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Kim Possible: The Chosen One



Kim Possible walked the hallways of her new school in Middleton High. It was her first day as a freshman and if she had to admit it to herself she was nervous. After all high school was supposed to far more complex than junior high. She had always done well at whatever she tried but in the back of her mind she was afraid everything was just an hair's width away from some sort of disaster. Of course the dreams she had been having lately didn't really help…..

"Hey KP! Wait up!" A voice yelled as Kim turned to see her best friend in the world running toward her. Ron Stoppable her best friend since Pre-K was rushing down the hall to meet up with. Unfortunately for Ron he didn't see the brunette who was walking in front of him and Kim grimaced as he collided into the girl. Not a good way to start off your high school career Kim thought despondently.

"Get off me you loser!" The girl yelled and slapped his hand away when he tried to help her up. Ron stepped back embarrassed the young blonde haired boy did not know what to do, anxiously he glanced up to Kim for support.

Kim wasn't sure what to do unlike Ron she had instinctive knowledge of how the Food Chain at school could work and if she helped him now she would just wrap up her image with his….and he was off to a really bad start.

Her moment to help passed and Kim had to look away from the hurt look on Ron's face as the girl continued to chew him out. She would make it up to him later she consoled herself. After a minute or two of chewing Ron out the girl got bored of tearing into the embarrassed youth and went on her way….leaving many of the surrounding students rolling with laughter.

Kim walked over to friend finding it very hard to look him in the eye. "You okay Ron….?" She asked with a worried look on her face.

Ron glanced up at with his friend with the slightest look of betrayal and pain on his face, but in a blink the emotions were swallowed into a goofy grin which showed her best friend seemingly in his normal state of perpetual happiness.

"You know me KP nothing like a little excitement to start off the school year!"

"Look Ron I'm sorry I should have….."

"Don't worry about it KP, I mean there wasn't anything you could have done anyways….I'm the one who trips over his own feet."

I could have stepped up and said something…just like you would do for me Kim thought to herself. If there was one thing the young woman hated about herself it was the fact she let other people's opinions affect the choices she made for herself. Funny thing is Kim knew that most people would never think that of her, after all she was always the one stood up to bullies and jerks, the one who was always there to volunteer and certainly the one who was known to try and make a difference. But Kim was different when it came to her own social life too many times she noticed she tended to let other people influence her decisions…and may times it was Ron who suffered for it since most times he was the one who became a target. He seemed to be well liked by most adults but in every grade they went through he always seemed to acquire the rep of "loser". Despite that or maybe because of it Ron never had Kim's fear of the social ladder. After all if you were at the bottom anyways why worry? If someone had been picking on Kim Ron would have jumped in to protect her even if he didn't stand a chance….she had known this since Pre-K. Kim sighed to herself and once again resolved to make it up to him later. Maybe a visit to the new fast food place, what was it called again? Right, Bueno Nacho.

"Come on Ron let's get to our lockers I don't want to be late for our first class!

The grin returned in force. "Coming KP!"

Scene Break

The day couldn't go quickly enough in Kim's opinion after partially forgiving herself for how she had treated Ron Kim left the rest of her mental energy to eagerly awaiting the end of school. It wasn't that she didn't like any of her classes, that was more Ron's issue than hers, but today right after school were the tryouts for the cheerleading squad and Kim was looking forward to it.

She tapped her pencil briskly while watching the clock. Just a few more seconds. The bell rang and Kim practically bounced out of her seat and headed out the door. Moving swiftly between students who were only now exiting there classrooms Kim made it her locker and retrieved her outfit and heading to the Gym to change. Ron was supposed to meet her there to cheer her on (she grimaced and tried to ignore the pang of guilt) and afterwards they would head to Bueno Nacho in celebration. When she had expressed doubt on her chances Ron had reminded her of her Dad's saying "Nothings impossible for a Possible."

It only took a little while to get changed and soon Kim found herself next in line for her chance at the tryouts.

"Next!" A bored voice shouted. Kim entered the gymnasium and saw the girls who would be standing in judgment of her abilities and for a moment her heart stopped. There sitting in the middle of two other cheerleaders was the girl who had been chewing Ron out. Huh. Well I guess this explains the impossible routine Kim thought to herself. Making a mental note to review her theories on karma Kim let the music start and leap into the routine. Therein followed an amazing number of flips and jumps off of trampolines and, rings and bars that left her audience's jaws dropping. Kim finished by landing on one knee with arms outstretched. She was really out of breath but thought she had done alright.

The brunette recovered from her shock and a scowl showed on her face. "Fine you make the squad. Barely."

Kim couldn't hold it in. "Yes!" She yelled jumping in the air. It was at that moment that Ron burst in behind her through the double doors with a much more serious look on her face than usual.

"Kim you got a hit on the site! A major hit!"

"Sigh. Babysitting the Turner twins again?"

"No danger major!"


"Yeah somebody needs your help like now."

The brunette, Bonnie Kim had heard her name, scowled even more than before. "Kim, were just starting practice."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll never ever ditch again. I swear!

End note: I know this beginning doesn't have any major differences from established plot but I swear that this Kim first mission won't be saving a doll. )