Has it really been seven years since I last saw him. His face was that of a fallen angel's. Sasuke: my enigma. You were my everything. Why did you leave? I would have left everything and gone with you, just to stay by your side. But you left, leaving me alone like an orphan lost in the cold unforgiving rain.


It took a moment for Sakura to realize that someone was talking to her, ".. what? Oh I'm sorry Shizune, I must have lost track of my thoughts."

"hmmm... yes, well Tsunade-sama wishes to speak with you"

"Tell her I'll be right in", slowly Sakura rose from her seat, and in a businesslike manner entered her tutor's, the fifth hokage's, office.

Lately, Tsunade had been giving Sakura work 24/7. Sakura didn't mind, work kept her mind off of other things, namely Sasuke. Sakura had convinced herself a million times over that she was over Sasuke. She was even engaged to be married which at least put half her mind at ease. The other half continuously gave her hell over her "betrayal" to Sasuke.

"Sakura-san sit down please"

"Sakura-san?", since when does Tsunade-sama speak formally, in front of me? Something important has happened. Sakura braced herself for news she was bound to not like.

"Anbu has recently given me some disturbing reports in concern to Orochimaru's doings. Because of these reports I'm sending you on a classified A-rank mission. I don't think I need to explain how important its secrecy is. Not even Naruto is to know about it."

"You are to go with a team of two Anbu, both have been chosen by me already, and do a reconosance of Konoha's outer perimeters. It sounds simple enough, but reports have come in saying that Sound nin have been spotted in that general region. This mission will begin tomorrow morning. Is that understood?


"Until tomorrow then. Sakura you are dismissed, now go home and get some sleep Sakura-chan. You have a big day ahead of you. Besides, Hotaru will wonder where you are if you don't show up for dinner soon.

Sakura bowed and left the legendary nin's office, relieved that she could go home. Obeying orders came naturally to Sakura, it made things less complicated. She bid Shizune goodnight, and stepped onto the path that would lead her home.