Title: Feeling the Cold

Prompt: Cold and (fanfic100 #62 – Snow)

Rating: G

Character: Susan Sto Helit

Words: 100

Susan understands that it is cold. When she concentrates…

Icy flakes fall upon her shoulders, white on dull grey. Her visibility is limited; people shuffle slowly along, unable to see the lamp-posts from five yards distant. Her boots tread through ankle-deep slurry, already grey with Anhk-Morpork's thousand pollutants.


Snow falls through her, tumbling through intangible non-flesh. Perhaps it accumulates on the curves of her ribcage.

She sees through the people scuffing their feet; they are atoms and dust of the future.

Her boots – what need of boots? – they mark footsteps in the snow.

No one remembers who stood there.