George asked concerned, coming in the room fully, towards Lily.

Lily remember yesterday, after rehearsal, when James said whatever happened today, happened. Even if his trousers fell down in the middle of the cermony. Of course, after that, he said that they'd be married no matter what happened. Lily ignored that last part. He was right. Whatever happened, would happen. She tilted her chin upwards, took a deep breath and replied,"Yeah, I'm fine, dad. Just a little. . .nervous. . ."

George chuckled and opened the door for Lily, patting her shoulder as she walked through,"You should see Emily, her face is greener than those eyes of yours."

Her father could always make her laugh. No matter the circumstances. Lily smiled slightly, gulping hard. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't.

. . .Dum. . .dum. . .dee. . .dum. . .dum. . .dum. . .dee. . .dum. . .

The wedding march song was getting louder by the second. She could see the pews, overflowing with loved ones, waiting to see such a happy event, not aware of how unhappy it was actually going to turn out. Lily and her father stopped at the beginning of the aisle. She looked slowly around.

There was Remus and Peter, sitting by James' mother and father in the front row, no dates in sight. Apparently, Carol had not found dates for them. Sorry, Carol. Better luck at the next large social event. Her mother sat in the front pew on the leftside, various family members with her. She recgonized most everyone, magical or muggle. Dumbledore was even there!

Then, she saw Sirius up at the front, looking as casual and relaxed as he always did. There was Green Emily too. There was the priest. . .and there-. . .there was James. She gulped. He was staring at her, a goofy smile on his face. He was nervous. She could tell.

It was her cue. It was time. Everyone stood and turned to Lily. A sharp breath overtook her. There were so many of them. She was suffocating. How could she call off the wedding with a gazillion people watching? Argh! Why hadn't she just been honest in the first place, on the first day she woke up here?

They were walking. Lily could hardly tell though. It was like each step took a century. The walk was slower than yesterday, just as she had wondered. The aisle was longer, magically that way or not, she did not know. She couldn't ignore James' gaze and smile. Lily kept her chin held high. If she didn't, Lily knew she'd drop her head and cry as soon as she did. She had to fight her fears and be brave. She couldn't just hide and let someone else take care of everything. She had to settle this once and for all.


There she was. Her hands craddled in James'. When had that happened? Hadn't she just started down the aisle? Hadn't everyone just been standing watching her walk past, smiles on there faces. Hadn't there just been music going? It was so quiet. When had it gotten so quiet? When had her father left her to sit with her mother? When did the priest start the cermony in the first place.

Everything was happening so quickly.


Lily watched James' mouth open as he spoke. She couldn't hear him. She couldn't hear anything. Was that her breathing that loudly? Was that her heart beating so loudly? Could anyone else hear it?


Maybe she should call the wedding off now. . .no, it was rude to interrupt while someone else was speaking. She had been taught that all her life. She couldn't interrupt. She still had time. Time to call off the wedding.

I love you, Lily. You know that, right?

Lily couldn't get that sentence off her mind. She couldn't.


"I do." Lily could vaguely hear James saying that. The priest was looking at her. She could see him out of the corner of her eyes. Lily looked straight into James' eyes, desperately hoping maybe he would back down on the wedding even. Strangely, she didn't look away. She couldn't look away. She couldn't look away from those hazel eyes. She could see countless emotions in those eyes, but one she could very easily see right now. She hated herself for seeing it. She wished it wouldn't be there.

She wished she didn't see the love in his eyes.

Her vision was blurry now; she was crying. She didn't want to do this. But she had too.


"Do you, Lily, take James to be your lawfully wedded husband?" She heard the priest ask clearly.

Now was her last chance. Her only chance left. She had to call off the wedding now. Right as she stared into those hazel eyes.

I love you, Lily. You know that, right?

"I do."

Lily stared wide-eyed, tears pouring down her face now. What-what the-What had she done? She didn't-She didn't call off the wedding. She had just said "I Do"! She. . .she couldn't have. . .why? Why? Because she didn't want to hurt him? No. . .there was. . .there was something else. What was it? It was right there, right on the tip of her tongue. What was it?

James smiled, opening his mouth. What was he doing? It was the middle of the cermony. "Wake up, Lily."


Suddenly, James' face was blocked out as the church suddenly became overly bright. It was warm. . .

"Wake up!"


It was all a dream.

Everything. Those few weeks she, Lily Evans, had spent as James Potter's eighteen year old fiancee, was a dream.

She had overslept that morning. Her friends had a hard time waking her. The dream seemed so real. . .

She sat in Defense Against the Dark Arts now. The professor was explaining a defense spell. What was it? She could remember. Her mind had been lingering on her dream all morning. Of course, she had seen much of James Potter. The fifteen year old James Potter. Just as arrogant and immature as ever. Yet, she-. . she remembered telling herself the night before the wedding-in her dream-that he was only human, every human had faults. Even if he was extremely annoying.


"Hello, Evans."

Lily looked up quickly from her book, causing a crick in her neck. She had been studying in the library, trying to find some peace and quiet for a while. Also to find a place to hide from James. She rubbed her neck painfully as James sat down across from her, smirking. She didn't say anything, too confused on whether it should be "Potter" or "James" now. "Heard you slept late this morning. Dreaming about me again, huh?"

If only he knew. . .

"What do you want?" She asked in a to-the-point way.

"Well, I want alot if things-" He began. She cut him off. "What do you want?"

"I was just wondering. . ." James began, rubbing the back of his neck slowly,"if you wanted to go to the kitchens for lunch or something. . ."

She blinked."We just had lunch."

"Oh, well, then. Do you want to-. . .to go for a walk or something, then?" James asked, looking up, straight to Lily.

Lily stared into his eyes again, just like at their wedding-that was so weird saying that now. Their wedding. His eyes were the same hazel as they had always been as he stared at her from across the dusty library table. She was beginning to realize why she hadn't called off the wedding. Why she had said "I do" and not "I don't". That it wasn't just a slip of the tongue; it wasn't an accident; it wasn't because she didn't want to hurt him or break his heart. That it was something that she had meant to do all along, but was just too stubborn to admit it.


Maybe it was time to see if she would ever really say "I do" to James Potter. . .


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