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Chapter 1:

It was all happening so fast it was confusing. He didn't understand how he had come here to the main house…to Akito…when half an hour ago he was having a candle-lit dinner with Tohru. He struggled against the arms holding him, but he couldn't break free. He gazed out at Tohru, who was sitting across the room from him, next to Akito. She met his gaze, and both were able to read the fear in each other's eyes.

Yuki looked around as someone walked in through the door. His eyes widened in shock when he saw who it was. 'NO!!' he screamed, pulling against the three Sohmas restraining him. 'No, Hatori! You can't!'

Akito smirked. He stood up and swaggered towards Hatori, who was still standing by the door, looking around for an explanation to this odd situation. Tohru, however, remained in her place, hands clasped tightly in her lap; totally oblivious of what was probably going to happen.

'Akito-san, what…?' Hatori started, frowning as he looked at Yuki.

Akito reached out and touched Hatori's face. 'Hatori, we'll need your skills at the moment,' he said softly.

'I…why?' Hatori's voice shook as he stared at Akito, and his knees slightly buckled.

'I think you know why,' Akito murmured.

'Hatori, don't!!' Yuki yelled. 'Don't do it, please!!'

There was a crash behind them and they all looked around. Tohru was standing with her back to the wall, her eyes wide with horror. The shattered remains of what had been her water glass lay around her feet. 'Are you…are you going to suppress my memory?' she whispered in a hollow tone.

Akito watched her for a moment, and then he smiled. 'Suppress your memory?' he repeated. 'My dear Tohru, why would I do such a thing?'

Yuki couldn't believe his ears. He wasn't going to suppress her memory, then why…?

Tohru, however, looked highly relieved. 'Really?' she said happily. 'Oh, thank you so much!'

Akito continued to smile that cold smile of his. 'No…I'm just going to suppress Yuki out of your memory,' he told her.

'W-what?' she stuttered.

'You can't do that!' Yuki screamed.

'Oh, yes, I can,' Akito replied. 'You're the one who made a mistake here, so why the whole family should be punished? I think I'm being absolutely fair by only punishing you.'

'What are you talking about?' Yuki demanded. 'I made no mistake!'

'You made the mistake of falling in love with her!!' Akito snapped, jabbing a finger in Tohru's direction. Tohru, who was still standing, transfixed, against the wall, jumped in alarm. 'You fell in love with her when your loyalty should've remained with me!!'

'Love is not a crime!' Yuki yelled. 'And how do you expect me to be loyal to you when all I ever received from you is pain?...but I don't expect you to understand; how will a cold person like you understand what's it's like to have a person so warm and so pure and so loving next to them? And to have that person return their love? You don't know what an absolutely beautiful feeling it is, and you never will…because you never, ever will be loved.'

'Yuki-kun…' Tohru whispered, her eyes brimming with tears. She had left her position by the wall and moved closer towards him. 'That was so…'

'…disgusting,' Akito cut her off, and blocked her way. He was looking at Yuki with unmistakable hatred. 'You've changed, Yuki, they've changed you at your school…and I don't think I like the new Yuki.'

'Huh?' Yuki said, confused.

Akito smirked. Triumph was itched into every feature in his face. 'You are not going back to school again,' he said softly. 'You're going to stay here in the main house…with me.'

Yuki's eyes were wide with horror. 'No…no, you can't do that…' he said hoarsely.

'Being the head of the Sohma family, I think I can do whatever I want,' Akito replied, coldly.

'Akito-san…' Hatori, who had been watching silently, finally spoke up. '…don't you think this is too much? Why don't you give Yuki a second chance? I'm sure he won't cross you again if you do.'

'No!' Akito snapped. 'No more chances!! I've already been very lenient with him, and how does he repay me? By defying me even more and more! Yuki has to be punished! He has to be reminded of what he really is! A lonely, boring rat!'

'You're wrong,' Yuki said hoarsely. Hatori shot him a warning look; objecting would definitely make things worse…but Yuki ignored him. 'You keep telling me that all the time, but I just realized…you're talking about yourself here…you're the one who's boring, the one who's lonely…you just hate to see everyone so happy while you sit here…alone, all by yourself…and so you try to make life miserable for everybody else…you're pathetic.'

'SHUT UP!!' Akito exploded.


'Yuki-kun!!' Tohru cried.

