"Enough, Kabuto. You know Orochimaru's orders." Kabuto was tiresome. If he hadn't been Orochimaru's right hand man, Sasuke would have killed him long ago.

"Give it a rest Sasuke. Orochimaru's ass can go for one second without you kissing it." said Kabuto exasperatingly.

A vein in Sasuke's forehead twitched ominously. Remarks against his masculinity usually ended with the speaker being dead, or in extreme amounts of pain. But Kabuto was exempt from this policy, and he wasted no time in abusing this fact.

"Kabuto remove her mask." Making commands, even to Kabuto, came naturally to Sasuke. Being second only to Orochimaru allowed him many priveledges. Kabuto knew this, and had to obey him; leaving Sasuke with the last laugh. The identity of the mask's owner soon changed that.

"Well isn't this a surprise,"Kabuto remarked with limitless sadistic joy,"little Sakura." taking time to slowly pronounce her name as if she were a rare collectible."How long has it been since you last saw her Sasuke? Going on seven years now, isn't it? Time has worked wonders on her. Who'd have thought that such a scawny little nothing would fill out so nicely? Orochimaru-sama will be extremely pleased with this. I'd be nervous if I were you, though. Orochimaru will see this as an excellent opportunity for testing your loyalty to Sound village. That should be easy enough, unless you still have feelings for Konoha?" Sasuke's face remained cold and empty.

"I will do what Orochimaru-sama commands of me. I don't waste time on sentimental fools, or their villages." It was enough to make Kabuto quiet.

When they reached Sound village the sun was setting. Kabuto headed off towards Orochimaru; informing him of their mission's full report. Sasuke went in a different direction, Sakura flung over his back. Before they had arrived Sasuke and Kabuto agreed that Sakura be watched at all times, at least until she regained consciousness. Her full capabilities were still unknown, and neither wanted to risk an escape. Sasuke didn't consider keeping her in his room a hazard. His room could be described by one word, austere. It consisted of a bed that was more like a stone bench with some blankets piled on top, and a desk covered with scrolls. The only light available was that of torches along the hallway. Sasuke placed her on the bed and returned with two torches placing each in a wall bracket. After he had finished and sat down on his desk chair, Kabuto walked in.

"Orochimaru says you are to stay with her until she regains consciousness. Once she does you are to bring her to him."

"Was that it?"


"It will take at least 36 hours before that narcotic wears off."

"You think I don't know that, Sasuke? Have fun getting reacquainted." And with this last sarcastic remark Kabuto left, leaving Sasuke with the slow diminishing sound of Kabuto's laughter.