Title: Enough

Prompt: Cold and fanfic100 #34 – Not Enough

Rating: PG

Pairing: Polly/Maladict

Words: 100

Maladict knows the chill of Earth upon her face. She remembers the ice of unbirth, when the immortal was brought forth and something was crushed, cold and alone.

Soon Polly will lie in the cold soil. Something glaciates inside.

So, when Maladict sees the robe shrouding a bone-white face she whispers, "can't you take me, too?"

Maladict sees something – wild hair, dark eyes – as Death nods. "I could." A life-timer, iron-wrought and hung with medals, appears in her hand. "Is that - Is that what you want?"

'Yes. One mortal life was enough.'

Susan nods, brushing dust from her fingertips.