Akito stood back, panting. He glared at Yuki, whose face was now turned sideways as the traces of the hand which hit him lingered on his cheek. 'Take him away from here!' he said angrily. 'Lock him up in his room! I'll deal with him later!'

The three guys nodded, and started to drag Yuki out of the room, despite his many struggles. 'No! Hatori! Please don't do it! NO!' he cried. Hatori averted his eyes from Yuki. 'No…please…'

'Yuki-kun!!' Tohru cried, tears streaming down her face.

Yuki smiled sadly at her. She could clearly read the defeat in his eyes. 'I love you…Tohru,' he whispered.

Tohru gasped. He called her Tohru! Not Tohru-kun, not Honda-san…just Tohru…and he told her…he told her that he loved her…Yuki loved her…. She smiled at him through her tears. 'I love you, too, Yuki,' she whispered back, just before he was dragged out of sight.

'Shut up! Shut up, all of you! You're all making me sick!' he said furiously. He whirled on Hatori, and his expression changed. He smiled. 'Shall we get to business, then, Hatori?' he said softly.

'Yes…Akito-san,' Hatori said. His tone was broken, and he sounded ashamed…He walked towards Tohru. He expected her to turn and run away, but she didn't. 'Tohru-kun…'

'It's okay, Hatori-san,' she whispered, smiling at him. Tears still flowed down her cheeks. 'I don't blame you…I won't hate you for this…'

A tear trickled down Hatori's cheek. 'No, you won't…' he whispered. He raised his hand to Tohru's forehead. Memories came back to him…of Kana. He bit down on his lip. There was a flash of light, and it was done. He caught Tohru by the shoulders as she fainted, and he laid her gently on the ground. '…because you won't even remember…I'm sorry, Tohru.'

Akito chuckled. 'Well, this certainly adds to the drama, doesn't it?' he said, sounding like a very satisfied stage-producer.

Hatori only shed tears…it was all he could do not to kill Akito right on the spot…


A couple of days later…


Tohru looked around at Kyo, who had just come up the stairs to the second floor. She smiled at him. 'Hello, Kyo-kun!' she said brightly. 'Did you want something?'

It pained him to look at her. She didn't look right. Her face was slightly pale and her eyes were always ever so slightly out of focus. She had been like that ever since that…incident. Kyo knew she wasn't going to be alright soon after what happened…especially since Hatori had to erase a big thing out of her mind…but that didn't really offer him much comfort. He wanted her to be back to her old self…and he knew that was impossible.

'No,' he replied. 'I was just wondering where you went.'

Tohru nodded, still smiling. Then she turned to look again at the door she was standing before, and a faraway look crossed her features. 'This room…?' she whispered.

is Yuki's room, Kyo answered silently. 'It's been locked up or years,' he told her. He hated lying to her, but what else could he do? 'Shigure's friend used to live in it.'

'Why don't you move in it, then, Kyo-kun?' she asked.

'W-what?' he stuttered. He couldn't take Yuki's room, no matter how much he hated the guy. It would be wrong; he would just be feeding of some one else's misery, and he didn't like that. 'N-no, I couldn't. Besides, I like my room.'

'But…you know, I feel like I've been in here before,' she said softly. 'I feel like I've known the person who used to stay in it…strange, isn't it?'

No, it isn't. It's just sad. 'But you can't have,' he told her. 'It's been locked, remember?'

'I know, and that's the strange thing,' she murmured. She looked up sadly at him. 'Kyo-kun? Can I tell you something?'

'Sure,' he said.

'I…sometimes, when I'm trying to remember something, I find all these blank patches in my mind…it's as if something's missing…it's just like when you miss a piece out of a jigsaw puzzle, and I can't find it no matter how hard I try,' she said quietly. 'It scares me…am I losing my mind?'

'No, you aren't,' he assured her. 'I…I sometimes go through the same thing.'

'Really?' she asked.

'Yeah,' he told her. 'And it's normal…you don't have to worry about it.'

Tohru nodded. 'Thank you, Kyo-kun,' she said. 'You wouldn't believe the silly explanations I've come up with!'

'Try me,' he said.

'I actually thought that Hatori-san might have done some memory suppression on me!' she cried, looking ashamed of herself. 'I'm just being silly!'

Kyo didn't say anything. If only you knew how right you are, Tohru…


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