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It was a few days before Christmas and things were bustling at the Elric household. Tinsel , lights, and even mistletoe was being hung in every corner. 9 year old Edward and 8 year old Alphonse were helping their mother decorate the Christmas tree. Every few seconds or so, little Alphonse would look out the window with anxiousness. "Al, why do you keep looking out the window?" Ed asked hanging up an ornament. "I want to make sure the mailman picks up our mail today." Al answered looking out the window again. "Why?" Ed asked stuffing a candy cane into his mouth. "I want to make sure he gets the letters we mailed to Santa." Al said pressing his nose against the cold window. Their mom smiled. "Don't worry." She said putting the angel on the top of the tree. "Santa will get your letters." Ed rolled his eyes, sometimes his brother could be so childish; there was no possible way a fat man could be pulled through the air in a sleigh filled with toys by reindeer, it just wasn't scientifically possible!

The next few days went by quickly and finally Christams Eve had arrived. They had all opened their presents. Al and Ed had bought their mom a new sewing kit, Ed had given Al a stuffed kitty, and Al had given Ed his favorite choo choo train. Now, they were all sitting by the glowing, warm fire. "Mommy, can we bake Santa cookies now?" Al asked with childlike innocents. "Al, why would we bake cookies for someone who isn't real?" Ed asked annoyed that his brother was so immature. "Isn't real?" Al asked confused. "What are you saying?" "I'm saying Santa Claus doesn't exist he's just some made up fairytale." Ed said stating the facts. "But, then how do our presents end up under the tree?" Al asked. "Mom puts them there." Ed answered. Al's eyes widened in shock all the magic all the stories all the fantasy and dreaming was a lie. "Edward!" Trisha Elric cried out shocked. "T-that's not true!" Al cried out through tears. "Oh, come on Al every one has to grow up, it's time you did!" Ed stood up yelling. "You're lying!" Al yelled back running out of the room. "Edward how could you treat your brother that way?" Trisha asked shocked and upset; she stood up. "You think your very grown up." She said walking past him, but she stopped and turned around. "But, you have a great deal to learn." And with that she left to go find Al. Ed clenched his fist as hot tears of frustration welled up in his eyes he grabbed the nearest thing he could find and he threw it against the wall, it was the train Al had given to him. Ed fell onto his knees and sobbed. "I can't cry." he said. "I'm not a child anymore." But, the tears kept flowing down his cheeks. Ed stood up and fell on the couch, sleep engulfing him.