A gasp escaped Ed's lips there was Al kneeling in front of a small transmutation circle he had drawn using Ed's chalk. Ed stood up and walked slowly over to Al. Al stood up and for a minute they made eye contact but, suddenly Al fell forward and passed out. Ed caught Al and kneeled down as he cradled Al in his arms.

"You used a lot of energy to save me didn't you Al?" Ed asked to no one but himself. Ed sighed he knew his mom was worried sick about him and was probably going to be pretty upset but, she would be happy that they were both ok. Ed carefully placed Al on his back piggyback style and made his way through the woods. Minutes seemed like hours as snow started to slowly fall and Ed was having trouble holding Al and trying not to collapse from exhaustion. Ed saw a small rock.

"Maybe I'll just rest for a bit…." He said to himself as he laid Al down and covered him with his own coat. He sat on the rocket his eyes heavy.

"So….tired." he said to himself as sleep took over him. Unknown to Ed someone was watching him sleep. The figure walked over to Ed and draped a rather large brown coat over Ed and built a small fire and walked away quietly. The next morning Ed opened his eyes to see the sun shining down on him; Ed felt something warm on top of him and saw the large brown coat.

"How did I get this?" Ed wondered to himself. Suddenly he heard a small groan, he looked over and saw Al sit up. Ed looked away, how could he show Al he was sorry enough? Al slowly crawled over to Ed and sat beside him and stared down at the ground. They were both silent for a moment when Al broke the silence.

"Brother….I'm sorry…" Al said quietly.

"For what?" Ed asked looking over at Al in disbelief.

"I was being childish….I shouldn't have runaway like that….." he continued tears starting to form in his eyes. Ed just shook his head it hurt to hear Al take the blame for something that wasn't his fault. Al was about to say something more but, Ed put his index finger on Al's mouth, silencing him.

"Al….it wasn't your fault." Ed said sadly looking into Al's eyes. "I should have let you believe…I'm so stupid….I should have known I would've hurt you….when you ran away I was angry at you…I thought you were being so childish…..but, now I realize….I was the one being childish…..and I'm so so sorry….." Ed said looking at the ground. "Its ok if you don't want to forgive me……."

"Your right you are stupid." Al said. "Of course I'll forgive you." He finished smiling. Ed looked up and pulled Al into a loving hug which Al returned.

"Thank you Al….." Ed said. Al just smiled and stood up.

"C'mon brother, let's go home."

"But, Al I don't know which way home is." Ed said sadly.

"I marked a trail on the trees, so I could find my way back." Al said as he made his way through the trees.

"Al wait up!" Ed called out running after Al, forgetting about the strange coat.

A man watched the two brothers make their way through the woods. He quickly adjusted his glasses and gripped his suitcase tightly in his hand.

"Take care…..my sons…" he said to himself as he walked in the opposite direction, for he could not go back…….he could not let them see him……he could only watch from afar.

Ed and Al did eventually find their way back to the house. Their mother was so happy to see them that she treated them with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Al hepled Ed fix the broken choo choo train and they both helped their mom put the decorations up. They had both learned something No matter what happens brother's will always be there to help and forgive each other even when they didn't deserve it. As Edward would say it wasn't quite equivalent exchange but, there were acceptions...right?

The End

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