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Kim Possible: The Chosen One

Episode 1: We're not just dealing with Cuddle buddies anymore.



Mr. Smith loved his job. Dealing in top of the line security systems for high end clients had rewarded his life greatly. He knew some of the most powerful people in the world. The agent had personally helped design some of the more advanced security systems on the planet. He had seen the most exotic places on the planet and his expertise had helped to protect them. Plus, it didn't hurt that he was actually richer than a number of his clients. But every job that has ever existed that has customer has always had those….special few. For Mr. Smith his headache of the day was a balding man by the name of Julius Paisley.

Mr. Paisley had made his fortune in real estate years ago and after a few years of wise investing and financing of several small companies which had grown quite successful over the years was now one of the few in the "Billionaire Club." When Mr. Paisley had contacted Mr. Smith (no that was not his real name but when you deal with people of power it was best to maintain a certain anonymity) he had been told he would be setting up a top of the line system to guard his most priceless collection he though he would be guarded priceless antiques or rare art…not this.

"Mr. Paisley I assure this security systems is the best money can buy. No thief could survive the laser web--." He was saying as the annoying little man cut him off.

"So my flamingoat will be safe?" Mr. Paisley asked with a nervous quiver to his voice as he held on to small strange looking stuffed animal.

"Yes Mr. Paisley," Mr. Smith said with a sigh, "your extensive and vaguely disturbing collection of plush is 100 percent secure."

Mr. Paisley practically grinned and hugged the small animal to his chest. "Good because the flamingoat is the rarest of--."

"—the cuddle buddies." Mr. Smith interjected. "Only ten were made." He said as he matched the little man word for word. Why not he had heard the speech about ten times tonight. The little man surprised him however when he grabbed the remote control for the system out of his hand.

"Oh. Oh. How does it work?" the billionaire asked excitedly. "Do I press the red button?" he asked as he actually tried to push the button!

"No!" Mr. Smith yelled as he reached grabbed the remote back from the short man. That had been close!

"Mr. Paisley this a incredibly sensitive and simple to operate security system, however, we do not hit the shiny red button while we are standing in room with the deadly laser grid!" Mr. Smith growled at he tried to contain his anger.

"Oh. Uh, Sorry." The little man responded with a note of fear. "So can you show me how to operate it?"

Mr. Smith rubbed his temples and tried to remain calm. "Come stand over here Mr. Paisley. Now this is a designated safe area where the grid won't actually hit you." Mr. Smith instructed gesturing out a small circular area. Mr. Paisley looked at the floor not seeing any difference there than anywhere else.

"Should be like lines or something to tell me where it is?"

"Mr. Paisley if we marked the safe area then any potential thieves would also know a way to get past the grid."

"Oh good point." A moment passed while Mr. Smith made sure his client was well within the safe area and then handed him the remote. Mr. Paisley looked up at him as if needing reassurance.

"Yes Mr. Paisley you can hit the button."

Mr. Paisley hit the button.

The lights went out.

Mr. Paisley asked nervously. "Was that supposed to happen?"

Scene Break

It had taken Mr. Smith a few minutes to find a flashlight but now he had his laptop connected into the diagnostics of the security system and for the life of him he could find out what was wrong with the blasted thing. The power just seemed to be gone but there were supposed to be at least to backup generators! And Mr. Paisley wasn't making the situation any easier.

"Mr. Smith do you think someone is after my flamingoat?"

Mr. Smith sighed. "No Mr. Paisley I think there was some sort of equipment failure, I doubt anyone is here to rob you."

"Oh I wouldn't say that." A rough voice whispered through the darkness. Mr. Smith and Mr. Paisley both turned standing in the near darkness were five shadows moving silently toward them.

Please don't tell me someone really wants to steal that stupid doll! Mr. Smith thought to himself.

Mr. Paisley had similar fears. "No you can't have my flamingoat!"

The figure in front tilted his head in apparent confusion. With surprising speed he covered the distance between himself and Mr. Paisley. Mr. Smith moved to intervene and was knocked aside by the assailant's right hand knocking Mr. Smith to the ground. He was strong. The unknown he was a little small for a full grown adult, a teen maybe, grabbed poor Mr. Paisley by the throat and lifted him high.

"Old man do you seriously think I brought into a billionaires home for some stupid doll!" he roared.

Strangely Mr. Smith was relieved.

"Well the flamingoat was one of the ten only made—urk." He said as the teen started to crush his throat.

"Justin we need both of them alive until we have the amulet." A static filled voice said over a small cell phone attached to the teen's hip. After a moment the teen dropped the scared wealthy man to floor.

"Fine Will but I still haven't had dinner tonight."

"Snack after we finish the mission."

Justin turned toward the shivering old man with disgust. "Alright where is it?"

"Wh—What?" Mr. Paisley asked fear causing his voice to quake.

"An amulet you bought several years ago with small runes all over it."

"That? I don't remember, I don't keep track of my other collections like I do my cuddle buddies."

Justin reached down and picked up the discarded flashlight and held it to his face like small child you was trying to scare his friends. The light revealed a relatively handsome blonde haired young man albeit one with a menacing look on his face. "Trust me when I say you might want to remember."

Poor Mr. Paisley just couldn't keep quiet. "You know that isn't that scary."

"Oh really." Justin replied and with that his face shifted and where a striking face once was a demonic visage looked down at the little man.

"How 'bout now?" a now more sinister voice asked.

Mr. Paisley's screams seemed to answer the vampire quite nicely.

Scene Break

Mr. Smith wasn't able to see the change but knew things were spinning out of control and being a professional kept his cool and especially stayed quiet while the gang was focused on Mr. Paisley. But being a professional he also knew when things had moved beyond his abilities. His job was to stop the bad guys from getting in, not actually fight them. Fortunately he knew of someone who could, Team Impossible, a secret commando squad who trained to handle special emergencies just like this. They could handle these thugs easily. Almost like Kismet his laptop had landed near his feet and seemed to be working fine. Slowly the security agent moved his foot and typed out the address of the group, barely even looking at the screen while trying to avoid the notice of his captors.

Maybe it was fate because Mr. Smith had accidentally added a small letter k and the beginning of the address.

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