Author's notes: This is based of something odd I noticed in Transformers Zone, one of the last bits of the G1 Transfomers before Beast Wars came around.

Disclaimer: The Transformers and related elements are property of Hasbro and Takara and are used without permission.

Lonely way

Once upon a time, he would've killed for this. Whereas once he would be struggling to make his voice heard over four others, now he was alone and in control. But there had been a terrible price.

Bruticus looked down at his arms, which once upon a time had been Destron warriors known as Blast-Off and Vortex. His legs were once called Brawl and Swindle. And his name had once been Onslaught. But years of combining, staying in their combined form longer and longer as they became outdated and obsolete compared to the newer Cybertrons and Destrons, had eventually caused the Combatrons' minds to meld into one being permanently. While most of his mind was now Onslaught, Bruticus remembered something of the other four. Blast-Off's arrogance, Brawl's battlehunger, Vortex's general disinterest and Swindle's greed... he could still recall each of their quirks.

It was a sobering thought, being the last of the great Destron combiners. Devastar, buried forever beneath the earth. King Poseidon and Dinosaurer, obliterated by the Zone Energy they sought to capture. Predaking, once the most feared of the Destron combiners, cut down as he turned tail and fled. Menasor, blown to smithereens. Abominus, sliced in two. Even the one said to be the mightiest of combiners ever given a spark, LioKaiser, was now nothing more than a memory of an age long past.

The Destrons were finished. Now that he was no longer plagued with conflicting emotions and urges, Bruticus' access to Onslaught's intellect forced him to acknowledge that the Destrons were finished. Deszaras, arguably the most powerful Destron leader ever, long vanished into the Black Nebula. Megatron, the legendary Great Emperor of Destruction, had been revived only to be defeated by his nemesis, the Cybertron supereme commander Convoy. The last anyone saw of them had been the two grappling as they fell into a portal, destined to fight for eternity. There was nothing left.

One by one, the other Destrons accepted all was lost. He'd heard rumors that even Jaguar, one of the most loyal of all Destrons, had surrendered to the hated Cybertrons in return for amnesty. Peace was finally spreading through the universe, supported and protected by the Cybertron forces. But there would be no peace for Bruticus. He stood and surveyed the all but deserted landscape of Charr. There was no one left, no rows of warriors yelling defiantly, no weapons being primed, nothing. The ones who had not fallen in battle had either surrendered or fled, trying to at least stay out of the grip of their enemies.

With a roar, Bruticus took to the air and began his lonely journey out of known space. Someday, the Destrons would rise again. Someday, the flames of war would once again sweep through the galaxy, consuming all in their path. He did not know if he would still be alive to see it, but it was an oddly comforting thought. As was the thought that, though they were long gone, he could still hear the bickering of his fellow Combatrons. Perhaps his journey would not be so lonely after all...

In case you're wondering:

Combatrons: Combaticons

Devastar: Devastator

Dinosaurer: Trypticon

King Poseidon: Piranacon

Destron: Decepticon

Cybertron: Autobot

Convoy: Optimus Prime

Jaguar: Ravage

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